President Trump: 'A shutdown would be a terrible thing'

President Trump to look for legislative "land mines" in the new border security deal before he commits to signing it.
18:25 | 02/13/19

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Transcript for President Trump: 'A shutdown would be a terrible thing'
And. Everybody welcomed. Paramount releases them require drivers got. Director Mary Alice parks it's Wednesday in Washington we're headed toward a vote. Hopefully to avoid a government shutdown on Friday at midnight but there seem to be a couple of last minute hang ups. Somewhere else we'll get into those but the president today seemed to signal that he's. At least ruled out in his mind forcing a shot down in heat isn't yet committed you know to sign the. I was curious hi you're gonna G komen for the president said because that's exactly where they're trying to do on Capitol Hill they're trying to have a sense of what exact in this president will sign. And so far all indications he will sign it. But begrudgingly. Begrudgingly because he's going to get less money for a physical barrier along the southern border of Mexico. That he would have had. On the table even before the last shut down here's what are Cecilia Vega asked the president about the funding issue in the Oval Office just a little literary or take a listen. President are you willing to take my money this time than what was on the table with a few months ago. Actually it will be regardless of what I did you that we or have as you know a lot of money where we're building existing wall what is existing funds. A but I have a lot of options. Just like we do with Venezuela we have on the border. We have a lot of options and a lot of things are happening very positive things. You know the numbers are almost 183 billion dollars which you know report too often it's about an 8% increase over last year. So if you look at the total funding it's over it's almost up to 23 billion dollars it's about 8% higher. Won't get into some of where that 23 billion came from in a little bit but I do want to bring in. Our Capitol Hill reporter Catherine fall there she's been on the story all day long talking to lawmakers on both sides Catherine. For sporting get your sense about the vote that has to happen before president trump can even. I consider shining it or not. But congress has to vote on it where do we stand on the house and the senate actually voting on the. Deal is yet exactly and they still have to vote on this we haven't seen and that text yet the president says he also hasn't seen the full text of that we're expecting next tonight in an. We also expect a vote on this in the house we're told sometime tomorrow evening so that doesn't leave too much room for of course the senate. To bring this up for about and then for the president to sign it DeVon but I would say that we were talking a little bit about this before him that the two sticking points here with this deal are back pay up for federal workers in the violence against women and women's act now would want. Told our interest turner that he's been tallest the president won't sign that when asked wife federal contractors back pay is being held up in the other aspect of this is the violence against women act. Where Democrats don't necessarily want full year extension. Of that as well. Are just underscore that we're Catherine to queen Mary Alice the president. Democrats rather Tina Smith senator of Minnesota take a look she tweeted about editor earlier want to get some money for all those federal contractors. The people who are or who work at will when the thirty day shutdown hit a month ago. They were I don't lock and they didn't get back pay approved had a time so this is an effort at the eleventh hour now to get simmer. Recompense for them. And I'm sort of surprised that Republicans are opposed to that because there are so many of these people who were hurt. It might be because this would be expensive shutdowns tend to be pretty expensive for exactly this reason. The government has sitting or standing contracts that allowed he'll think should be honored. Even if that federal government isn't gonna pay its bills all of a sudden and you're right they're real people real people's lives reflected in those numbers contractors like. Janet Harris and security officers who were doing the worst. A lot of them working even during the shut town but without pay Democrats not arguing that they should get some backpack. We're joined now by the on the phone by one of those contract workers than nor could talker. She's a contractor. With the food service company that supplies meals in the US House of Representatives said the North Korea joining us now great to have you. You were out of work for thirty days without paid tell us the financial impact the shutdown had on you as a contract worker. And what you'd like to see congress do now to make that right. What did that's been the purposeful and we've been worth it and what we know is that with what they did what they check that they. A living that we don't say this stuff earthquake but it. So many up there. Won't shops that might you be here on Capitol Hill and many of the work. And yes pretty having. Chile's turned off. So it on the table hey you don't pay out of here at such and are apoplectic out there that people. Here Monday to build it like they did end but which it Barrett upper west. Did you or I need your colleagues consider. Moving companies are changing she Hobbs in the week they shut down as a party that wonder is if there's a question of job security in the event of sacks a long shot to. Well I don't think people thought that because it gives if there is what they got job market is addicted to that. It don't. Object more about wanting to get that on the outs and do you think that they area that we are working in the District of Columbia about the area. That many people were affected by the knock at the federal government what does that. Many people where the federal government check them but don't go out and illegal weapons spend money. It will not yet this particular. In particular federal agency. But it would sure they'll get it every. The darker Tucker contract worker and food service at the house on the job now making paycheck again but very concerned. About the prospect of another shutdown also seeking some back pay. The north I think so much for calling in insuring