President Trump signs new North American trade pact at G-20 summit

Congress will now have to ratify the deal when the new session starts in 2019.
22:41 | 11/30/18

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Transcript for President Trump signs new North American trade pact at G-20 summit
You do don't. And welcome to the briefing room on Devin Dwyer coming you live from Buenos Aires Argentina and the twenty G-20 summit here which oncology White House correspondent Richard Johns county road. I want us for a reporter with us were well I'm gonna start it was a breaking news out of Alaska as you may have seen here is a major earthquake that just struck. Southern Alaska the Anchorage area damage reports just coming in now seems to be very widespread in. I join us for a live update on what is happening at this moment. Is our friend Scott senators from the ABC affiliate in Anchorage and Scott joins us by phone Scott are you okay. Give us a sense of the damage that you're seeing where you are. Yeah we're we're we're we're okay I'll say by Horry roll hall why we're here. Actually. Dorm building. In another bell. Saying some minor Dan Leach. The quarter just as you all around the room. To bring all of all. Right outside my door way. Major water line. That under Corey don't call 40. You know it does happen 830. There's forty. City doctor now they break their way here streets it is it is it is flooded. They don't tell about beer and they'll tell yet. But we've got. Some dare reach. Occurred. Al you know it has been reported being. A little more straight but what will be exterior cheer. McHale. And I'd go out by the airport. Which is probably about five miles from here are on all. Problem. Rolled it's called international boulevard is the all play out is is. Has been. It collapsed. There's a picture that's what Guerrero has. Eddie a picture of Paul sports they did call him big B. Hold up interception that was created. Outside at bats were spared aftershocks. They're kind of picked up city. The kind of quickly yet who shot. We did experience you know two would be. About three. Seoul it's good old Al. Let you know you've been a line even though Scott you've been a longtime Alaska resident. And no stranger to these earthquakes they do happen frequently up and that part of the country but. How do you compare the one that just happened to the previous ones you've been through before. Yeah so old this was absolutely. You know the large sport that I think they're hearing it. Probably say you know what right now habit over Babbitt. But with only eleven miles wide at that elected he has. It's we don't we we have worked quite well are we we had wanna cup here is bill that would that would. But it would go probably a hundred all white. There's little old eleven mile walk rate what so that they. It and I don't think that they feel that your legs but as far way. RED I went up to spare parts as well. Building would beg you not about the beer what was. The other board debate what it bears are. A big one indeed Scott Sanders ABC affiliate in Anchorage thank you so much for your reporting Scott we wish you and your family the best as you. Go through this disaster and I want to bring in. I now rich Briggs cheesy our research geologist at the national earthquake center are out in Colorado he's tracking what's happening right now geologists hundreds of miles away. I can monitor the data let's bring in rich by phone rich. Put this. Earthquake in the context for us in what is the biggest danger now than immediate danger of these residents face going forward the next few hours. Yeah I think I can tell you what we know up from the global network and from the great local network they'll latter earthquake's center information. As well. That the kind of earthquake that happens where to place are colliding. And one of the plate is diving beneath the other one and it underneath Anchorage and not so docking place we call it. He's breaking apart it's bending and twisting and couldn't hoarding. As it goes down into the earth and so this earthquake was caused by. That place. Breaking at depth and it was about 25 miles. The need Anchorage. And so that energy then comes up from below almost directly below and shakes. Doug cook inlet the base and that. Sacred sits on. And and so that's why they're shaking his. Fairly severe and widespread. All right rich breaks at the national earthquake center Colorado thanks for primer on that rich we know you'll continue to follow developments we know. Guys the president's following. Developments in the surf break unfolding right now in Alaska he just waited a short time ago has an tweeting much since he's been here but he did we condolences. Ought to the victims is better creek and we know that dad. He'll be keeping I propose higher and that concerns center says he's been briefed on Q has she gets in he's been briefed as well he. You know John he's had a lot of things on his mind coming into the strip it's if it's a crazy one. One of the biggest you know before this crisis was this bombshell development and the Russian investigation great got here. Prison was up early this morning tweeting about fat. He was treating before us seven and the smoke. A local time about that. And it was the kind of phraseology we don't often hear from presidents of the United States he was talking about this. Trumped up tower deal that they were on looking into pursuing never actually eat. During the campaign it turns