President Trump reacts to failed GOP health care bill

He said he will be happy to collaborate with Democrats once Obamacare "explodes."
17:29 | 03/24/17

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Transcript for President Trump reacts to failed GOP health care bill
This is an ABC news special. Now report George Stephanopoulos. And we're coming back on the air because president trump is about to address the first major defeat. Of this presidency happened about an hour ago the president backing down on the signature issue of repealing obamacare. Got up to the time for the vote in the House of Representatives right around 330. As they said the first major defeat this is signature promise of president trump and he is about to address it now. In the oval office for the first time before cameras talk about the road. Going for talk about why it went down and the lessons. He has learn he's going to be talking to reporters. Inside the Oval Office and will be whether it just a moment. The president the United States Donald. Fight fight like cats and Tom price record company in the service. Thank you very much we will very close. And very very tight margin. We had no Democrat support we have no votes from the Democrats. They weren't gonna give us a single so it's very difficult thing to do. I've been saying for the last year and a half. That the best thing we can do politically speaking. He's let obamacare float is exploding right now it's many states have. Almost all states have big problems. His sentencing yesterday and they lost half of this state in terms of the nature knows you that's happened. Many other places I was in Kentucky the other day in. Similar things to happen. So Obama cares. With no Democrat support we couldn't quite get that we just a very small number of votes short. James getting our bills passed lot of people don't realize how good oh because they were doing phase one but. When you win it pays to. Which was mostly society's. Secretary rice's. And Hewitt basically protected from would've gotten it became Brazil. Premiums would gun down and it wouldn't very stable with members strong. But that's okay but we're very very close. Again I think what will happen is. Obamacare unfortunately will explode could have a very bad year. Last year you had over a 100% increases in. Various places in Arizona I understand it's going up very rapidly again I think it last year last few 116%. Many places 506070%. I guess it averaged. Whatever the average was very very. And this year should be much worse for yourself what would be really good. Though Democrats support it the Democrats what it explodes which it rules. If they got together let us. And get ill health care I'd be totally. I think and I think the losers. Our Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer because now they'll Roebuck and they don't 100%. And this is not a Republican health care is not anything but Democrat. Health care. And they have Obama care for a little while longer until it ceases to exist which it will. At some point in the near future. And just remember this is. When they all become civilized get together. And try to work out a great health care bill for the people of this country. We'll open it totally open. I want to thank the Republican Party. I want to thing all right look very very hard and we'll that he worked very very. Tell price and Mike Pence. Right here vice president vice president. Everybody worked hard. I worked as a team player and we'll look groups in the past but yet. I think very clear it was a speech I've made a very few white invention. That perhaps the best thing that can happen exactly what happened today. Because what led them they truly great health care bill in the future after. This mess known as the Bob Kerrey's so I want to thank everybody for being here in. Go first book. I think this is something that certainly was an interest prepared. We all learned a lot. We learned a lot about loyalty we learned a lot about the vote getting process. We learned a lot about some very arcane rules. In obviously both the senate again the house. So it could certainly forbid that a very interesting experience. But in the end I think it's going to be an experienced at least to an even better. Health care plan so thank you over much she uses. We're. Probably be going right now for tax reform. Which we could've done earlier but this really would have worked out better. If we could have had snubbed Democrat support remember this we had no Democrat support so that we're gonna go toward tax reform which. I've always liked that. Run leadership it is. Yes I might like speaker I think we're very very hard. Lot of different groups he's got a lot of factions. And there's been a long history of like either just lucky even within the Republican Party long before I got here. But I've had a great relationship with the Republican Party. It seems that both sides like trump and that's good. And you see that I guess more than anybody but we've had ground not gonna speak badly about anybody in the body. But certainly there's a big history I think Paul really worked hard. And I would say that he will probably start going very struggling for the big tax cuts and tax reform that'll be next. And yours. What's gonna happen does not what you can do about it it's going to. As things are gonna happen to obamacare does