Priebus out as chief of staff, Trump names John Kelly as replacement

Kelly was previously serving as secretary of homeland security.
8:57 | 07/28/17

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Transcript for Priebus out as chief of staff, Trump names John Kelly as replacement
This is an ABC news special. George Stephanopoulos. Good afternoon we are coming on the air right now because the firs United States Donald Trump has just tenacity as the new chief of staff. Ryan's previous has no current chief of staff is out the new chief of staff is secretary of Homeland Security general John Kelly. Will be new chief of staff of them put up that we right now that is how the president. Announced he said I am pleased to inform you that just named general secretary John F Kelly as White House chief of staff. He is a great American their a lot of dots there appears there is more to come right here what are quickly go to our chief national security anchor Martha Raddatz for more on general Kelley. Strong supporter of the president for these last several months of the Department of Homeland Security could the president impressed by him not so much parents previous. He sure has been a strong supporter of the president there at Homeland Security George he back that travel ban he backs that wall. Dividing Mexico in the United States he is of course a former marine. President trump was impressed with him immediately as you know he has surrounded himself with several. Former senior officers including Jim Mattis HR McMaster. But it is general Kelley who has been a stand up and I believe that is because he has been so outspoken. In his sept. Port at the press absolutely staunch supporter right there unconventional pick mark in the sense that you stay up until just before he was secretary of Homeland Security not a lot of contacts. On Capitol Hill which was seen at the outset it's one of Wright's previous districts. It it was church back general Kelly is is well liked on the hill. He may not be used to any kind of job like the chief of staff the president trump is all about those personal relationships. And general Kelley is very good with him he talks to him easily and apparently tells what he wants. Here OK we've to a number chief White House correspondent John Carl Martha was sort of a personal relationship straight their rights previous. When Donald Trump was running for president the Republican national committee chair hadn't had a kind of back and forth. Relationship with the president after he got the nomination became party in her teen became White House chief of staff but they never jail. No they never really children remember Wright's previous was one of those Dick winning two Donald Trump and said he should get out of the race when that Access Hollywood tape leaked out. And the president never forgot that in fact he's brought up in recent days in front of others remember that writes remember that ranks when you did that they never really jelled. He was always seen as somebody cluster of Paul Ryan who of course depressing news never jelled with. And look this is something. It simply had to happen when you see the way previous had been insulted by the new communication structure if he scare Moochie. And nothing nobody in that White House. To protect and they had nobody Jordan yet we see that they shouldn't have little showdown in the Oval Office right there and there have been several different camps inside the White House wants previous. Came in with his chief strategist Sean Spicer of course Sean Spicer last Friday out of the White House they never really jelled either. With Jared Kushner. Or Avon could questioner or pocket trumpet the same time Bannon with Steve Dan and a back and forth. Relationship but after the failure of health care as well he really had no room to maneuver. Believe you mentioned that one of the reasons to bring previously it was he had relation to on the hill. The president was encouraged by Republican leaders on the hill he was lobbied by Republican leaders on the hill to make previous is chief of staff and then. His biggest legislative priority boom loses last night what is the argument for keeping previous that said George. I spoke to 21 of those that still. Still lined with previous earlier today who said that may have made it clear to me the previous did not want to leave on these terms and did not want to leave today. A little as eight and despite her after that interview from Natalie d'antoni scary mood she assured you wanna that it. Neighbors are chief congressional correspondent on capitol even as late as this week Paul Ryan still talking up Ryan's previous. George Paul Ryan was that if they deeply close friends who rides previous by having read this out at the White House. Members that congress especially members of the house and Paul Ryan lose a key bridge here between this congress. And the White House Paul Ryan. And Reiser was thought went back to Wisconsin they've been friends for decades and just yesterday when Paul Ryan was asked about this growing tension in the white outs he made very clear he said he thinks Bryant is doing a great job but he advised. The president to sit down. And settle these differences. And marry a woman I think we've been seeing on Capitol Hill this week this comes in the wake of course of that very public criticism of the attorney general. By president trouble all through this week we saw a real backlash on Capitol Hill Republican senators warning the president do not do this. Yet Republicans up here have been drawing a real red line when it comes to Jeff Sessions yesterday you saw top Republican Lindsey Graham warning. The White House warning the president that if Jeff Sessions were to lose his job as Lindsey Graham says there would be hell to pay. We've got another tree coming on from Donald Trump right now is finishing up his last thought he's also calling John Kelly. A great leader John has also done a spectacular job at home Homeland Security has been a true star of my administration Jon Karl one of these successes president -- taxes. They did move though the lowering the legal immigration. Across the border over the last several months gives John Kelly a credit for that even though the wall is not being built right now there's some signs now on capitol there might be some funding. There but one of the things we're seeing here with Anthony's care Moochie coming in with John Kelly. Coming in right now is Martha was alluding to the president wanting to be surrounded by people he's very comfortable way. And and Kelly make a mistake has been seen as the MVP of this cabinet the president is back not at odds with the attorney general. At odds with his secretary of state at odds with his national security advisor but he has been locks stack with the way general Kelley. And general Kelley as somebody that was you know with him supported his campaign. He's going back to the loyalist to people that he is truly care what the people that came in with a Bryant's the orange see the Republican establishment for lack of a better way. Of putting it. People that came into the White House. Are being pushed out and in if he stands by Anthony's hair which you right now on this I didn't hear what she did communications director reporting directly. To the president what you're really seeing here is the president. One B control of everything. Absolutely -- in one I think the critical question here with general Kelley is. Will cool report to him because rights to only have anybody reported him. Right it's really did not control any thing in that west wing is the weakest chief of staff I think they didn't in my memory that we have. The earliest exit we've ever seen in the chief of staff. Martha Raddatz picking up on one of the points Jon Karl which is making. Right there just this week general Mattis the Pentagon secretary. Was informed. Of the president's decision to put that ban on transgender individuals in the military but also made no secret he wasn't happy with it. Yeah I I don't think Jim Mattis would be a person who was happy with and tweak to try to change policy and you've heard. All of the remarks coming out of the Pentagon's saying we're not going to change that policy until we hear more from the president and what that means. General Kelley on the other hand. Hasn't truly been behind what everything what ever president trump says I think it surprises many people in the military. What what. Outspoken. Supporter he has been an unlike McMaster is John alluded to who I think has had a little friction with him and unlike Jim Mattis who I also think it's had a little friction with him. Because they can't just stand in lock step with what president trump assessed so Jon Karl we're now. Or ninety days in and to dissuade as the president has a new communications director a new White House chief of staff coming in. This week we saw his signature. Obamacare repealed basically died. Last night in the senate no major legislative achievement how does he turn around. We'll think about it a national security advisor going to Press Secretary gone now a chief of staff gone all within six months. I think that what he's hoping for is a restart here one senior advisor who still there. Told me for the next thirty to sixty days are actually critical really are if he he's gonna have a restart it's got to be now by the way George one thing that strikes me about these tweets. No mention of ranks. It is not yet and we're so the president actually still we see it right there the president still on Air Force One has just landed. In Washington it and join it join based Sanders right now the president decided to get this done right after speaking with rightfully was apparently they were alone. On the trip back into his term which he did not. Come back with a president from that speech in Long Island that he is not left the plane yet. I still sweetie we're gonna keep an eye and that right now but for right now we are gonna leave it'll be much more tonight. On world news tonight would David Muir you can also get the latest news any time. By downloading the ABC news that have a good afternoon. It's gonna special for me it's.

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