out and he said it was totally legal pretty cool. Which is appropriate. Very illegal in America. Legally yeah. Lightly in between army happened between he was a one I don't looking at this building in Moscow. But but you know and all signs are that this you know Cohen is one. And has really infuriated president if you remember his reaction. He dated he read it Cohen's office who visited dated the FBI raided his office. The president by all accounts was was in two or three jobs and that's when we knew we saw. His attacks on the special counsel. Answer entirely. New level. And I think he saw this now he is using community remember Michael Cohen he's calling him you know basically not very Smart and and weak and one and a liar right now. But this is the guy not only are we call the picture he believes the lawyer for her for whole decade. His office was right there right around recorder. From from the president. Contra to our army saw everything from thought everything versed on every morning every deal don't count every day absolutely. Let's bring in Jack got tier justice reporter who has been tracking the legal implications of this to Jack. We've been tried we even par CNET trying to break it down for people the significance of this. I'm help us understand is you've been digesting what Michael Cohen has been saying to Bob Mahler. What potential liability the president could face based on what Colin insane. Well if you look at. Victor Cohen plea agreement. He's admitting that here's involved in this trump tower dealing Masco all the way to June. Well into the campaign well after they said it was it was over and they weren't gauging it he lied to congress about it. But if you set aside the specific. Legal implications that it Cohen faces and it implicate drop. There's a broader thing that the national security community looks at which is that the president has publicly lied about this repeatedly and the Russians knew it was line. And this creates a situation where. Now they have leverage over. And from really two years that. The Russians have known that the president has had this like out there and have known about it so. If it creates a potential area of compromise. For the president which has brought national security implications for very concerned. And we don't know guys what Robert Mueller specifically looking at. I feel it's that we we there's a lot we don't know but bottom line is zeroing in on the trump tower Moscow plans. You under all signs are that the deal was never actually inked obviously never go zero and I'm not enough and I think we get out of the. Debate and India I'm sure they will contest highly weathered all the president. Actually lied and that can be a clintonian defense here. Looking in his words the tense is in his words and what he was saying what constitutes actually the U dealing with the Russians because occurs again because it never actually. Matt fruition but here's the thing that we don't know. ABC reported yesterday. Big. Cohen spent seventy hours. Seventy hours answering questions. From Robert Mueller and his team seventy hours. Was it. It was all about the stroke Howard deal was or I mean. What else is here. Exactly I think that's what that term administration from folks are going to be. Thinking about as this goes forward is the fact that. This indicates how wide ranging more investigation could be that he his imprimatur goes very very quiet and don't that you know where it begins or ends. This man at the center of all this of course Vladimir Putin of Russia arrived here today I think we have picture that. He flew and here new Argentina just after the president canceled. At the summit that Vladimir Putin himself long sought. John you can do some reporting today. A you know a lot of speculation others to precisely why the president canceled this may mean he's always talked about his openness and fourteen Vladimir Putin in time it's caught a lot of people by surprise that the White House is sticking to talking. An Egyptian Dmitry passed off as a guy that you will now he's he's been he's been who use you know basically prudence. Fortunately a spokesperson. For longer than Michael Cohen was was stung trumps a gaming goes back a long long way. He is the you used me as his spokesperson and he said that there was going to be a side meeting better. What is rising on an Arlington. We went back almost if you want it to the White House official line from the White House is that these is that there is no poolside. We talked to officials. They look it's quite possibly meal they knew each other who those who break off to a wrong start a conversation. I mean you know. And of course when they bump into each other you know friendly polite conversation like. OK let's talk about the strong tower situation and I don't call and I mean then the definition of bumping into one another I think we've seen can be very broad. And the president meaning and wounded two here's what he had to say a short time ago about still wanting to meet with Vladimir Putin need to send an inconvenient issue of the. Aggression against the Ukraine needs to get resolved first Nicholas. We're happy nobody. Hopefully going to be this. Policy meeting with President Putin left the basis of what took place. With respect to the ship's engines which. So you know I gotta say by the way one thing about cultural he has. At least our experience now whoa almost two years and become president he's not somebody has a