Romney Official on Candidate's Election Day Mood

Kerry Healey discusses how GOP presidential candidate is spending the final moments of the campaign.
3:00 | 11/06/12

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Transcript for Romney Official on Candidate's Election Day Mood
This is a guest from team Romney in his carry nearly she says she was. A key part of the deep threat or it probably also umpire called lieutenant governor under when he said. Governor of the great state my home state of Massachusetts so I'm interested to hear from you. There is this sort of can -- conventional wisdom among the pollsters and chattering classes. That -- -- the president goes into the night with an advantage what's -- push back on -- Well I have the advantage of having been out and then out around the country I was in more states just yesterday. And I've seen -- comments come on the ground in these swing -- I've -- -- -- it's come on line just in the last few days. And we art making double that number of calls triple the number of calls that -- made and 2008. In some cases 71010. Times getting doors of men knocked on in the swing states I think we've got great ground game and that's going to -- -- tonight. I'm lieutenant governor at -- -- like to get use it to give us a little bit of the state of mind right now. Governor -- bit on the road with him along timing obviously served with him you can you tell us through what what is he doing right now what is his. Aspect right now and is -- the kind of person that is hitting refresh. Thirteen thousand times right now on his on his iPad to see what the latest results are showing. You know what he really wants. It didn't today and stay out there in the fields out there -- matters as he's not -- -- meetings -- That's not usually what candidates do on that day. Other -- -- is always very. Don't unhappy on election -- this is nothing left to NATO and but you know what do you bounce things -- -- -- kept going out there is meeting voters saying hello and I think that's what makes them happy is that voter contact. I would take -- -- how is he getting is breaking information from from the results are getting results. And are their particular states that you are watching. You know I've seen a little bit of the returns but all of they that that numbers are statistically insignificant at this point so. You know I'm doesn't judging what I know from. Our internal numbers which are very strong and also from what I was yelling in the -- and yelled back. In Ohio. On Friday night which seems like an eternity ago now that was actually just a few days ago. That's 30000 people I'd never seen that kind of turn on her Republican candidate. Such enthusiasm. I really think we're coming into -- with an upswing and and enthusiasm. And a real push and brother Romney some. -- -- Former lieutenant governor Massachusetts thank you very much we really appreciate it.

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{"id":17658246,"title":"Romney Official on Candidate's Election Day Mood","duration":"3:00","description":"Kerry Healey discusses how GOP presidential candidate is spending the final moments of the campaign.","url":"/Politics/video/presidential-election-2012-romney-official-candidates-election-day-17658246","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}