Presidential Candidate Gov. John Kasich Gives Victory Speech in Ohio

The winner of the Ohio Primary promised to not "take the low road to the highest job in the land."
14:05 | 03/15/16

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Transcript for Presidential Candidate Gov. John Kasich Gives Victory Speech in Ohio
Okay. Believe it. You better believe it's about America about pulling us together not pulling us apart it is about USA. First of all I want to around. Oh. Listen. There's an everybody let me. Me. Okay. I know when you went to college in the 1970s. You appreciate it good. Peaceful protest every once in awhile. It all. You know when your in the arena. And you are. Struggling and you leave your family to go out on the campaign trail when. And deliver a message to America because you believe that you. You believe that you are the best qualified. Person be present United States and you put it all on the line. And your family puts it all on the line. And I want this crowd here tonight to give it a great. A great response. To it very very great talented and fine United States senator Marco Rubio for the effort. Are you okay. Tonight we arrived in. Cleveland. We went to a restaurant. We thought we could kinda sneak in and grab a quick meal. And when we walked through. The restaurant. People started. To cheer. My reaction. So please don't do that because you're gonna make me cry. But to have to have people. Believe in you. And to believe that you can bring people together and strengthen our country. I have to thank the people off the great state of Ohio I love your is off. The you know night. I became. Governor of Ohio I went to New York. And I met with some of the rating agencies. Things were back. We lost 350000. Jobs we rate billion dollars in the hole in our credit was hanging in the balance and they told me. We're about to cut up your credit card and give you knew when we're you camp by as much. I said you don't understand Ohio. You don't understand all high winds. So I can't wait to go back again. We are now up. 400. Thousand plus jobs. We're running a two billion dollar surplus our pensions are secure. We've cut taxes by more than any governor in this country. And we are leaving no one behind. Not the mentally. And I don't know whether you can actually serve a meal of words. But I would like to go back to those credit rating agencies with them where they can learn to eat their words about dotting Ohio house. And you know. Ladies and gentlemen. You know look my whole life has been about trying to create a climate. Of opportunity for people. You know is my father Cary that male on his back and his father was a coal miner and you know I just was told by my cousin I didn't realize this that my mother Wanda floor was the only one to graduate from high school the other three. Barely made it out of the eighth grade because they were poor. And you know it's I've traveled the country. And I look into your minds. You want to believe. You want to believe again. That we can have job security you want to believe again that wages can rice you want to believe. That your children are going to have ultimately a better America than what we got from our mothers and fathers that's the great American legacy. That our kids will be better. Okay. I want. I want people in Ohio to know is I think you do. I want people around the country to know. That I understand these tough issues. I grew up in these situations in that little blue collar town in Mickey's rocks. It in my mind side. It's to need forget the politics forget the pollsters. Forget all the focus groups. Because you see. I represent you. It is my job to look at these situations in these problems and to listen to you. And that it's my job to go and fix them and if that means at times I have to take some heat well then that's just the price of leadership in America. Okay. I want you to know the campaign goes on. And I also want you to know. It's been my intention. To make you proud. It's been my intention. To have young people all across this country. Watch somebody it inner in the politics even though I labored in obscurity for so long people counting me out. People in Ohio saying why don't they ever call on him okay. They get all that. We put we put one foot in front of the other and I want to remind you again tonight. That I will not take the low road to the highest office in the. Okay. Okay. Okay. You know that the challenges that we have. We go to Washington in the first hundred days. Fix these problems with the shock and a law agenda that can pass. I think we can rally the people in Washington. Because I'm gonna remind them that before were Republicans and Democrats where Americans and we have an obligation. Okay. But I really. Really really believe this and want you to know that us. And Manny mania in many respects. This is why I've been given a chance that standard tonight. And ever earned the victory. You know the lords made everybody here special. I've been telling people this all across the country. Nobody sir is ever been made. Like you before and no one will ever be like you again. And young lady here here at a moment in time. In your job. Is to find that purpose that shootout. Your job is to little little life a little bit bigger than yourself. Your job. Is to be a center of healing. And justice. And hope. In whatever way we can. If were schoolteacher. We give up money to change lives. If Wear a nurse. We work fifteen extra minutes when we're debt on our feet because we want to assure a family. That things are going to be okay. And if we. And if create our neighbor that. Means that widow. Who was married for fifty years who no one calls anymore. You want to change the world. You take her to dinner on Saturday night she'll Wear that dress she hadn't worn in six months I trust you. The do it you see what I learned as a boy. But I learned from my mother and father. Is that the spirit. Of America. Rests in house. It doesn't rest in a big time politician the big wigs look. You hire us to go do the job plain and simple to create an environment of economic growth and opportunity. But that's not where our spear it is. Our spirit is in us believing that through our efforts in which ever part of the world that we live. That we can change the world that we can carve out a better future it weakened realize that those special gifts were given to each and every one of us in here. Or something that we can use them to heal the world in you know were all part of a giant mosaic. A snapshot in time all of us here and is our job as Americans. Our job as people who want to be decent and live good lives is to dig down and understand that purpose. And never underestimate our ability to change doll world in which we live. Okay. Well guess what tomorrow. I'm going to Philadelphia. And then I'm going I don't know all over the country OK and many of you. I've traveled. Around this country trying to help me. You know what. Look it this is all I got okay. This is all I got an all I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart. But I want you to know something. We're gonna go we're gonna go all the way to Cleveland and secure the right. Okay. Okay. Okay. You know I also want to thank. You know my god my father was a Democrat all his life. He was. We had a lot of Democrats that said they didn't like a socialist agenda or a left wing agenda or big government. I want to thank them. For coming over in this election in. And putting their confidence in me. Because you know I think we all know the conservative principles can work the common sense can work. This shifting power and money and influence on that big place in Washington and moving it to where we lived it empowers us. That's the direction for our country that is that correct. It's finally. And finally. I went to come and out on the road I watch and continuing to do what we've been doing all over this country. I'm get rated ran up covered wagon gonna have a big sealant have the wind blow us to that to the Rocky Mountains and over the mountains that could think California. And here's what I like to. The we've got one. More. Trip around Ohio this coming fall where we will beat Hillary Clinton and I will. The United States. Okay.

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{"id":37676851,"title":"Presidential Candidate Gov. John Kasich Gives Victory Speech in Ohio","duration":"14:05","description":"The winner of the Ohio Primary promised to not \"take the low road to the highest job in the land.\"","url":"/Politics/video/presidential-candidate-gov-john-kasich-victory-speech-ohio-37676851","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}