President Trump remains defiant over election

President Donald Trump continues to push voter fraud accusations without evidence.
6:37 | 11/20/20

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Transcript for President Trump remains defiant over election
Meanwhile president trump is digging in and for a fight try to change the results of the election in Wisconsin the trauma team is now asking for a recount in two counties a move unlikely to change Joseph Biden's. 20000. Plus vote lead there in Georgia staffers worked right up to the midnight deadline to finish tallying. Re tallying that is the boats there are those results are expected to come back and again this in Biden's favor and in Michigan Republicans initially refused to certify the out of the election in the State's largest county and then reimbursed course amid a flood of criticism now. They're flipping again. Signing affidavits claiming they were enticed into certifying. Those results and ABC news has now confirmed that president trump spoke with both of those board members in for they signed those affidavits. The president's attorney Rudy Giuliani also just held a press conference making more accusations. Of widespread voter fraud. ABC news political director Rick Klein joins us now for more Rick there's. So much to unpack here. Let's start with this Rudy Giuliani press persons that just happen the president's team in general what did you make of what they had to say. It was wild. It was Saudi it was not based on fact it was a whole string. Loves conspiracy theories are wrapped in news truths half truths and outright lies frankly it was. Among the strangest things you'll ever see from any lawyer much less lawyers for the president appearing in any. An official capacity and and frankly I'll be its strong together so many different mistress and it's hard to even make a top ten list bottom line is if they had accusations they would be making them and are making and to some extent in court. IDs was in some ways I think trying to just recapture what they can all the legal effort that has been scaling it just about every level the. Reports. So Rick I want to ask you about Michigan president trump is expected to meet with state lawmakers amid all this drama that's taking place in Wayne county right now coach members of the president's legal team have openly said that the last recourse might be the legislature intervening and it choosing their own slate approach from electors to vote for the president how likely is that and anything that would mean for the democratic process here. Well there's no question the president is going to attempt that is legal team has been very explicit on an end is really no other good reasons. To have state legislative leaders at the White House oddly these Republican leaders have no role in the certification process that is ongoing search the only thing they could do would be to subvert dare will for the will of the voters of their city in it would be an extraordinary development with no precedent in American history and would be essentially overturning the election and it's notable that. The truck legal strategy right now is not really aimed at proving. That they got more votes the president got more votes he places and Joseph Biden did essentially given up on that claim instead they're trying this kind of constitutional and where lawmakers would use in almost obscure afternoon constitutional provision to say. Never mind what happened we don't trust those results we're gonna name our own electors isn't directly onto the Electoral College she would be all wild development and again it would be would contravene the democratic process it is very war. And Rick and Wisconsin you know then president trails thereby 20000 plus votes and they make that up with a two county recount. Very unlikely and it's notable that they've chosen the two most populous and most democratic heavy counties it was not even that they're looking to find Republican votes in Republican areas of the state. Much more likely looking to meet political point out of Wisconsin they could have gone ahead with a apple statewide recount would have cost. Ronnie million dollars of the three million a drop these two counties. He's counties though heavy African American counties I and it's very likely that they'll they'll they'll be able to find some kind of irregularities it happens almost every election some kind of inconsistencies to create a shrouded in doubt just at the whispers of the possibility of things that look like with things of Rudy Giuliani was talking about today frankly that would in that would inject some question marks in the final tally they're not gonna turn around. 120000 vote margins and as you seem. He indicated to collapse of these legal efforts you seen a difference scattershot strategies and throwing different darts at the wall hoping that something six. Well then you know the results of Georgia's audit and that's expected to show Biden is still in the lead as well do you think that could be the last film a coffin for the president so of changing the election's outcome might mean at what point does he jabs concede and move on Rick. Yeah specifically in Georgia a leader not a campaign Ingrid or request a recount a machine recount after the hand recount. I imagine issuing anything differently campaign first said there had to be hand recount than Rudy Giuliani again said today it doesn't matter what it shows as the process is so flawed look the president can drag out the bottom line is that most states have not certify the results with banality yet. I that the use of change in the coming days state like Georgia Pennsylvania. Wisconsin Michigan all have deadlines for certification in the coming days. Ultimately things point toward December re is the deadline congress has said. For all states have their their their their results certified ended December 14 that's when the Electoral College meets in the in individual states. And that really is it's time that Joseph Biden will be elected as the next president he is the president elect now by virtue of having won enough seats enough electoral votes but the casting the votes does bring a measure of banality whether that means president concedes or not he's laying the ground were acting take to keep casting suspicion on this election even without evidence that. That in fact he wouldn't want to. I'm Rick is there any sense at this is affecting how the US is viewed by the rest of the world is this all just seen as the process working itself out are there concerns abroad. Gaga got any capacity concerns and in union and the United States government is pretty good about lecturing other countries about democracy with lots of good reason we've got to got grand history of that in this country when you seem -- nastiness here is scenes the messaging. Many Americans -- America's geo political enemies and it makes it look like how we are no better than a banana republic guy and I think that that is a growing concern in some circles about what this does to the image of the world in addition to the concerns around the transition in addition to the concerns about whether. Vehement the American people at the end of the day are gonna trust the results so much of what the president has been saying is legal in the same. Serve to undermine that trust and we've seen it in polling out well more than a majority of Republicans telling pollsters in recent days that they think that there was widespread voter fraud that would have led Biden to win that's just not the case. All right Rick Klein ABC news political director Rick always great to break down from me thank you. Hey thank you yes.

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{"duration":"6:37","description":"President Donald Trump continues to push voter fraud accusations without evidence. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74306094","title":"President Trump remains defiant over election","url":"/Politics/video/president-trump-remains-defiant-election-74306094"}