Press Secretary Grilled Over White House Photographer Access

Jay Carney debates White House Press corps, says Obama administration "didn't create the Internet."
3:00 | 12/12/13

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Transcript for Press Secretary Grilled Over White House Photographer Access
Consideration the flip side which is -- need you guys say to press we're technology into an event because we confederate private event. Conversations -- What and then. -- -- -- whoever takes. Have you ever considered saying. You can't release those photos. Because we have had its president because it it is why -- -- it was when you say to president we put out. Here when things are open press -- closed press I don't know that we had designate -- -- -- what I can say is there it. Here here's. We might Mike I think here's what I really I think this is an important discussion and I think that it's important to have it within the context. All the changes that are happening in me. And here's what I know is that. For years through presidencies of both parties there have been White House photographers officially -- -- photographers who have. By the nature of their jobs -- Being in rooms with the president win. Others aren't there and taken pictures and release those photos often on the same day. And what hold on. Well so the issue here is here here and I think that's this is the essence of the conversation and it's not. It means it because I think by that question you're acknowledging that we're not doing we're not operating any differently than. Other white house -- -- it operated except that the Internet access and that in the past when. When asked photos were development. And handed out here news organizations could decide whether there are readers would ever see this office. What exists now on the Internet is the ability for everyone everyone review everyone on the street everyone around the world to take a picture and put -- on the -- Now. And the White House post some pictures on the Internet identified as official White House to -- photographed so. The fundamental difference here is distribution. And I can tell you again because of the respect I have for. Photographers in particular that I'm very sensitive to. The situation there. And that all of us say us I was in by the transformation created by -- and the and the pressure that is put on business models and I think that's what is often never mentioned an op Eds. Or in other venues where this issue is raised -- this a lot of this that some of this anyway has to do with. -- a fundamental transformations in the media that which we and other institutions are simply. Participants and but not we did not create the Internet this administration and the -- -- -- How will begin and. -- -- -- -- -- Access you can put out pictures from White House -- liberty. Far and what I'm saying that it and I'm saying is that we are go to work with. We -- good as as past past. White -- of them and we hold on John. And so we if it's not -- -- hey guys. If you're -- -- on every flight if President Bush -- in every Friday the President Clinton -- Obama that but. What I'm saying is president guys financing it. We hear you and I want to address this and I want to work with. Photographers. Two. Improve that situation and see if we can be responsive to your concerns all I'm noting an answer to Michael's question is that this is part of the a bigger. Transformation that's happening out there -- driven by the ability every war. To post anything on the Internet free of charge to the you don't have to buy that newspaper -- subscribe to that wire service.

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{"id":21195840,"title":"Press Secretary Grilled Over White House Photographer Access ","duration":"3:00","description":"Jay Carney debates White House Press corps, says Obama administration \"didn't create the Internet.\"","url":"/Politics/video/press-secretary-grilled-white-house-photographer-access-21195840","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}