President Trump threatens to declare national emergency over border wall funding

The partial government shutdown entered its third week as the impact continues to be felt by many Americans, including the Native American community.
24:42 | 01/07/19

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Transcript for President Trump threatens to declare national emergency over border wall funding
Day seventeen of the partial government shutdown the nation's capital really quiet the president. Let's hope congress is gone no negotiations to find a solution. People that won't be receiving a paycheck. Any of those people agree 100 Baghdad with a lot I'm going. They're national debt. Bob haven't gotten can what you're doing there how old this. Why is the president going to the border why that shut down its impact is about to get so much worse right now. Everything. And happy money thanks for joining us out Devin Dwyer Washington joined by our senior congressional correspondent Mary Bruce it's like dot Groundhog Day. I'm Saturday January the government shut down as we said dragging on now into the third week the third longest federal government shut down. In American history it looks like we're headed Mary towards potentially historic record setting shut down both sides dug in you did some reporting over the weekend. Absolutely no movement. No progress they spent the weekend talking but no progress and what's remarkable is just how both sides. Because they're digging into getting further apart it seems that the impasse and actually deepening and yet they can be talking back and forth a conceded that the conversations are productive but that doesn't mean there's any actual progress being made all they're doing is. Further explaining their own positions to one another but that doesn't mean that they're gonna find anyway to meet in the middle yet. Congressional principles not even join us vice president at the table this weekend it was a staff meeting both days. No progress there are no talks today no talks today. There's an even back until tomorrow which means that if the record is 21 days act I think you're. Freddie guaranteed it does play the organ is seeing historic shut down here it seems we will pass that mark now there are giving dogs some talks. It seems later in the week needing me knows it the vice president is going to be on the hill talking with house Republicans tomorrow ahead of that the president's remarks but it is really hard to see right now either side is budging the one. So little glimmer progress that we do have a better sense of the White House is demand it's okay because they did send congressional leaders this letter outlining what exactly they want. But what they want accords with the Democrats are simply not going again. Meantime Nancy Pelosi with her new speakership is ready to try to plow a had they're gonna actually take some steps starting tomorrow. To try again to reopen the. They're just going to keep it keep at this and continue to ramp up the pressure especially on senate Republicans of the house is gonna continue to pass measures that would reopen the government. Get those agencies up and running but not to give the president the five point seven billion dollars that he's demanding for the wall and then over in the senate. Of course senate Democrats announced that it look at there and they don't want to act on any other legislation until the senate democratic and extending to the senate Republicans. Bring up what is now passed in the house by the house Democrats it with Mitch McConnell the senate Republican leader in a very tough spot. Because of course he has said that he would want to act on anything unless he knows the president will get on board. But remember of course those bills that passed in the house are ones of the senate Republicans previously did pass a depression and McConnell is ramping up at the bottom line is that there's a lot of maneuvering happening lot of the really. Posturing and that a lot of people are shaking their heads they can't believe talk to people over the weekend a lot of people just this may addictive doesn't seem to be a way out here. The least of which are these federal workers 800000 federal workers now for a world without pay a forced the contract workers. Knocking getting paid either we're starting to see some of the impacts now. His other parts of the country beyond the federal workforce including. A thousands of people who were quiet on never a reliant federal housing assistance they are facing potential eviction. Food stamp recipients and those early tax filers IRS if you're seeking a refund stay tuned there. Op but I want to bring in now Tony Reardon and he's the president of the national treasury employees union. Ott joining us now we're presenting a 150000. Federal employees from 33 different agencies. Mr. Riordan thanks for being here in the briefing room. As this thing drags out I imagine you're hearing more from so your members about the impacts. Hot is it your sense that win this next federal payday comes on Friday that that's really when the financial bite. Is can it be felt most acutely. Well first off I thank you for having me and and secondly as to your question. You know some of by our members have already. Felt the bite. Missing some of their paycheck. Based on the timing of when the shutdown started. And when the end of the pay period occurred when you're absolutely right as we move towards the weekend. That's when virtually every single federal employee. Who isn't being paid. Will really feel the the pain of this of this shut down so so yeah I I believe that we are getting closer and closer. Two federal employees. Really exploding. Candidly with anger kicks. Explode into pretty strong word we also I imagine. There's lot of speculation as to what the TSA some of the TSA workers may be doing they are working without pay. Do you get a sense from your members if if any action is gonna be taken if those paychecks don't start Connie would we potentially see. Some of the workers who've been forced to work without pay walk away from their jobs. Well you know I've not I've not seen that and I would not want to suggest that let me be let me be very clear. We have a federal work