President Trump tweets about Russia, Comey testifies

"The View" co-hosts discuss the latest in the wiretapping investigations.
7:06 | 03/20/17

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Transcript for President Trump tweets about Russia, Comey testifies
Some right before we went on air this morning. I'm FBI directed James Conley confirmed they aren't investigating Russian interference. In the US election. But they can't really dumb Bawls. Exactly is being investigated. And let you know. It's Wrentham warning on it wouldn't talk Friday. Pat was felt like his attempt to use shiny things to divert attention from. Everything else I'm here are a few tweets. James clapper and other stated that there's no evidence Potisk colluded with Russia this story is fake nose and everyone knows. The Democrats made up and pushed the Russians starring as an excuse for running a terrible campaign big advantage elects wild college and lost. And it. And the last couple of the real story that congress the FBI and all of that should be looking into the leaking of classified information must not lead them out. I think we need to start call this what it is derived. Yet has seen trying very hard to. Technique but I think what is so fascinating is we now know what we. Pretty much announces October is that the trump campaign is under active criminal investigation by the FB. I. Yeah yeah. And I mean what was interesting in watching the hearings this joy told me it's on it's not you ads are not as watching it in my dressing room and the minute call me clarify and set this ongoing criminal investigation is going on. The next question by a Republican congressman. Committed to leaks so it's clearly this is the tactic that I think they're using. I think about economy is on a 100% trusting of him the way he's talking in this. But just that discuss right now he's saying that he's not going to reveal everything right away there are investigating because of privacy issues. But I'm trying to remember it didn't he release things about Hillary right before they'll. Wednesday wizards finished investigating and he's sent he can't tell you what they're Dylan. Because the investigation is still all heaven and on the record that there was a lot of well she didn't really do anything bad up up up up and yet he's still revealed at which turned the election it's considered so like walking out right now I'm really glad he's sticking to that point was when he set ups and not speak to this it. It calls into question and security everything else except I don't I really am happy that was his answer because I think too many things right now people are trusting the leader of things are being leaked which is partially I think trumps. Problem which is that people don't I trust him. Yes but that but I think the reason people are becoming whistle blowers is they're feeling a personal duty which is not right. And it's a federal crop but I think it's a trickle down he has nothing that can't sit 37% approval rating right now just to give you like to hear how Obama's approval grant. Waiting at this point was 63. Ronald Reagan was 60% of the first term in March when he was president so 37 cent I had I think it. After fat. That he still tweeting about it you know you're you're the president now first of all he needs to stop talking about the Clinton Campaign because we're not campaign mode anymore you won the presidency now. You know I'm he's running right now his reelection can well he's an easy walk. I'm not act and I'm not kidding he's outside. This is this is the truth he is in re election won't he hit and that's what is doing what you see it golf. Today is different prices this is what ease credit isn't waiting and he misses it like I don't think get anything down around I wouldn't posit climbing isn't real nice he never got over the thrill of a big rally when everyone was. And telling a dog. Even leader for all of us and some people don't like you or dissent with Gil he wants the rallies where there'll support ours I can't. Writes the campaigning but didn't necessarily want the job I set up that I. Does that. When you're president it's your job to let these investigations play out and it Pete you know these are active investigations now. I don't need to see my commander in chief on Twitter telling you which investigations will be successful which ones won't. Sit back you know what you got a lot of work to do this a lot of people out of work there's a lot of people with health insurance that are high does a lot of promises you made you go do that and let the investigators do they are now I got. Call me during this hearing said he has. No information supporting trumps tweets regarding wiretapping that on what time yet one more time yes cult me just said he has no information authority are nice yeah. I'm not just an also write this referring to President Obama wiretapping him yeah ailing parent does firstly yesterday had a hash tag fake news in the meantime he's actually been a story about wiretapping that you have. Intel officials you have you have that the GOP chairman you have. That the Justice Department coming fled leaving the marriage and that is that divergent over you know I don't know now listen to be over you made President Obama not being an American citizen last for. I year house. Five years was fake news and right Newell was making was so please not this is what he does because he doesn't really have a leg to stand up but you know what. I'm tired. Full and one half. I'm now putting my sides into how to replace. The congress and the San it. Who are standing there allowing things. Light and you not to you bring this up because it I just don't know how what what to do. The idea that someone with. Mental health issue say. Should not not I'm not referring to ham when he did. What he did it. As they put this thing through these congressmen and senators put this thing through and pass this law battle and it's cold today. For people with mental health issues to get a gone. Yes that's pat first one ended businessmen on the last one did what the fact until the fat it is. We just asked yeah that's a fact that isn't being discussed and no one is saying wait a minute I'm gonna take to stem this is ridiculous. And I don't understand it so I'm looking to replace those people that don't make sense here as a technology that's what people went to what neck and now's the time to start looking for those replacement if it's something if you recipients. OK yeah. Oh he resigned. Does that also get rid of Tillis and then jets no no no doesn't that's why you need to get sued if Jesse Lee that's one of well maybe somebody you have I don't know if he'll senate and put them mountainous. I wasn't feeling I had and around into partly new and Wellesley till let's get away.

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{"id":46257408,"title":"President Trump tweets about Russia, Comey testifies","duration":"7:06","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the latest in the wiretapping investigations.","url":"/Politics/video/president-trump-tweets-russia-comey-testifies-46257408","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}