President Trump slams Woodward book on Twitter

The president called the Woodward book a "scam" early Friday from Billings, Montana.
1:27 | 09/07/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for President Trump slams Woodward book on Twitter
Diane Karen Travers let's go inside who played its. President John was up quite early this morning and on Twitter from Billings Montana. That new book from veteran Washington reporter Bob Woodward still very much in the president's mind. President rights and greater than this morning that the book is a scam and that the quotes there attributed to him are made out. President also says that Woodward uses every trick in the book to demean. And be let out also that anonymous op Ed published in the New York Times this week setting off a furious scramble among White House officials to figure out. Who wrote it. The White House says that the media is its test with who is behind it but of course here. Officials are very much on edge there's a lot of speculation and a lot of finger pointing. Last night at a rally in Montana president trump talking about that bad and he says that the author added. In vague gutless coward. The latest active resistance. Is the op Ed published. In the failing New York Times by. And an ominous. Really and an ominous. Gutless. Coward is it's a virgin music treason. It's a horrible thing. The president also says the New York Times should name the author he says they should do that for the sake of national security. I'm Karen Travers at the White House you're watching ABC news.

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{"duration":"1:27","description":"The president called the Woodward book a \"scam\" early Friday from Billings, Montana.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"57672154","title":"President Trump slams Woodward book on Twitter","url":"/Politics/video/president-trump-slams-woodward-book-twitter-57672154"}