Pretzels and Politics at the Philly Pretzel Factory

Brad Mielke tours the Philly Pretzel Factory headquarters on the third day of the DNC.
32:42 | 07/27/16

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Transcript for Pretzels and Politics at the Philly Pretzel Factory
Well hello from downtown Philadelphia. On his right milky with ABC news your life right now at the Philly. Pretzel company now why it went pretzels wrapped why Hilliard the DNC the most happen in political spot in the world. We're here song pretzels. Little is known. That's all pretzels. But Philadelphia company makes we got. Regular. Rig accident. The active sausage race read hear your. You guys. When they come to Philly they get cheese steaks. And again pretzels and we have an alarm right here right now how. To make. A Philadelphia offense it solved right celebrating and Chris Chris butcher job. Here I'm the director training around all the training program here not trained in new franchisees. On how to beat them. Usually teach people how to me pretzel how to make a great left Bradley. All are also keeping you might be only teach me are pretty. Taking us I'm they're immortal and yes yes none of them like like a great. Pretty confident you can. As of the Soviet enemy making much of what in my. I guess it has been a busy week we've got a lot going on. We actually warranted reviews. It's so we do get a lot more. On a lot happening. Billy where they'd pick meant to happen whether or not it's. Either to have fun and Bible than what he's done and show us around. How how these pretzels actually hit. And so Revere him again northeast Philly original me fairly location. So this location is being here. It is great franchise wallflower. This still are CEO vice president. Can't. This young man is fertile ground and I don't really come from here. There's still one of the busiest storm system and she concedes that we'll. We'll show you a little bit about the inside here in the country's coffers and that how to leverage they have made. Acts quietly. We've gone. Service area. Oh yeah new season and now. Quick serve it's going to be. Food and we're live in wants one after it. Really like. Israel won't have now. Oh where. Really get them a home. For any reason. We're sure now as you go back nearly turn the camera around. View of what's happening. All right. Austerity and machinery for us. I think about it along back. Often and this is where. Next to route runs you're sure you gotta hand it was everything brown who. What makes a pretzel this. And it really gives approximately verdict into the ground and this would really suffers more from helicopter. Yeah. But the cameraman and ask for second. I actually told me to cab driver on the way over here Tony Brad. It's something in the water and through various Philadelphia's. That it makes regretful than anything else any yes that's right sort of environment and residents estimate that. It's Brett. It's the right recipe what's I'll show you only go over to the station when we're gonna actually twist to Brussels so it's really not much about the water as you've been to have alerts. Urban legend meet at stores over in New Jersey. For many years ago. So our first original franchise will be brokering Jersey and he never heard that. When it's right across the bridge but Philadelphia New Jersey have very different waters it's really not that recipe and make entry volatile recipe. And that's what we do we start with a very high quality ingredients so you can't just go to the supermarket ground while our shell and try to take. Russell. You speak gently he recently. It from the solution making connector pretzels pretzels as far and I it was. And how you manage the process. The whole entire. That's when you say you're just joining us live I've read milking this is Chris are pretzel trainer is going to be training how to make a pretzel here it's got chilly. Pretzel factory. We're connect we're gonna head over I'll give you will. The home a little bit down got stringer. Please let me ask if it was really about. This morning when I finally. We can build. It is a very high quality flower you can't get this anywhere else so we're starting with the ingredient. In a very high. Friends liquids. You know we're delivering her surfing. Yeah press. Great fourteen grand approached me again start with the ingredient. Really make. After the gym we are. Good morning. That we are. Classes goes where. It goes right here in one excerpt. Sure. So you'll. You like did exactly setup for a we're silo. It's something we're always in the process. Well again we're very long about now. We're averaging about ten liters and one of them. Next relief. And brilliant. And then. Really hope. We like playing in the area. This behind you. Though that we just that friends on the side that we cannot use was. That everything is brown. O'Brien now it looks his strength. So now what's up. Isn't a big. Back there. Defense that gave. Amazing a love. The we'll be ever. He relevance. We are able. I'm around. It does again if you're just joining us right now he ABC news and Philly pretzel factory. We're gonna learn how. Just a moment. This moment you