tendency to cancel a meeting it was. You know amid. This is this is this highly unusual. Mom did did did he would give these is old boy is there should be dialogue. You know obvious ever keeps the pressure. On the hooker from critics who did why would you meet with Wagner who never at a time like this from. I mean it's really is it that this wasn't doing and the. And the Russian's foreign minister Dmitry Lavrov is already offering up. The speculation that he may have canceled the meeting due to political considerations not necessarily the Ukraine situation what political considerations when it goes I mean he's doing this. Then the prime NASA getting four. Doing analyst job well who did fuel some love guy's from another sort of controversial figure who is here at the G Tony not a member of each each morning but did show up here. Mohammed than some on the crown prince of Saudi Arabia take a look at this. Big romance handshake. That is going viral online right now between Vladimir Putin an NBS's he is known when we love their. For food MBS though. Are creating some big waves here John this is very unusual he's been widely condemned by the rest shows up here trying to turn the page and passionately. A fair and it was we're seeing him at their family photo ostracize off to the side. Yeah it was really strange and going back to the good the food and you know high five turning to handshakes. I mean what struck me about that amazing image is the smiles on and on their faces particularly cruel and I mean I. If that is as big an. That that is as happy a look is I have ever seen on whose face just wonder what is going on anything in their minds and they've both been vilified over these. Over these developments. And this will mean pleasantly. You know and then got trump on will remember him as well you know. Ruling loosening. Liberal laughing and this again. Why Britain and NBS are both two men who understand the value of optics thing would not have. Demonstrated to show of friendship and romance if they had not want into and certainly a signal that that alliance is stronger than ever. Reverend Roy who would speak with the with the body line between Obama and Obama mean it was late he was more it's everywhere in Iraq at least. Everything is is deliberate and even in the case of MBS. Are we saw at one of his aides I don't know we have a picture of a one and yes his aides and closest advisors. The Turkish from the Turkish delegation both confronting trump presumably talking about the pressure of the incident. And we're seeing this picture now as they're starting to you know. Perhaps lay the ground work for a meeting later on the president turns out due to actually talk to. MBS guys here's what he said though about the extent of that conversation. Fantasy here. Yes what's a what's exactly send an endowment that I had a hard time when you I mean no discussion to ask her candidacy here. Just talked but not an Austin learned discussed okay. A distinction without a difference or seen about. Clintonian. All right moving on there was some history made this morning. Quite a big development this morning I think get a lot of coverage of the president. Throughout halftime he inked a deal with two of his arch rivals in North America guy Canadian prime minister just century ago. The outgoing Mexican that president Enrique Pena nieto. On his last day in office they met this morning they signed the deal guys in this was certainly one of president palm's biggest campaign promises John and even though it hasn't cleared congress yet I think. He can chalk this one up. That needs to clear congress let's talk talk it took to win big yeah. But it's inching its feet you know I've heard this described as not really NAFTA 2.0 actually NAFTA one point two or three it's it's it's like 90%. Keeps almost all of not to place there are some significant. Changes though it's changes that will. A satisfy some Democrats I mean I know in terms of of labor standards the other that the percentage of of a car's manufacturer in North America that must be made by. But labor's making at least is it you know you fifteen dollars an hour Valentino an hour in Allentown the now it's it's and it's about it's if it's a big deal terms of the auto industry so. I think the bigger victory here would be for those that are in favor of not trashing the entire international trade system remember. Steve van and pushed very hard to simply eliminate maps. That was not stones you haven't and a deal that now has Trump's support Trump's name on it it actually keeps NAFTA essentially play. But let's just returned to leave political and policy dynamics going forward in congress. Congress is not likely to get to approving this deal by the end of the year which means it's going to be next year when the house is overcome by Democrats and that's when you weekend. A lot more difficult as John was saying all the Democrats actually like this plan a lot of Lieber Democrats in like last. More than math. They did they give that they don't like everything in the plan but they put it been it is just it is an improvement from now. And that's going to help passage of this but it's going to be more complicated undoubtedly that it would be ready in this year. Democrats are gonna push for changes which as you know we have a report on why you do not locating here and they're not allowed to make changes into the. Fast track authority won't get any and we think you're not a NAFTA expert there