President Trump welcomes Canadian Prime Minister to the White House

ABC News' Amna Nawaz and joins ABC News' Terry Moran, Cecilia Vega, and Rick Klein to breakdown the President's meeting with Justin Trudeau.
15:26 | 02/13/17

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Transcript for President Trump welcomes Canadian Prime Minister to the White House
Hey everybody I'm on an about live in New York you saw there are network's special report. Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau just concluding its visit. To the United States and the White House to see president term for the first time since mr. trump took office for gonna break down everything that happened there and also a lot of the headlines that broke over the weekend. And continue to define the week for more on that we can go live to DC. Our colleague at ABC's political director Rick Klein has been keeping an eye. On everything over the weekend and this morning a lot coming out of the White House already. Hey Rick how to go and beyond the did you if you. Thanks for being here man hate Lipton this let's start right now with just the news out of this press conference as the first time these two men were meeting face to face with mr. trump came to office. You guys couldn't be more different when it comes to and number of the issues they're gonna have to deal with how do you think it went today between the two. Generational only different ideologically different temperaments Lee different and this key issue the travel ban that is. Dominated the news over the last couple of weeks it's actually drawn prime minister Trudeau into the fray in Canada his response to say will be accepting more refugees. Not few war and the question of walls the question of borders I think an interesting total shift from Donald Trump of course he wants that wall on the Mexican border but he pointedly say. He wants more bridges with the Canadians and I think when this there's such concern about the nature of the trading relationship going forward. With the announced. The intention of the United States withdraw from NAFTA renegotiate NAFTA. You heard a president from walking back any kind of critique of cat and in this suggesting that the north Americans in this case these two countries at least working well together. But I think a lot of fear and concern on the Canadian side you heard. In prime minister Trudeau's voice there that in this will not be eight equal deal for Canada and that the United States walking this back we'll have major economic ramifications. Nor tolerate them so much to unpack their hang with us for a second I want to bring our colleague Cecilia Vega into the conversation she's in the room where it happened today is Ilya thanks so much for joining us. Biggest pay fell listen commit to break Dan you're in there every time mr. that talk the world leader for the third time he's hosted a world leader. There at the White House this is a man came into office promising to do business differently so what do you know it about the ways that that. Well this is like I have lost track already we've had so many foreign leaders in the last few days I think the third line in and and the last couple of weeks. And I'll tell you what seems to be happening is at least in the last you press conferences the first questions. And and that outlets that get questions from the president are typically lean towards more conservative slant that's an interesting thing. You know Wendy's International visits from state international leaders. A traditionally the domestic reporters get to questions each and the international. Reporters get to questions each went for either side. And in the last few times we've seen that the president leaning towards more conservative outlets and that's been something that's. That's an interesting and different nearby you don't really think that big headline out of this this press conference say is this delicate dance that the prime minister. Did it here he was a very and is and still is to this day a very vocal opponent to. The president's executive order and he minced no words standing up there at this micro front standing right next to him at these people these two leaders are just getting to know each other. And and if you will started off on a pretty rocky footing after the president signed that executive order prime minister Trudeau took right to Twitter to denounce it saying Canada will. Welcome refugees and and the prime minister to lead at this photo of himself welcoming. I young we believe a young have refugee girl. And so he's made his his point known and today at this microphone music you know you can have immigration and security and they can go hand in hand. And the president was asked whether he had confidence in the security of the northern border on Canada given a number of refugees 40000 some odd refugees that they've taken and the president said you know you can't have 100% confidence and that so. Friends at a historic. Historic relationship between two allies but I'm two leaders doing a very delicate dance if you're getting to know each other and dancing around this very controversial issue. NASA at the sounds like its friends with a little app. For now but I'm don't care about your take on this now you mentioned how in the past prime minister ago has taken steps and make sure that his point is no he does not line align himself. With some of the things mr. Thompson along the campaign trail and certainly with immigration and that he put in place and after coming in to office. How do these two work together moving forward now especially given the fact. The presidents cup has never been shy about taking to Twitter and speaking on a lot of swagger wouldn't feel strongly about something. Whether it's totally different personalities even rate with which decades in between an age so. President trap as we all know and we are becoming accustomed