not much you can do to help that I've been saying that four year and a deficit look eventually. It's not sustainable the insurance companies are leaving you know believing what but what is quickly you can live and you have states in some cases and will not be covered. So there's no way out of that. But the one thing that was happening as we got closer and closer everybody was talking about how wonderful it was now what will go back to real life. People who see how bad it is it is getting what choice. You know said the other day what President Obama left. If 78. It was it is seventeens going to be a very very bad year. For Obama care very very bad you can have explosive. Premium increases and deductibles so high people voted to get to use it. So they'll know that for a little while and I honestly. I believe I know some of the Democrats have been put people I honestly believe that Democrats will come to us and say look let's get together. And get a great health care bill or plan. That's really great for the people of our country and I think that's could have. You. Worldwide human. Oh what we were very close emerges. Probably anywhere from ten to fifteen votes. Short could have even been close that you never know that you haven't gotten vote. But in the end I think it would have been ten votes may be closer. And it's very hard to get almost a hundred secondly. Large number of votes among any group and we were very close to doing it. But when you get no votes on the others meaning the Democrats it's really difficult situation. So I think we have to let Obama get go its way for a little while and we'll see hell things go I'd love to see if you will but can't advocate not a question of I hope it does well I would love it well what great health care of the people station. But he can't do well. It's imploding. And soon will explode. And it's not pretty so the Democrats don't wanna see so they reach out when they're ready and whatever they're ready we're ready. The we are able. To be difficult enough not mean that friends of mine have disappointed because we could have had. Some disappointed have a little surprise. We really had that. It was pretty much. Care. Within grasp. But I'll tell you what's gonna come out of this is a better I really believe the better. Because that would things in this alleged particularly. And I think it's a you know both parties can get together. Few real health care that's the best thing obamacare was ramp every what's the road. 100%. And I think having bipartisan with it being paid. Improvement so. No I think that this sort of thing I think I'm disappointed with their friends of mine and you know they got is a very hard time for them. Deborah heart boat. But they're very good. What. Allegedly kept things that I would've liked war that we had bipartisan I really think we could have a health care bill that would be the ultimate. And I think the Democrats know that also someday in the not too distant future. That'll happen and I evershed I guess what sixty what did I should repeal and replace Obama people hurt my speeches on the opposite repeal it. And replace it within 64 day at a loss. But. I want to have a great. Health care. Bill and plan and we will it will happen and we'll be in the brightness and future I really believe they'll be some Democrats support and that'll happen. At it will be an even better but I think this is a very good bill I think it will be even better. The next step and I don't think that's going to be in two long period yeah. I don't speak about specifics but things I could have. I would've liked even more but I thought overall this was a very very good. Tom price doctor tough question who really. Is amazing on health care knowledge. I thought he did a fantastic. Same with Mike Pence I think he's as they work so hard and really did a fantastic Jeff thank you very much. Thank you package. Those reaction there from president. Com piece saying after that big defeat in the house's attempt to repeal obamacare the real losers. Are the democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer we saw the present and several times during the courses about ten minute remarks saying that he got no democratic. Help in trying to repeal Obama care of course obamacare was passed with all democratic votes under president. Obama and the expectation was now the Republicans had not only the White House but also majorities in the senate and the house. They would be able to follow through on the signature promise sort of bring in our senior White House correspondent Cecilia Vega. Here and the the president loath to admit it right there Sicily but this was also a failure of tactics just two days ago the president brought in the Republican said he wanted to schedule a vote. Last thank you give them ultimatum. About 3 o'clock this afternoon. You back down. And he ran George as the negotiator in chief and clearly his first big order of business didn't have such a successful negotiation here I was a little bit struck by the blame that he is placing on the democrats' it seemed as if the president was a little bit surprised. That he didn't have any democratic support for this bill to repeal and replace obamacare act he said that they came up about ten to fifteen. Votes short that is not necessarily a small margin but he seems ready to sort of sit back. And watch what he says