President Trump in Vietnam amid regional tensions

Donald Trump arrives in Vietnam to attend the APEC international economic summit.
1:47 | 11/10/17

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Transcript for President Trump in Vietnam amid regional tensions
According down a business on economic issues APEC leaders came together for dinner. President trump and other world leaders sporting Vietnamese sure coats a rare shift from the president's usual Suton time. Earlier today president trump talking tough on trade we are not going to let the United States beat take advantage of. Anymore it was an America first speech from the president but his message to he had nation leaders. They should do the same in their countries the massive trade deficit the US house with China has loomed large in from Asia tour. Where again he says it's the fault of previous US administrations I do not blame China. Declaring the US would no longer ignore cheating. President didn't specifically mention China but his message was loud and clear we will not remain silent. As American companies are targeted by state affiliate inactives. For economic gain weathered through cyber attacks. Corporate espionage. Or other anti competitive practices. Leaders here in Asia are anxious about what president trans nationalist economic policies mean for than the president pulled the US that the trans Pacific partnership but said he'll make in one on one agreements with any nation who practiced there. And it is to proposed trade. This summit brings presidents come if the pace with nearly two dozen world leaders including Russian president Vladimir Putin. Lastly the president said that he wanting to meet with the Russian president and going to push for his help on North Korea. There is no formal meeting between the two leaders on the agenda the White House says that's due to scheduling conflicts but says the president's could run into each other. And chat for it. Karen Travers ABC news traveling with the president and in Vietnam.

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{"id":51075304,"title":"President Trump in Vietnam amid regional tensions","duration":"1:47","description":"Donald Trump arrives in Vietnam to attend the APEC international economic summit.","url":"/Politics/video/president-trump-vietnam-amid-regional-tensions-51075304","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}