and becoming a student of master pretzels you're along for the ride by candidates. A huge dollars. Other factors he's right college he'll reel to do this news very exciting for all of us. I what's happening. Streets are gonna have our own car is just. Cameraman here now. And thank you for being here. Thank you so much slowly turning camera. There you go you get a hand up. The camera in. Oh yeah. We. Oh yeah. And every. Yeah. Number of standing. Friends of right. Camera back. Thank you very much too we're cameraman here. Finally gone. But we're trying to control this process and only certain crowd customers that coming. Throughout the day there. Let's see you don't want to peace. So then then keep it overnight what we want to do a lot of times via rental. Pump broke. I'm feeling. Prettals now right now for war. 100. Do you feel all of you here this is. With it today so everything that he's seen here was twisted. Steel twisted. Now I think I bet you we don't have any connectivity is an innocent outside just once you're saying. It's cold in here by the way you guys that the other treatment that so long as you get the picture there. The items on the side. Like our hot bowl of pretzels. Which we call pretzel vault and all B Dietz and Watson from the boat ramp would cheese inside our Philly pretzel factory go. We got spicy sausages well so we have a whole product line are trying to satisfy many consumers of possible. So what this does to this mocks the moisture into the ground so everything is about locking them moisture into the pretzel. The red crescent yards on progress he won a soft pretzel that tie. Worm it should we have absolutely every case. Here. Do I hear you gotta dance and sing hey. Experience and that's all we were all doing here is I'm not only here. Ideas. Only one thing came up with the that he's a brothel was hit there what's your game is. Future own boss. I guess this cheese steak pretzels that yes we still has always been number one and number two fruits and so we aren't married basically two iconic place that god. Philly factory who. For Philadelphia news. Took cheesy pretzel actually parity with the Democrats after apparently very hostile. All right I actually it was actually overnight so I don't know what I am so once you put the other. People see things from yes so he's actually being right now just use all the way. Today so that's what we have to do so launch. You'll see just quickly. And Eagles. Where do this all. Alluding to friends into the let me get this through what he's a small breasts toll free. We'll close in. Conceded this rash depression. Take a little common that now. Working. You're really a don't want. I'm just to get down coding their crops solution there. Go over. Dissolved quickly. Song that I'm ready ready ready to go the other thing about seven minutes and proud the wow Maceda assaulting Maria Alice super cool. You know 185 degrees and that again that's something that control that's all about the rescue that we're talking about it. Not just wonder if this solution so this solutions makes the press. Someday I get immunity much great things need that he would meet graduated twisting I have. You get a excellent. All right now he's the only. You don't lose hope or. Pull our process loading. These quantity. Get in there get down on low home prices would you. 500 boxes ready. Actually what's next here have thrown their division let up now eating time. Here and we now have our display case or whether. Our showcase other preferably after people underneath the the lights here because big big. We put amended display it was again it can come over here all right so you become he had written Philly pretzel factory right now. And this is where these pretzels come out under this land right now how long he's been out here. Four minutes 45 and put your hand over them and you still feel a little bit it heats. Keep it. Roads and all I was twisting and certainly it's that it now I want to get been working here. I went simple thought about it. When he at a place that produces literally thousands. Those that day and let's see hope he gets the best products. What's that sir she's. They're good. Those are getting yeah. We are regular. They don't. So. Five years ago. More. I'll that they I have to do live on ABC news that's gonna stop that story certain. Such as everybody is now. Is he just had to be just how deep the pretzels here. Philly federal. I'm running on trial on these Philly and Philly cheese steak breathless. So what did you would expect. This again if that. We controlled aggressively. It's it's high quality and bright side our building. Wrapped inside two days immediately I'd really high quality drama for us and let you heard. Very good so. Moment of truth it is pretty the Philly cheese steak pretzel. God I imagine she's safe and rattled thoughtful around him. I know that's what you should have been expend that's what I should have been expecting that it sent out loud oh my goodness there is what we're looking at. Some of that saves say some of that she's a lot of pretzel. That products that we launched. Years. And actually stopped around. Everything we do have photographed