your perspective appreciate that I'm so many people got injured can't pay an Indian letter working in cafeterias. That our working as janitors. They're keeping these institutions afloat in general how low page were members they're not getting the federal benefits for federal employees are getting Republicans are certain types right here right aiming Nate. As you are hearing today up on the hill they. Want this deal the go through they don't want another shot down in yet they're sort of. Been hammered by conservative commentators both about the lack of funding in the wall and also the expense that this would occur. Rent provisions like that's Republicans have said there's just not an appetite for another shot down. And I think Democrats see that and they see their some political little room and so they're trying to make sure that there are dotted our eyes and present a tease right now on the eleventh. Hour and meanwhile the president is trying to sell his base and this idea that he's actually constructing a border wall let's go back to capture fall there's. Op on the hill Catherine that we heard the president mention the top of the show that he. Is inclined to take the deal could seeking cobble together a 23 billion dollars in border wall money from other places. Worse he getting that number from. Yet but it's 43 million dollars DeVon in my mind is limited and distraction here that's under. And the operating budget of the department of homeland security act as it has to do it. Border and that funding it is not necessarily building this woman now what. He is talking about doing and where this gets a little bit complicated is that. If there's talk of him taking that one point four billion dollar deal but at the same time. Pulling money from other agencies from other pots so for the department. Defense for example there's a federal statute where. He can poll at at most four billion dollars from their budget now I'm told from sources about is unlikely to happen there are unlikely to get. All of that four billion but still even with that that would again that five point seven that he wants but that won't sell in addition teens need programming money there. In many on the hill and our resources and said. That he will likely declare a national emergency hands mouth and to get into five point seven billion dollar mark but it could also. Put him way over that mark so there there's talk that he could do the one point four million. Then we appropriated funds from other departments and declare a national emergency as lot on his top advisors up here senator Lindsey Graham. Congressman mark meadows there. Also saying that they think that he'll do both of these options. As. Usual sea captain followers thanks so much room for your reporting up on capitol come their house we should say yesterday in the briefing room we've heard. From top Democrats they will not take that sitting down at the president tries to reprogram money they are vowing to look at everything. To challenge. The president's authority and let's read anything in this in the executive overreach and it is up to congress to appropriate money. Congress has the power of the press meanwhile shifting gears now to the vice president he's quite active he's undertaken. A whirlwind tour of Europe at this hour left early this morning to head to a couple countries to take on Middle East security countering Iran. Are Rachel Scott White House reporter is traveling with the vice president has a chance to run doubles with him. On air force to she joins coverage over to see you so tell us what this trip was all about what he's what is it what's in store. Well the White House tells me vice president pensive expected to spend a very strong message to our Ron. And the states is partnering with pull into. Host that international conference here in Warsaw. That is aimed at may be solving some of the security concerns in some of the problems out of the Middle East now the vice president are ride today like he's that I was with him on air force to when he got. Welcome back to came into the airport. He was greeted by more than 600. Military members from the armed forces from pole win and the United States. The united seeds has about 4500. Troops based here. As of right now but they could be expecting to get even more there has been talk about even expanding that needy even having a US military base here to allow. Permanent residents for some of those two American troops here into the massive with Willie focused on. Developing that relationship and that alliance between Poland and the United States. Vice president pence called it more than just an alliance he called it a friend's sick and so today they were focused on that and expanding the NATO alliance and working together and so. They say that this is something that's going to stand firm that the vice president echo that he's standing firm behind pole land and that they're looking for to continue working together gotten. And yeah actually standing next to Poland as there Poland stands up to Russia and day and in support of NATO. And before we let you go Rachel know you're traveling on that plane with Jared Kushner the president's son in law. Mark Greenblatt he's the top and Middle East negotiator which is very interest in you had. Quite an encounter with that whole crew at at a fuel stop overseas on the way there order her to rubbed elbows with some of them ended in the duty free. Yes I have to admit this is my first time digging international trip went the vice president and it will be a rides on airports to be stopped in Ireland to refuel and we got a stretcher and laid the little bear right over the long flight my ran into the vice president and duty free store he was greeting and talking to some of the military armed force members that read mayor. And a little carried away it looks like the vice president left empty handed me on the other hand I got all the daddy is so so I went back Federline and I looked up and everybody was on. Still I made a mad dash toward back gay and made it I'm here I'm fine but. You know maybe just a first timers in the state I will definitely spent a lot less time and a duty free store and it's. All right a rookie traveling with the vice president but that's Smart one at that Rachel Scott thanks for that reporting from Warsaw Poland at a very late hour there are things ritual which are vacuum if you. I missed a twelve