President Trump slams Mueller, Russia probe in new tweet

Trump calls Special Counsel Robert Mueller a "conflicted prosecutor gone rogue," Russia probe a "phony witch hunt" amid accusations that Manafort breached plea deal.
3:36 | 11/27/18

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Transcript for President Trump slams Mueller, Russia probe in new tweet
Oh my other friend Karen who knows everything about the White House is here because. Candidly talked about before it's hard hit at mentioned words lake and can't afford and special counsel Robert Mueller without bringing in. The president and president job and he's thirty of and tweeting about it this morning what's going on there at the White House. And the president. Once again calling the whole Russia probe. A week's time stop me you've heard that one can afford Maggie is certainly on the president's favor freezes. But did eight he set his sights on Robert Mueller himself and meet the president go after Mueller. He's talked about his team and angry Democrats that today the president got very personal. The president calling Muller a conflicting and prosecutor gone rogue. He also says that the fake news media builds Robert Mueller up as the saints. When in actuality he is the exact opposite the president is on the say Maggie that Mueller is doing tremendous damage to the criminal justice system with this investigation and suggest that. He's trying to pressure people to lie about the president's in order to give them a better deal. The president has of course in the past called Muller can inflicted there has been no evidence of that White House hasn't explained that. In fact deputy attorney general rob rose inside told congress a couple months ago that he sees no evidence of conflicts of interest but Maggie that has not stopped the president from tweeting. It becomes one of his favorite go to lines about Mohamed today really felt like. He had crossed into much more personal territory slamming Muller's character. And in taking it a little bit further than we've seen before now we like to read tea leaves around here and certainly. The speculation from the chattering class the peanut gallery on Twitter of lawyers and people in Washington. Every time the president goes in this direction and starts really hammering Mueller and his team and the Russia probe. Has people wondering if there's something the president is worried about something the president saw or read today. That set him off we just don't know the answer. Now we'll Karen lots of talk about an. And hopefully remains quiet today but maybe we'll be chatting had together later as well but you big and busy as you always are that's a surprise to see back at the when testing is the cure is is to be just last night. And I measured you guys have seen trumps rallies recently but a lot of them have thousands and thousands of people and Karen I loved some of the photos you were posting last night from these rallies because. Also know they did candles on Air Force One true that the president and just shows up to this rally in Atlanta called it a rock star welcome so. You're wondering what it's like Caroline baron Karen what it like to arrive with the president yet it's. A classic fall campaign season trick where Air Force One shows up on a tarmac at an airport. Music is playing a crowd is going wild in the plane taxis right up to the event site. And is used as a prop at the back so the president can turn in bears the plane is just beautiful the sun was setting yesterday in Tupelo Mississippi right as a plane arrives. And it cut crowd of several thousand people really excited and the president himself seemed very happy to be back out on the campaign trail kind of like bonus time in sport to get a little extra innings extra play. This is a runoff election in Mississippi today the president came down there last night. Push any Highsmith across the finish line but Maggie the fact that he was down there. Two rallies in the state does hours before voters head to the polls today. Shows Republicans are worried about this and thought that he could rev up Republicans rev up the base and drive up turnout today to insure that Cindy had Smith wins as runoff election or two more years six year term. Are inexperienced Karen quite rock star moment for you as well.

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{"duration":"3:36","description":"Trump calls Special Counsel Robert Mueller a \"conflicted prosecutor gone rogue,\" Russia probe a \"phony witch hunt\" amid accusations that Manafort breached plea deal.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"59446003","title":"President Trump slams Mueller, Russia probe in new tweet","url":"/Politics/video/president-trump-slams-mueller-russia-probe-tweet-59446003"}