the back. We've only. High quality high. Eventually get an idea for a runoff. Products we're really only want to have problems that we feel are gonna fall in more. Feel free. We're only bogus. High quality products. We're just call customer. Well you're talking about it instead ordered the sort of like nineteen years when he Brussels. Some major. That there. Right now you make custom and write to besides besides making my case debt is outstanding Randall he's still alive this right here. What. Equivalent. Brooks and a lot of different things basically wouldn't be NC. And given us some ideas. Colleen and ridiculous and sure. Our review next. All right so here at the Philly cheese it filling up pretzel factory. We. Oh my god look at Netflix and a camera around. These. Billy. Here we are. Rag doll you right there. I'm here ICI. You'll get your logo on there let's just point out. It's in the. This you guys is what I'm talking about self and we got really PNC's my sixteen. You guys. Just for us Philly pretzel factory made this. I feel patriotic right now I got it that the Republican the Democrats to get all agree that a pretzel and a mighty fine way to experience this finds. UN center. Whether it would it has put on it went with the sauce that you guys. Different here is a spicy mustard we had several mustard. We have your tradition of Gallo fostered this spicy. For a variety of sneak up on something very com. India ragged at this point your party trains. I have not shooting well shattered. ABC news' Bret milky here Israel outside. The Philly pretzel factory the original location. And now we'll see if we can it finds some people who might want a free pretzel. Excuse me. She's demand for stealing a free pretzel. You don't think pretzel and read them given ABC news right now eleven Seven of people out of me. We talked about the democratic now. What's what's the speak with him like feline. And its name Edward. I think people feel not coming here right now as the finals they'll actually one hits and that make exotic city. Around the city you don't want a pressing you sir I'm a case yet I have more for us back. Then he's making his escape. Things that government released a statement this behind me I think again. That they. Seven. Who's gonna eat if it might not get an accident doctors that's your party favorite aunt that's your party it. I'm not there. I've ever excellent thank you very later they hear a Nancy Reagan a certain would you like if reprisal. We got a soft pretzels would with your name on right here. They're regular lanes read no gimmick ABC news will live on right now I just learn how to make. Dennis like had a mixed pretzels to give him at a press before. Oh so you like these that you drove it is that I can ask your question Democrat Democratic National Convention. In town this week we've been following that at all says that Philadelphia. Yes yeah yes we think so far about some of these candidates he never saw this all play out Hillary Clinton Kerry Sanders reading back. Remember live on the air and person as you like Hillary Clinton. It's a last night she wins that nomination so. Later put back. We have mustered. It unless idiots we don't want much I get. Thank you very much enjoy a pretzel. We are here eleven ABC news. In pursuing these pretzels that we tasted the eight. What will you remember the first pretzel you ever have. I do that would guide. That got in this story so I was and now I mean I remember pretzels thrown on a corner once or I can remember growing up was. When my uncles worked for cancer and it was just like. What an executive from California. My hair quarters in Center City oh victory stations let me try one pretzels. We call them up. My reasons. Hands and you'll let me get on with assault thinking. That's like it went off. It fit in I mean it's like that was thinking guy in the sulphur Stewart number and this all its key. Oh and his. 82 as your question. We are free press of. Now my name's Greg million we're live on Iceland how to make its. It's your credit recipe for now. As you question. We're talking about the Democratic National Convention it's what you think about it acting talent great. I needed some brightest only hope you know did not know violent and everything else greater economies. And Democrats. Okay that's fine just a one bedroom analyzed essays analyst Thomas between Bernie Bernie Sanders fans and we're getting that does Bernie bros zone. Only support pillars. I've always NN job. John enjoy pretzel with Brad Nokia they decided to speak and he investigates U scope view. Let's go Eagles an area you don't give north. You don't give our affiliate and asked I'm gonna keep munching on some pretzels you guys is that it's a hero of every we've got 1001 inmate. Of course the death devils are a lot more customers that. A lot more customers just for the DNC's. For serving more than usual right now excellent well Intel then. It's NX ten albeit just a little bit the bullet and S but we'll see next time and remember we are tracking the DNC. Every step of the way. So until next time and who sees treadmill people seelig.

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