to wears everything on his sleeve if not on the cell phone in his hand and put that out on Twitter and premised extra judo. Is a little much more reserves. And that sense but you know prime minister dutrow made his point very clear today. Here in this press conference that I didn't come down here to lecture and other government on how to run their country so I don't think you're going to see him. Publicly bashing Donald Trump if you will I think you'll probably see prime minister Richard Joseph. Stick she what we've seen from another a number of other leaders out there archery some may. Paul lately. Firmly. Nudging expressing discontent but not had not outrage if you will making their point known but making clear that there are borders and he lives on the other side of. When merry go in his seat senior White House correspondent billion Vega joining us live from Washington thanks so much to Seau talked with them. This does not recline with us but also join the conversation now want to bring in ABC's chief foreign correspondent Terry Moran who has been keeping an eye on all of the happenings. Here in the states from a far Terry they talk a lot about this historic relationship the long friendship the allied history between these two nations. But it's been redefined a little bit isn't it. Well it is first that last question from the Canadian reporter on NAFTA president trump says he's gonna Teracopy want to go on altogether. That has been a cornerstone. Canada's economic and foreign policy since it was cited as it is as that question suggested essential. Two the Canadian story of the past generation. Pres prime minister Trudeau said look what we in a weed this our largest trading partner we are. Is the longest peaceful border in the world probably in the history of the world so if it will get past whatever. Changes come to policy just as NAFTA change policy but it's a huge issue. And then you got something else hear a you have the fact that no matter what prime minister Trudeau's personal opinions doc about. President Donald Trump and his immigration policy is attitudes towards Muslims. He is essentially dealing with the united states of America east it is all around the world here in Britain and everywhere Gil president trump. You wouldn't when you wouldn't realize it from over here he does govern. In a kind of crouch of fear almost write it it it stated that we've done terrible trade deals where he hadn't taken to the cleaners all around the world our military's collapse forget our brains beat in. Every single refugee families a possible threat to Americans there is a sense of impotence almost of this. United States right around the world people like prime minister Justin Trudeau prime minister Theresa may here. United States is still the hyper power of the world there's nobody that comes closer defense budget is sixteen times. Out what what what the rest of the world the minutes. It did they approach relations with the United States whatever their personal opinion. At as essentially it we are the 800 pound gorilla in the rooms. And Carrie talking about that that sort of politics of fear here Rick going to bring you back into the conversation here the immigration ban is still of the trade much legal question. In flocks at the moment where things stand with that and especially given the that relationship between Canada and the US right now. Because part of the argument from critics is that look immigration is actually making it worse. For national security for a lot of the countries that could be targets for terrorists so first thing is up to speed on where things stand right now we know. About how they might move forward. We are seeing a two front strategy from the top administration first is to continue to pursue. The the legal fight it now has them in the ninth circuit it did there are now arguments that that could proceed before a full a Fuller circuit judges in the ninth. That would give. Full consideration rather than just a three judge panel that we are keeping it from last week. But they're basically playing out that straying in waiting for potential Supreme Court ruling at some point on the road at the same time that they are going to be reworking a revising the original. Travel ban proposal re writing in some significant ways that we. Are still in Wheaton and see exactly what would it looks like but he may be a little but now or maybe written it try to withstand a constitutional. And legal scrutiny what I've found telling in that news conference did that relates to this is. When president trump was asked about security on the Canadian border in and also about the issue of refugees. He came back on the point of some of the current immigration enforcement actions it says we're get them out for getting the bad guys out talking about. His Electoral College victory all over again in the needs it to get people out as being part of the mandate that he saw from the election in November. He has tied these issues together he has me clear that he views issues around border security is part and parcel. With his argument for why you need a travel ban that is about security in the way he's casting this now. And and frankly taking taking credit for some of the immigration enforcement actions that have happened over the last couple days to get beat at lives. He says that's part of the same action and and his arguments the American people is that we need to have a travel ban just like we need apple wall to keep us. Everett it's worth mentioning one month nearly one month after taking office three months after winning the election he still talking about it and it talked about it before that may never and a bit scary waiting on this for meekly it covered the supreme court for so long president that he's gonna take this ban. All the way to Supreme Court if he needs to how does this play out. Well as richt is described it's pretty