force and a 150000. Of them as you mentioned. Are represented by NT EU. Who is that they are disciplined. And they care a great deal about. Their federal jobs remember. These are folks who took an oath to the United States of America tour constitution. And they want to do the jobs that they were hired to do but. It's true that they definitely want to be paid and they want to be paid on time. To do those job's so I think it's very very important that congress. And the administration. Put aside whatever differences they have over whatever issues there arguing about. And they need to get these people back to work and they need to give them aid in a timely manner given paid now there is a very real impact. A human impact on these folks they're not able to afford food they're not gonna go to pay the rent or mortgage their credit card bills. On the fees. Art or going to rack up on these individuals and and their credits going to be destroyed. This is a shut down that is going to impact federal employees and haunt federal employees far into the future. Now horrible and anxiety inducing impact we've heard from so many of those workers already. Mr. Riordan and it is very concerning to many of us watching this and who have family and friends who were among the federal workforce. You talk about the human impact that in itself a significant but also some of the ancillary impacts from this important work it's not being done. At this time and these workers are furloughed to talk to us a little bit about what could happen at the IRS your union represents. A good number of IRS workers it's almost tax season. We have a new tax code they're trying to assess process complicated tax returns those phone lines right now not being answered. What could consumers see from say. The furloughed workforce at the iris what's what impact could that happen taxis and in your view. Well you know that's an excellent question and and I will tell I will begin the answer to Michael. To the question by saying this. You know you have to remember that since 2010. The IRS has lost 23000. Employees so even heading into the shut down. The I arrests did not have the necessary personnel to really do on the job that bet that many employees wanna do. Then came the tax reform legislation that was passed. And you know that that's pretty significant because on its its reform went just legislation. That's really the biggest since 1986. And and so with that comes a lot of questions. Four tax prepare is a lot of questions that tax payers have. And so they need to have somewhere at the iris the calling get those questions answered. But in addition to having people there to answer the question and of course questions and of course right now many of those folks are furloughed some are not thirty and so the questions. The they've got to be trained. And so what I'm hearing is that there is in some cases training that's not occurring antiquated training in sufficient training. And clearly they're not being trained while there furloughed and and and not working. So I am very concerned about the IRS's ability to be ready because work. You know were only about a month away from the typical start. Of the IRS filing season so you know my concern as a citizen really goes to is the iris going to be prepared. For the tax filing season prepared to answer all the questions. On -- com with the tax reform prepared with all of the forms that had to be changed you know it's emirates that are out. And and you know are they going to be prepared. An evil will they have the people there are working to get the tax taxes out there. The regards to him to lie the American people. They act Tony we can hear the frustration in your voice and certainly need the level of urgency right now Tony Reardon presidency president of the national treasury employees union thanks so much for your time sir. Thank you come back again meanwhile it's not just those federal workers of course but. The impact now being felt on native American reservations across the country work. Thousands of tribal members rely on the federal government not only for public services but of course for financial aid I want to go now. To Dr. era payment he's the chairman in the sue saint Marie tribe of chippewa Indians it's the largest tried east of the Mississippi River 43000. Our tribal citizens. Mr. rug mister payment think you so much for being here. Give us a sense of the impact the shutdown is having on your reservation right now. For the impact it's pretty significant and like your previous interview. On January 15 is today where we expect you're really feel the impacts. Tribes are either funded through self governance contracts were we provide the services themselves or direct service tribes for the federal government provides services. Right now during the shut down several tribes across the country. Our worker or distract our already feeling the impact no nation last week at a storm they did not have other roads plowed. For them to be able to get your food services. And also water supplies. For my tribe which is self governance my travel council has loaned to travel resources in order rose to survive. During the shutdown. Our next big draw down is January it and if the funds are not available then. We will immediately be looking at furloughs and layoffs and operating skeletal operation. It ends sir we understand the impact. Is also spread to medical care hospitals. Drug treatment facilities give us a sense of the of the human impact on that side of the story as well. Absolutely till recently about two weeks ago the federal government reported on the broken promises before which is an update from that civil rights. By crisis report. We have high rates of alcoholism. And suicide unfortunately. And albeit crisis is hitting Indian Country its heart is hitting anybody. So we prescribe prescriptions for good cholesterol which is their locker that is not. Keeping them intoxicated on another drug but actually helping to wean them off drugs. And that supply will be interrupted our prescription supplies will be interrupted. We also distribute food through food distribution program. That we get the food served supplied by the federal government that will be interrupted. So I