but there are two housekeeping items we ought to button up on this note. John the president you know we're talking the president had long said they re doing NAFTA. It was going to be his way of getting Mexico to paint them. An orderly and we're about to have a shot down over the border wall. You've been asking officials or did he just struck me. You talk to light Heiser who is the president I did try it crater I and I said Robert light eyes or several different ways from Sunday and if they have figured out how to extract funds. And he said hey. I'm just the trade got. Do Wall Street. Also ask for somebody didn't you guys also asks whether or not they'd actually talked about the long and we occasionally send him and what he's living discussed the issue Mexican border wrong. No answer explosives and not a no not a you know a lot of gas probably I don't know comment. Move on to the next gotten something that was hanging out there. Are finally. We will be here tomorrow enjoy an enviable springtime weather down here in the Southern Hemisphere. I for the big event of the summit which is is he from Collin county are present from Skinner was changing from China trade war fronts and. Yet administration officials feel that this is the last best hope for trumpets and sheet to meet and talk about awaits you. Dial down tensions between the two countries in these terrorists that have been escalating on both sides and president and talked about the stripped before he left for Argentina's tank. That he thought they can make it really sure if he absolutely hedged his best sound going into this is going to be a long dinner. So who knows what happens at the end of anything. And so mistakes I'm here is the most important thing. Of this in the states is in the Argentine steaks and head. We wouldn't know a day job at filings. A special series here and everything reminds Friday's that we are watching that Alley wrote in here with us now is launching Alex holds about this series. It looks at presidents who used to serve in the senate. We're going back to Washington with this when you went up to capitol who took a look at some of these old senate offices. Were American for. Yeah exactly they're so sister in this filling we take for granted every day in the US congress and there are plaques you can visit. At each of these offices so we're visiting the offices that presidents who were previously senators occupied when they where really. Starting outer in the middle of their careers of James Garfield not to move to hound. Well that he doesn't exterior okay. Second yes yeah hey. Today is Harry turn it all right assailant who. One of the coolest parts of covering congress and there's history everywhere you turn and 96 senators working very hallways. Into the Oval Office. We're taking you inside one of the life before they became prime. You're in the office of senator Roy Blunt if she's to be Harry Truman's office and what did treat we have senator point here with us. And he's going to tell us about some of the amazing history in this room. Senator we are actually standing in the opposite used to belong to then senator Harry Truman and you're telling me he was here for eight. Of the ten energy use in the senate. And it is not an office that automatically goes with the state interest in office really lucky for. A Missouri and to have so Truman was here for eight years that's a picture of him standing right there in front of this window at his pretty piled high desk. And any also was. It's worked here the 82 days he was vice president. He was working here. As vice president today he became pres exactly president Wally was working here just didn't know it yet he went over. Oh late afternoon to have the drink was Sam Rayburn the speaker of the house. Passed a note and you need to come to the White House something has happened. And lots of things were happening in April 1945. Just happened that day. What happened was he had become president and the first thing he did the next morning when he was president. Let's come back here to clean out his desk so here's a picture I think this was probably wouldn't Harry Truman used to spot the first two years not in this office but it's his first come into the senate. And vice president John Nance Garner. Who was FDR's vice president the first two terms. Somehow have managed to get possession of a couple of Jesse James is guns and so it looks like he's about to shoot freshman senator. Harry Truman Bo what he's really doing is showing in two. Two guns of that famous Missouri outlaw. So my thanks to senate provide one for giving me that tour and next Friday tune into the briefing room and I will give a tour. Of LBJ's first office when he act came in the senate before he became senate majority leader. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania Republicans. And that you can find extended versions of those tours online arrival to weed out the links I met act Alley. ABC news conference after Britain had here with us and thanks to chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl for being here as well much more. From John coming up on world news. Tonight you can follow John's reporting here on ABC news live but tonight at 8 PM eastern time world news fine hairs stand on all your devices. Apple TV roku. You name it we got a free here at ABC news thanks for watching answer. We'll be back on Monday 3:30 eastern time back in DC.

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