Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson on His Race for the White House

ABC News' Jordyn Phelps interviews libertarian presidential candidate, Gary Johnson.
7:13 | 06/23/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson on His Race for the White House
Or else that he isn't here Whitney presidential nominee. John King. The former governor. And nominee for the Libertarian Party and I think I'm. Thank you. Journalist allegations. Well I can't I have here at times and I see her own upbringing without an accident the end after Johnson of course it's. Governor. He's acting out. But let's not say that two yeah. Yeah. It is good friends and I know. He's saying that he believed a lot yeah. They just don't really what you. We don't have been fiscally conservative and socially liberal more socially conservative really just hours Amish don't force your ideas on me. So fiscally conservative smaller government. Less government yeah. It's lower taxes. It's making choices. And our lives as long as those choices don't adversely affect others. Shouldn't you be able to name all the decisions our lives and then lastly. Our military intervention. That could be unintended consequence of the world being less it was almost worse. So we need to get congress involved in the declaration of war evening and he's and a warning. And cut off the content price speed no mistake if the United States is attacked we're going to attack back. There's a difference between isolationists. And not your pension. Libertarians. Are on the intervention and let's not get involved in other countries bears because when you do that. It has the unintended consequence of me thinks just worse were it even. Worse yet. Yeah. Thank you can't meet this week and there yeah. Think twice the legal limit that the two parties as I have been the 200 customers about to get him. Payments. Police can't count on Wednesday evening steal our daughters Elaine crashed. Yeah that it with the analysis. Yeah along those schools is actually taking. I think at the end Alan and taking notes at home or yeah. Our experience yeah. Yeah. We'll and there are a lot of Democrats that he's purposely conservative on Johnson absolves an awkward position. Yeah either ignorant or effective government. Did find themselves in positions. About the freeze. Well there's no reason. Look everything everything costs money and you and I am an opinion. On the topic of policy and it's not just released. And team president art scene and cannot mean to be paid. Yeah you're gonna get we'll try. Makes you see every single day any day they do all tests from yeah. The EP bills and let me where yeah. Well three games to slur at him. Just do that I will be more than 50% because I have a record. I don't know irony in which the rebels of scrutiny and it's now happening. In this. Yeah. Here you know having spent the day and I'm afterward when he was out. Yeah. You're not considered at a nice thing about access to ask for he monitors watch list where you are on the debate well. I think they're giving intentions. This is really just ads and their recruitment I don't think this is faces related. Bonuses this is somebody going through it's. Sickening new lemon. Are we ever going to be interviewed him and ourselves as someone like this regarding these lists. And I asked president he's he's useless actually you can become more efficient and less prone to error. Ominous signs on the legislation's. To see. Senator you would be supportive. Media. You know I don't cry and no I know I didn't. Well there is an open mind no viral right now aren't well there is there are no client list right there are terrorist lists. But right now those whose source or subject to error that is sitting members of congress on Muslims. OK to eat her parents human being consumers can't and to use that didn't you just eliminate. Two big meeting on too expensive but true and prone to error. I would not our and other questions need. Well. If this legislation which date which today understand tries to address. Putting more resources into cleaning business events. Legislation is being passed influence legislation being passed. Or or attempts in the past. I would support clips. A rat's ass like ice dance party. Claiming that you parties you not support behind her on the players you didn't use it. Actually. No I don't believe that person you shouldn't use marijuana on the job. And so I'm running for president is 24 cent job. I'm not using marijuana running for president and being president instincts 24/7. I will not be using marijuana as president. They have used it throughout the campaign. No not okay how many you know at all there's. Well because of legalization. I have a yeah. I. Our. Google Earth. I mean he. Actually means it is subject into water works. Screen yeah. I. Don't where Hillary Clinton any currently the I would swim but yeah. I would eyewitness heat from him and and I am in New Mexico. Rat or instantly well. Yeah. Yeah and just my I don't know the camera girl you can just can't eat she Italy's. It was out of Aberdeen aren't. Our parents. On yours you. News and urged jurors are yeah. Oh yeah.

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{"duration":"7:13","description":"ABC News' Jordyn Phelps interviews libertarian presidential candidate, Gary Johnson. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40082824","title":"Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson on His Race for the White House","url":"/Politics/video/presidential-candidate-gary-johnson-race-white-house-40082824"}