President Vladimir Putin holds yearly presser

In his annual press conference, he says impeachment is “a continuation of an internal political battle.”
3:25 | 12/21/19

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Transcript for President Vladimir Putin holds yearly presser
Hi this is ABC news live I'm impanel in Moscow just outside quipped president visions been holding these. Annual press conferences as something of a marathon they say went home cooked for hours and twelve minutes musical president trumps. A press conferences along let's let's take you to the scene in the room had because it attracts hundreds and hundreds of journalists. From across not just Russia but across the former Soviet Union radicals journalists like us who come from broad. Other American networks are here at CNN CBS NBC and and of course the BBC is well he would try and attract the attention of the presidency with our own little sign here at ABC news USA to trying to get the president's attention. To try and ask him a question and that is the multi million dollar challenge when you come to one of these can you get to last the president question well. Want to introduce you to a man who not only does ask questions that she meets a president interviews in directly. At least a couple of times a year so paper and office and I got on reports with RT on the main TV network here in Russia stumbles in the Obama. I you don't but I guess whose greatest credit it's spreading the love amongst among the president's. At this do you use sat through many of these yeah overrule I mean it's it's kind of strange thing towards the day because it it's about aids policy spectacle. Pop press conference to get you get people applauding and give people must petitioning play petitioning dissolve revolt at the right yes yes. It's an this crowd we'll see you. Represented by investment growth targets. But the other things it's people from the region's leading mobile circumstances we'll have axes to this is about as some restrictions would just leave. Elsewhere just in the hours I have to present some was impeached. President Putin was asked about that we surprised wise I'm sending these sounded a little bit light Republican talking points in the sense. That he was saying that he felt that this is politically motivated this is a continuation. Of act failed democratic presidential campaign. These happy days. Paranoid exactly the right arrives. That means that the Vatican politics. Of the dominate the talk shows. That and I. That's absolutely magical place days in the book yeah. Although things Johnson. The three months what was going on in the United States it's the most of its victims these domestic. That's. They can with the processes that the horizon but rather in the background. Or other products it. It is hard to avoid drug is enough and I wonder from Russian perspective when you look at the political chaos has been going on in Britain. And there's going on in America with a look at urine political scene very differently he wants me to give vehicle that sounds. Initial one special one US base at the main candidate. Both the west and Russert. It is that's. It existing. Structures to more Chris. The dogs reflects what's going besides. So the president has now long since left the building but the generally stay behind to do the analysis he interviews the call dictation. And also the die section of what the president said what he meant what it means for Russia and transnational relations. In the year ahead for ABC news live on the impaneled. And Moscow.

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{"duration":"3:25","description":"In his annual press conference, he says impeachment is “a continuation of an internal political battle.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67861801","title":"President Vladimir Putin holds yearly presser","url":"/Politics/video/president-vladimir-putin-holds-yearly-presser-67861801"}