President Trump Relishes Inauguration Moments

ABC News' Tom Llamas reports on President Trump's first few hours in office and the weight of the responsibility he faces.
3:00 | 01/20/17

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Transcript for President Trump Relishes Inauguration Moments
Get it at ABC's time pianist the ace reporter who covered. The trump campaign for many many many months Tom is right outside the US capitol that's the location. From which that come motorcade just. Departed and is heading along the route back toward the White House at tied to catch gun on a personal note given me give a sense of what's a gay is like. For Donald Trump our new president. Will be and I. I think the moment right now this parade he's got to be such a meeting moment for president from for a couple reasons one he grew up in New York it and you know in New York there is no greater honor. Minute ticker tape parade and it's given to celebrities to heroes and of course to sports teams in New York City and there's really nothing bigger than that. And this is similar to a ticker tape everybody's on such a bigger level. You have military marching bands you have thousands of people who have lined up for hours to watch you and of course the entire country is watching the entire world is watching right now and so I'm sure he's loving this moment right now because. You know and cultural elite eight he's not shy about saying. How great he is an and how greatest things are and I am sure he's relishing a loving this moment right now on top of that even though he's a man who. Who likes very typical things like McDonald's and Kentucky fried chicken. He loves his voice is helicopter and it's from force one and now he is in one of the best and coolest cadillacs in the entire country. A cat like that is just hits and is nicknamed the beast. And eight it is essentially a cat like ink that is built by the Secret Service and it is just incredible and I'm sure he's loving right now at car right now Dan. He and I should point out that I was incorrectly. Pointing out that this was a new beast. Because that was the reporting that there are gonna debut a new beast today that it turns out this is the old beast from 2009. Seasons because last season b.s that might. Rules the outcome feels about that they may get a new beast at some point soon. But the best do you it's obvious you intercepts they gonna get out and walk. Look I get to latest when the Secret Service came out when it rolled out you're this motorcade. We did notice several Secret Service vehicles with agents outside sort of writing on the windows it's a sort of a forum signed that that. Maybe he gets out they want to make sure they can surround him with the proper security. I've covered from breaking months as you mentioned I know pretty well I would be surprised. Unless there's a serious security threat but he would not get out shake some hands really sort of press the flash and thank his supporters use a journal while he'll he'll say this you eat at you doesn't like to shake hands a lot of times sometimes it would seem that we do interviews are. I give my fist bump because I know he does not like to shake hands. A does not like hugs. But I think he would he wants to go out there he wants to think these people. One thing he loves to do not at all we'll do this today when he looks to sign autographs and people all the time during the campaign would bring this drew changes photos. And trump artifacts. To the campaign trail I mean there would be trump dolls. From the board game there was a picture of it that Michael Jackson a real photo of him to Michael Jackson together we saudis like O Michael what do special force and he. Told a story about Michael Jackson. And he loves signing autographs and number one time even signed a woman's. Shoulder area I'll say is it was a shoulder area which got a three RI RI are harder. 81. I don't -- get your mind out of the gutter to inauguration people nominees but soda makers and see what happens. We work together in Chicago for Obama's farewell. And pres right of and these then or former president spoke about. Not being too far away from the microphone he's Sweden's Morris Dees continued to say is much even news farewell. Today. Do you have a sense of how president trump Beatles Obama had me. Spoke about President Obama live in DC and talks openly about talking so open. I don't know how worried is about Els getting that's a great question because you're right President Obama will be an essentially president from back yard he's gonna stay here. While his youngest daughter gradual pres Obama's youngest daughter graduates. From high school so it's an interesting question I know some people were tweeting that President Obama was taking a little little bit of a long time to leave he you know he cut they sort of he left Andrews and an Iraq army left for Andrews arrived and Anders and any kind of committed joked that it and Michelle were sort of like. Sort of not not you know like taking it too long but they were they were sort of that we like making sure they say goodbye an in their terms. You know it's tough to say President Obama was very clear in that last press conference where he said if president from does anything. At equal partly disagrees with that he thinks will harm this country people come out and say something in -- the I will tell you this as we look at the Democratic Party. Who will be that Boortz right who's going to be the boys it's been a challenge. President trump right now you know if the elections in order there were there was going to be another election tomorrow who would the Democrats put up. You know who's the face of Democratic Party right now. Obviously pres Obama can't run but he is