month yeah. The first time when traveling with these with his top officials. We're not out to ABC news exclusive we sat down a little bit earlier today for the first network interview. With the acting EPA administrator soon to be likely confirmed by the United States senate Andrew Wheeler he's a very interest in figure and we talked to him. But today about a new plan he is rolling out and bring in our environmental reporter now Stephanie -- helped bring us the interview also has been studying this new book planned Stephanie. Andrew Wheeler talk to us about this proposal to tackle two of the most common toxic chemicals in the United States that Americans come in contact with. But don't know about what I. Our next day and these are chemicals that are used and nonstick pots and pay and if you like here waterproof jacket on makes it coats that it's used in firefighting foam they're so common. That every American has some amount of them in their blood and the problem is sick people and some communities are being exposed to a lot more. And EPA is set to roll out tomorrow this big plan on how will deal with the chemicals. We're seeing some pictures here what it looks like this chemical or call key Foss you may have heard of it keep costs the Akron embedded in the showed up in lakes there's of these in Michigan you're seeing it causes this foaming. On the shore lines but also to the drinking water sixteen million. Americans. The EPA hasn't regulated in new chemical in drinking water since 1996 that they took a big step today here's a little bit my conversation with Andrew Wheeler earlier about the danger of this poses two American staple. How dangerous is the situation right now in your view with these chemicals. Where we we do consider to be very important threat and that's where removing quickly on this. So that the CDC a report was just came out said that key facts. Is associated with pregnancy induced hypertension liver damage thyroid disease. Decreased fertility increased risks of as not testicular kidney cancer. It's pretty serious it is yours and that's why removing four with this action plan. And this is and really groundbreaking action plan by the agency we've we've done a enforcement actions along. Under our existing authorities over moving forward today to create new authorities and are safe drinking water act. Removing Fortis said new regulations also caught and in CL accident containment level in a week we know where the chemicals were manufactured or no a lot of the areas where they're actually used or were born into those communities to see. Whether or not the water in those communities are contaminated but this is a guy again this is we haven't slowed down we've actually speeded up the process. And it's a very controversial. Position that he's taking Mary Alison. Closely tracked the democrats' opposition to. The president's EPA nominees including Andrew Wheeler was a former coal industry lobbyist. Chuck Schumer and when minority leader has said that. Andrew Wheeler is not doing enough to protect New Yorkers from those two chemicals that he might block. His confirmation. Can talk big though but. Well this is really interesting and why this new raw from the EPA. Isn't big. With what is by and large been a rollback a regulations. On energy energy production and on pesticides. And this is really a move in the other direction. Is Stephanie I'm struck you talked to a lot of EPA officials you know the administrators well and he's a much less flashy figure than Scott Pruitt was the first EPA administrator who resigned. In that scandal that ethics scandal was very convent. It does seem like Wheeler is trying to sort of com the wallet water so to speak. And instead conscious about his legacy. I I did that impression I mean he you know he'll tell you he was a coal industry lobbyists he also started a EPA he's worked on environmental companies on the hill. You know as it compared to you. The kind of flash and controversy of the Pruitt administration. He seems you know very thoughtful. He tends in my young my impression is they keeper for us to spend his time talking about policy. There's very interest in conversation we'll have the full thing will run the full thing for all twenty minutes tonight. At 6 PM eastern time and 10:30 PM eastern time on ABC news live we talked some of the green new deal. We talked about climate change we talked to him about president trump in prison trumps view that climate change is a hoax so there's a lot in there. And tune in a little bit later tonight. Finite it should be good stuff finally though we've got to talk about something a little bit lighter I'm not a golfer he human capital a San. You aren't I want you need over the White House. Check out clearly you. Clear but yet determined that the president's new toy in the residence the Washington Post broke the story. I net president trump has installed a new simulated golf. A golf simulator in a room in the residence in the White House looks like something like this severely as well in the us. Yeah. I really doesn't Wear giant climbs honestly. I'm resorts have been when you're getting ready and warming up on. I'm sure there's a new little criticize the president for this who knows how much it cost. Any change the White House can be controversial. He's a golf enthusiast he's own golf courses around the world. Monies are pretty (%expletive) I think I imagine I need to try to mount you sold me out we should add that President Obama did have a golf simulator in. The White House as well as a lower tech. Version of this so we're told that this is simply an upgrade and for president company did pay for it apparently on his own money Washington Post reports that it costs about 50000 dollars for one of those machines. This in prison term for probably have the cash to cover that happen. Iron and Limbaugh both spiritually and has been holed up in their probably shut down days he got we've got to go off tiny needing a lottery virtually golf. Partly to have you with us Stephanie hands into your reporting on the environment much more Always fun have grounds park sure this fresh off they held great to have you join us today here in a brief moment back tomorrow at 3:30 eastern time be sure to check out. Our Andrew Wheeler in PA exclusive 6 PM eastern 10:30 PM eastern ABC news five. We'll see you next time.

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