will be the explosion. The demise of obamacare he says that he is open. To a new bill that's a different message than we just got from speaker Paul Ryan who says that obamacare will be the law of the land for the foreseeable future didn't seem to give any indication that there will be any new bills. On the horizon anytime soon. But really George what struck me was one word the president said in the Oval Office there. That he learned a lot about loyalty. That is the language that Donald Trump speaks here in Washington and he is as you heard not blaming Paul Ryan at least not right now and it looks today anyway as if he has a friend in the speaker of the. That's not sent to you happy with those conservatives in the freedom carcass he city Taylor and a lot about loyalty learned a lot about the legislative process. We're bringing our chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl as well Revver about halfway through this debate John the president said the boy health care is complicated. That was one of the things he learned through this this process is well now he's saying that over the course of the next year to eighteen months obamacare is gonna explode and Democrats. Will come that will come his way and want to fix this not gonna happen anytime soon. This can happen any time soon I mean the idea of bipartisan Health Care Reform is it is one of the of the great. I don't black swans in in in Washington and it's certainly not gonna happen anytime soon look there's a complete. Disaster. With the current health care system but you mentioned you said he learned a lot about loyalty I think that was clearly a message aimed. At those conservatives in the house the so called freedom caucus source there about 35 of them the president. Did everything he could to win them over keep brought them multiple times to the White House. Met with their leadership. I gave into them huge it's huge demand that they had at the end. He basically eventually gave them the store and then they walked away they wouldn't support and the head of the freedom Cox is the guy named mark meadows by the way. Congressmen it was one of the early supporters of Trump's presidential camp. And gossip when I wanna pick up on because figured out Paul Ryan allude to this. As well when he said Republicans are bitch have to learn added. Via governing party after years in the opposition you see this in the first years of the White House almost always are that they the party that's in power. Have to pass their big signature initiatives. Alone they have to come together they have to knit together the various parts of their conferences and find a way to do this. In this case it's simply could not happen. And and I to confessed sort I was shocked I thought they bids for that very reason being the first big initiative. Of the present in terms of a legislative. Initiative. In this being something that all of the Republicans had campaigned on this being something the president campaigned on and seeing that he would so personally involved. It in getting those members on board I mean this was not one we're. Tunstall troubles on the sidelines he may not have been involved in the weeds of policy here. But he met repeatedly. We between Republicans all over the map on this he whipped up to Capitol Hill you've worked the phones he had them into the Oval Office and they still wouldn't say yes. And since leaving one of the big problems the president had here was matching. His rhetoric on the campaign trail with the reality of this legislation over the course the campaign he said he wanted everyone to be covered. With health insurance he said cost would go down premiums would go down deductibles would go down. When this bill came to the floor the Congressional Budget Office said wait a second about 24 million fewer people. We're gonna have coverage and the bill would legislation was very unpopular out in the country last poll we saw overnight. 56%. Disapproval. Yeah and he said the president said that basically because this is being talked about more in the sense of repeal and replace that. Suddenly be opposition was growing to that plan he also George said that he would. Easily repeal and replace obamacare and that it would happen basically immediately after taking office and then not long after president trump took off as we heard him. Tell reporters that while. It actually health care is really a complicated being so. I make I can we keep talking about it but we are seeing in real time this president who is elected from the outside the beltway of Washington. Really learn how to govern and he said and then there. Sort of surprised at how complicated this process was and how difficult it would has been. For perhaps for these Republicans had this past to go back out to their constituents and defend. This repeal and replacement Georgia would've been a huge uphill battle for them going for our. OK Cecilia Vega Jonathan Karl thanks very much a very big day in Washington the first defeat the first major legislative defeat. For president from 64 days into his presidency. He and the house Republicans have failed to repeal obamacare signature promise they had. You get the latest anytime we'll have much more on world news tonight and I'll see you Sunday on this week. This has been a special report from ABC.

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