complex. Their strategy right now looks like you want to keep this court case going because they want that decision reversed they want the power of the president over the border reaffirmed at the highest levels at this. Kind of scares me at the same time. They're going to re right that order so that it's okay. Now there's an issue there's that concept and in court called move Nixon I would. If you re read the order then the case is noted that you you got a new orders that's that'll do the trick you know we don't need to fight about this old one anymore. It if it is a strategy of both. Fixing the problems and getting their program that they want. On this on this band. In place at the same time they want to fight they want to fight to the end we heard. From what a president Trump's top aides Stephen Miller is one of his chief strategist in an interview with the and elsewhere. He made the same claim Stephen Miller said the president's. Actions will not. Be questioned in this area. They want the courts do affirmed that. Other presidents have tried that and failed. But we'll see how this wonderful and it can't let you mentioned that it is really extraordinary language for anyone from the White House to be used right wreck. Oh it is CI and I think you look at that's house mentality of those interviews and they put forward. A very extreme case for what the limits are and are not about executive power I think Terry's right. The reason they want to keep alive is that the court case alive is that they want to have that established for. Other executive orders for other precedents that this president is likely to follow but I think it claiming that kind of broad constitutional authority and then going one step further you heard it from mr. Miller in the interviews you hear from others in the cup administration is that these are three coequal branches of government. The judiciary is not supreme into the rats which to me raises an interesting question that we haven't seen pose yet to president trump is if he is slapped down by the Supreme Court. Does he listened to that because this Terry knows there's a long and colorful history of a president's defining were attempting to defy supreme court's we haven't had someone truly tested quite a long time. I wonder if this White House would be willing to go there. Speaking of testing had left to get both figure takes on as we talked about this before them mr. trump took office. That it wouldn't be long before some countries started attacks and we saw with Iran at the end of January. And over the weekend North Korea also tested a band ballistic missile. How did the administration responds requirement to kick us off. While you saw in both cases eight words primarily. And the the first answer about Iran is that they stand ward and whatever that means they're on notice right now was the word from the national security advisor. Within the issue of North Korea we know that that Donald Trump at a pretty colorful evening at mar a Lagos is is golf resort in Florida he was informed of it. A wall at a dinner with the the prime minister of Japan. I he was briefed on it right there at dinner with other people even taking photos pretty colorful exchanges on Twitter and on FaceBook for people witnessing the president's the United States the prime minister of Japan. Finding out about. The North Korea's latest rumblings he then came out and gave a very terse statement. And you heard in the and address it again just a few minutes ago in this news conference say that there will deal with it very strongly so we haven't seen what that strong response truly looks like it should be noted that in the midst of all of this the national security advisor Mike Flynn. Is on the hot seat and he is being questioned for. His apparent communications with the Russian ambassador during the transition. And all of that at this is kind of an important time to have a national security advisor that has the full trust of the president. As the full trust of the American people that hasn't been established even a president troubles and asked about it today that is very much a a question of of whether it might flee and is on thin ice with this administration. Terry give if you take on this too because you know one of the things as Rick mentioned was this situation room that kind of evolved at the dinner table humbled elated Saturday night. At morrow log though got a being tweeted out in real time there are pictures stirring up on social media that that can't be common practice Friday. Yeah I don't think is it's hard to say what exactly happened there they just got word hoddle little bit then went to do their top secret business on the security of the country that's one thing. If they basically had the situation room in full view. Well that's an operational security issue that frankly makes an email server at your home look look pretty mile. That's set what they were talking about North Korea's most dangerous place the world right now the most dangerous problem in the world it is a hermit kingdom right shot off from the outside world. Governed now by the third generation of a family tyranny. That basically has established itself as a personality cult of bizarre proportions and oh yeah they've got nukes. And ballistic missiles capable we think of hitting the continental United States and Kim Jong on 32 year old leader. Of North Korea is determined to develop the maximal nuclear threat to the United States. So the whole region could be plunged into into war. Given the slightest misstep on other sites so frankly. He it was good solid. Response from president trump two to keep his powder dry which is seven times doesn't do on Twitter. And basically to see how this develops because that this is. Genuinely the most dangerous situation he faces as the president states in the world right now.

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