don't tribal members had cute. Hell crises and problems that are generally. Multiples of what the general population like diabetes and heart disease and cancer in its own necessary prescriptions will be unavailable for our travel members yet this shut down goat past January 15. And doctor payment born. To go there's to that there is so much for your point in in this town at least around who's to blame. For this prolonged shut down partial government shutdown but when you look from afar what's going on in Washington. Poor what do you think is to blame here. Well first of all tribes are not Republican or Democrat we are high for India and an independent. And we prepaid for all the resources that now well there it's not reparations. Oh in the treaty's refuted 500 million acres of land across the country might try to get fourteen million. And the promise that help educational social welfare into perpetuity but whoever thought that is I'm asking congress and the president to figure this out. And be able that are not instruct the services that we should be enjoying because we can't take the land back and so our services should be upheld. It's hard doctor Aron payment chairman of this Hussein Marie tribe of chippewa Indians thank you so much for sharing your perspective on all this we share your sentiment. On urgency here to get this resolved think he search. The front line though in the shutdown fight could soon appear add to the nation's airports is thousands of flyers. Head there to travel this winter those TSA lines could be. Getting a little bit longer if those TSA workers aren't paid don't show up don't have the resources to get the job done let's go to. Washington's Ronald Reagan airport were our David Curley is trying to get to the bottom of a lot of reports of the past few days David about potential. Impacts in the shut down heating TSA workers some of them calling in sick. Give us your read on on on the situation now on and whether it's in fact tied to the shutdown. Here's what we know together and that there is an increased number of fallout. Over the holidays. But what we don't know is it political is at the flu. There are a number of things it could be that we don't really know and the increase of just one airport. TSA give us give us example of Dallas. The call out rate went from 3.5 percent to five point 5%. So a 2% increase so if there were a thousand officers working in Dallas. That would amend instead of 45 calling in her 35 calling in sick. Fifty called in sick you still had a lot of people there that's why TSA continues to say it's not right now. Impacting. The services here at the airport but that's just in the past couple of weeks. Really the long term becomes a different question and TS is just told us today that there RD making. Contingency plans. For a longer shut down and the first time that these officers that you see behind us don't get a paycheck which is later this week. What would they do then they've not given us any of those answers they say they're making. Contingency plans but. Here's the thing to remember security according to TSA and according to the airlines and the airports has not been affected so far. By these call outs and once again was it. The holiday season was at the flu or are some of the officers trying to make a political statement we don't know but there are more cost. Tell lot of concern up on Capitol Hill as well David as you know the chairman of the house Homeland Security. Committee putting an understatement just moments ago saying he wants some answers from the TSA as well if this drags on how managers might try to. Manage the effects of the shutdown. In ways that are detrimental to security in the words of Bennie Thompson. But from the looks of it behind you David things do seem to be operating at least pretty smoothly this afternoon there TCA. Will you fly enough to know DeVon that this is kind of a quiet time of the day in the mid afternoon but as you can see. Right now there is not a line here you're looking at both the pre checked their two people on line of free check free people. Now two and one person here at the regular line so yes things are operating rather normal yesterday at LaGuardia. There were some very long lines some people under way 52 minutes in the regular T a saline and LaGuardia. TSA and the airlines say that that was because that was the into the holiday season. You know some people as they're taking Christmas we took New Year's week and Sunday was their last time to get home before the end of the holiday. So it's really difficult to pinpoint whether the call outs. Have actually had an impact on lines so far everyone says it doesn't have an impact on what they're trying to do here. Which is security and that's the concern both of the TSA and as you members of congress and I'm sure the administration is well. No one is going to allow security to be impacted by the shutdown the question is what do they do to maintain that security level. All right senior transportation correspondent David Curley out there DS DC a David thank you so much as always much more from David. Here and ABC news live and on ABC news our world news tonight here on not ABC news live let's shift in the politics now this debate the president. Largely out of sight today but made some comments on the shut down yesterday in over the weekend. Here's what he had to say about how he relates to workers who are feeling the financial pain. And the president a short time ago did tweet that he's gonna make a prime time announcement engine dress in the country tomorrow night. 