I think arguably the strongest voice the left out his voice right now Hillary Clinton was here she was so gracious. Which she is somebody who is. Who clearly was defeated I don't think she's gonna step into that role so it'll be interesting to see who fills that void and LT and there's no one it likely will be President Obama. Kate comment on the I ask you mentioned you've spent so much time with the man you can proudly read his facial expressions from half a mile way. At that moment. When he was sworn in as the 45 president in a lot of outgoing president's talk about that moment being the moment they feel the weight lift from their shoulders. For the incoming president did you notice any kind of shift in him that meeting regularly in. You know I'd noticed I actually notice something. I noticed he was definitely relishing the moment but I noticed something else when he was sitting there behind that argument as other people were. Lead the crowd in prayer and and and it was a couple speeches before and it seemed like he was sort of hoping himself while. I know some kind of rocking back and forth whose quote in his eyes. And any really delivered that. Vieri passionate speech that was unlike. I'm -- and our generation and our lifetime any inauguration address we've ever heard which was. Very very populace very nationalist. It was just like his campaigns he held nothing back that was vintage Donald Trump it was not a message of unity. It was a message speaking directly to the people. Who got him elected. And I made this point out you know on our broadcast that any politician their first day in office. Their number one goal is to get reelected and I think don't vote was speaking to all those people. Put them in that chair put of in the office. Put him in the White House and he noticed he was pumping himself up. One moment though they did notice that that I'd never seen him happier in the eighteen months have covered and it's when he first approached the White House today. And President Obama. And First Lady welcomed both in the Maloney and and beach burned. For you know a photo op and president from had a smile on his face like I've never seen before and I was right there with them in New Hampshire when he won his first victory it was there in South Carolina when he sort of one that decisive victory in any Indiana when it was game over. And finally at the Republican National Convention I'd never seen him as happy smile as big. As we was and the White House and and looking over the residence and the people's house where he can live the next four years. And a group of couples are a gift. And and a blue or give wrapped box any idea where she may have shared with some trumped chocolates or something like that. But that was from chocolate that look like it could be from plot I hope it was in the trump steaks here's that for submission of the stakes its raw meat now. It looked like they've it would to get Tiffany box and there were some speculation possibly. I had her I'm not sure this is right yet and I'd does mean it from have a rain. I I had no idea. But if it's a tradition and it it's nice that that from continue that tradition because I mean so which today. It's about tradition that being said that trumps especially dollop of or so and orthodox. And I think he's known. Whether journalists whether he'd lobbyists weathered the lawmakers I I think they're gonna have to realize that to the it would prompt. They're gonna have to change your weight if this is somebody who change the campaign system. He changed the Republican Party and I am almost positive needed change the political system here needs it. So as this motorcade progresses. We're going to be or he has the present it is going to be passing his hotel. And he's he's buried gone their couple times in the past couple of days and that's raising a lot of eyebrows among critics who say. This is this a howling conflict of interest. And you know and it would why do you think it is that. That can't seem unconcerned about this in. Do you think they're right that may be that it won't really be an issue that in any way hinders his ability to govern. You know that there's almost to the culprit of interest issue that you bring up an and a lot of journalists have covered this and a lot of members of the media have spoken about this. This song that Donald Trump presidential was going to be answered tonight would Maloney it is my way. And and that essentially is going to be his way and his philosophy going forward. Donald Trump says it's it's it's not illegal he's operating a loss he can do he wants he's the president. It's his hotel his Press Secretary said as much. And I really do wonder how many average voters how many average Americans. Are at home upset that Donald troll. Will host a lunch in will attend something at his hotel that he owns I wonder how much is cancers the average voter there is a conflict of interest. Don't get me wrong and and and everywhere his right to raise that issue. Because there there is clearly a conflict of interest there. That being said. Mr. trump state which you want about him he understands. You know how has been the regular voters I don't know how concerned they are going to be that you gonna be post and events. At his and is a tell now if he becomes you know gets to be a gross gross manner and it becomes a bigger issue that and is maybe it'll it'll affect those voters but right know I don't know how many. Average voters are worried about that. Tommy Ellis who as we said evening covering this campaign this candidates and now this president for many many months Tom we always appreciate your analysis and in but thank you very much and stay warm thank you.

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