9 PM eastern time take a look the president says he wants to address the crisis in the situation humanitarian situation. On the southern border again that's tomorrow night we'll pet carrier for your 9 PM eastern time and ABC news live. He also plans to visit the border later this week to see this first hand let's go to the White House and our White House reporter I Jordan Phelps has been doing some reporting this afternoon on this Jordan. No meetings today at the white house with the president but he seems pretty determined. To dig in rather than a compromise here. It definitely DeVon the vice president spoke to reporters off camera short while ago. And he really put the pressure on the Democrats saying they are refusing to negotiate but at the same time. At this is making clear that both sides are not willing ticket here. And the president is unwilling to get and how he gets his desired border while and Democrats are unwilling to you. How negotiations on the president's desire for a while while the government shut down so this stalemate continues seven. And ABC news contributor John Cohen a former DHS official joins us now as well John let's bring you into the conversation. So many different competing statistics and claims have been flocking back and forth. Over the past seventeen days here in a now the president is veering towards this being a crisis. But a lot before asking if this was a crisis at what point did it reach a crisis why didn't something happens sooner. What's your take on whether this is a crisis were react here. Well we certainly have a humanitarian crisis at the border we've had recently an increase in families on children and women in particular. Who have come to the border and who are presenting themselves support which officers. And Seeking Asylum. What's unclear though is that. Is whether the federal government has actually deployed enough resources to deal with this surge. And whether in a census is a crisis of their own making because about lack of planning they clearly need more people on the border to process this increase in people presenting themselves. They need more people to transport they need more housing. Need more medical assistance. When I was at the Department of Homeland Security we were confronted with similar situations. We had department like planning efforts and we made sure we resource at the border deal with the crisis is going on there. Released national security. I think a department has a real problem. The administration and the department of moments turning have been very inconsistent. And some case is misleading and in other cases very inaccurate. As they are describing the security situation at the border. And I think they have a hard case to make its Internet continue to prevent present information manner. And John if the president does go ahead as he spent canteen and declares a national immigration emergency. What would the practical impact of that be would that would that's simply solve this for now get the government running. Let him do his staying Republicans effectively get what they want. Cook is that the the short term answer here what would that mean if he did if he did that. Well quite frankly Sinclair and what that would mean an end Indian part it would depend on its outlook to climate crisis. And we unionizing think back to the descriptions that we heard on Friday and over the weekend. You know the administration described it borders in which drugs are following. Across the border in huge quantities criminals are flying across the border terrorists or climb across the border. And that Al Wallace needed monies for the Wallace needed in order to stop that the problem is when you look at the actual security and law enforcement situation at the border. The majority of drugs that come through the border comes reports eventually concealed in. I will vehicles or in concealed in in legitimate cart up. Drugs that batter I'm not coming through the ports eventually coming through other transit zones. Away from the southern border itself there is no objective analysis. That I've seen and I've spoken a counterterrorism officials over the weekend. That supports. Out being apprehended or or crossing the southern border so it's really unclear to me as we sit here. I'm if they do. She did declare a national emergency what exactly the national emergency is that they're seeking to address. Guard Jon Cohen takes a much run a little short on time into and get back to the White House. For one last time with Jordan Phelps Jordan. What is your sense politically here the president has made clear. Did that despite all of the pain that some of these workers are feeling the public statements as we start to see in the media the impacts. As they ripple out the president seems to be signaling. They are gonna do everything they can from regulation perspective to limit the impact on people and dig in right. That's that's right Dan and I I just heard from a source of mine that be White House is going to order the IRS to issue tax returns. I had through this shot down and that as I am told is a way. To reverse guidance that ways I've made during the Obama administration when they say the Obama administration really wanted to make. People feel that shut down in 2013 more than they are he did this White House doesn't want people to feel the shot down so there reversing guidance. I act to allow the I arrested go ahead and do that so. But at the same time them and that shows that the White House in large part is taking ownership for their shutdown which is problematic as this drags on and on and people are looking for someone to blame. And it is dragging on indeed. Will be date eighteen tomorrow no end in sight to the shutdown Jordan Phelps at the White House thank you so much while much more coverage complete coverage of the shut down. The impacts as it continues to unfold right here at ABC news live Download. The ABC news app it's a great resource for you can star stories and topics you want to follow we'll send you the updates. And of course much more here tonight at 8 PM world news crime with David Muir in the whole team. I'll be back here tomorrow at 3:30 PM eastern time the briefing room and a special report tomorrow 9 PM eastern time a president. Does that primetime address an immigration in the state of this shut down Devin Dwyer Washington thanks for watching we'll see you next time.

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{"duration":"24:42","description":"The partial government shutdown entered its third week as the impact continues to be felt by many Americans, including the Native American community.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"60217724","title":"President Trump threatens to declare national emergency over border wall funding","url":"/Politics/video/president-trump-threatens-declare-national-emergency-border-wall-60217724"}