Pro-Kasich Super Pac Canvasses Ahead of New Hampshire Primary

ABC News' Brad Mielke Goes door to door with New Day For America.
26:07 | 02/08/16

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Transcript for Pro-Kasich Super Pac Canvasses Ahead of New Hampshire Primary
Well hello from Manchester, New Hampshire where it is all going down this week guys I'm ABC spread milky. And we are coming July from the streets of Manchester this is a residential neighborhood. All why are we here this is the biggest canvassing day of the year. Of course for just one day away from the New Hampshire primary which means people across the state are fanning out knocking on doors. You have a lot of people of course candidates their campaigns their official volunteers their campaign staff. They're all in the states these GOP organizers. Also a lot of outside groups with or some. Whether it's from the Republican Party the Democratic Party or even super pacs and that is who we're with today we're gonna talk a little bit about how super pacs work what they are doing here in the state of New Hampshire to help out these candidates that they're supporting. As a we are here right now with a John K approach John K six super pac that's new day for America and we've got a few volunteers and staff members here hey guy S. And let me talk first two. The New Hampshire person for a new day for America this is Connie where. Kept coming at you don't have ended up. And so what are we doing here today what's going on we have about a hundred volunteers. In New Hampshire over the weekend that came in. Late Thursday nearly right in going door to door. Throughout New Hampshire and making phone calls and are six different call centers. We have groups based in Manchester in Nashua Ian Austen Portsmouth. And in each morning work scattered around the safe going to and door and then at night we give them banking and over the course of the last. They have court days will be in sixteen different towns in southern sentenced him and this is all sort of on back. Half of John Kasich Gregory you guys aren't allowed to coordinate with Kinect and I could just please explain that for some because unheard of a super better before what's going on. Or so still we had caddie grassroots presence in New Hampshire since August. We hadn't made eighteen that is operating. In support of John Kasich but as. And a coordinate with Amy tell them what we're doing. We've also had TV presence on every TV since July. But it's it's just like a traditional campaign instead. We don't have the Internet network hosting and sport. But Martinez twenty movement standards injured have been here. All of them at least since November the first grand Cayman August. All of us. He's feeling better context we made a virgin and a half million that it contacts since August just in New Hampshire. And all that is feeding into our our debt operation. And tomorrow. She's stable world. Start Rolen and a very aggressive get out good effort for everybody that we've been talking to you for the past six months to make sure they get out of the governor. That's at the big day is tomorrow and so that's why these guys are sort of pounding the streets so hard let me introduce you are Dorn authors here is we us or get ready to go put your names guys. I don't tell that I'm from Columbus. Janelle and Jacob Bell from Columbus, Ohio she does or from Ohio the home of John case that of course what did you come out here to us snowy New Hampshire. Well I've been here. The pulled him suffer on the ground our citizens think it's cool. And I believe in Don case I think that he is definitely the best candidate for the job and he and other resonate every event. And so what are we gonna do here today what's the plan. We're targeting voters today. In support of governor case at hand. Season go to stranger's house to knock on the doors on how we didn't happen after that has the some information. As far as within name and address. Answer their previous voting records digging its cause of their election. Coach garbage day here in Manchester you guys welcome. Just as people are voting doesn't mean the garbage that's here. That's. That won't happen you know I. This plant learned. Littered check. But I'm not gonna. Another might want to know about. All right so right now you can see tickets went over to knock on the store. We'll talk to voters that they let us but we're gonna let that the new day for America people sort of figure out if that school but you know like I mean while you're here with the latest on the. The ministry did. They want to talk politics you. On. And in Allen Alley. And people are believers. But that we're getting out and I'm not seen him in tying them. With everything he's kind of once in a few that aren't really welcoming C. Finger not. I'm great about it. That's event but not only going on here. Variable. What percentage are like no show them that it's just you guys doing exactly that knocked him. When the door nobody's home. It's time. Numbered how to buy a ticket at. Point 3% felt a great step that we talked about 23% and I definitely knocked on. And it again though one important. Pretty good read them again. And you guys so we are here in about what Tony degree temperatures today is a whole day in Manchester were expected to see some snow flurries later today. And into tomorrow on primary day it's not expected to affect turnout. Well it's it's definitely I think affecting. The canvassers here on the ground because the tougher job than maybe it was just two weeks ago when news of bombing forty something degrees here in New Hampshire. So people are hit the statements and a yes and how you guys Phelan an overall that the campaign about other I feel overall that John case its campaign. I'm good Vicky think had a great showing in the debate the other night. And we definitely opened the bottom. Increase it's segment about governor did that with us but what they believe it out knocking doors. We believe. Well yesterday was it was great response effort debate. Moments ago did very well who else. We're excited we're we're feeling that on the ground. Yeah and we're looking forward to tomorrow. It's nowhere are we heading next year did I I noticed unitas knocking on every door. Well we are and. Undecided voters and trying to you know and get their support forgot our case that in the final hours or so funny you can actually tell which which voters in his neighborhood are undecided them. Shares of legacy they've been making calls into voters since since August really and any time we could call we have data that we get from the voter wouldn't talk not. We don't reach them called them against over the past six months we've been building out a theory it. Data rich. Look at information that that let tired plot teen owner called him now. You know how some views may be responded in the past and if we need to go back to an end you know finish on junkies it's quarter. Or if they're committed to someone else then we can move on and make sure that we're hitting and the people that. Maybe your Saunders undecided or tomorrow we want to make sure we get turned out Pataki's. There's a need. It's almost like the military when you talk about this how organized is the intelligence that you guys have gathered because he's always been Atlanta that really it's written in an uptick in the last few years and how do you guys get that information well at any apparent for years and years there have been into the going door to door and and it getting information but I think it's. And the sheared. I'm definitely. Using technology and differently than they used up the last presidential election where do you have couple sheets and piece of paper on our campaign we have. Smartphones and tablets we call boaters using an iPad they don't use. Even running programs in Ohio. Where literally when we have somebody and only eat Ohio counties at least one person if not multiple. Making calls into New Hampshire for junkies it can you really need is there isn't quite I signal and it Smartphone and tablet. In the me making us. It's a Janelle right now not a problem dorsett the sum this is a house that was sort of targeted on the list and she's. Chicken out right now wolf so if you're just joining us we are here live on the streets of Manchester it's one of the busiest canvassing days a year in fact. When I was with these guys is they started their day actually bumped into a Chris Christie intern who's doing exactly the same thing knocking on doors dropping off literature. It's a big day for people across the state and and is honey just mention that phone banks as well you know what's the word. I'll fail at home today. It's I think that working to say it's a Monday. Is that just the case on every sort of weekday where you guys have. Difficult time on the people of all I'm kind of depends on the day in the situation in the neighborhood friends. We've had a lot. I'm success this weekend because there's a great weekend weather was great here we've got out and talked a lot of voters. I would let the Super Bowl knocking on doors in the super we were not stopped knocking. Earlier asked the people it's the Super Bowl party is then enjoy the game uninterrupted. Well welcome back to you guys I'd hear in cold cold Manchester, New Hampshire where he is wreaking Havoc. On both the campaign season and battery life of our cameras but we are back with you right now we're actually going around today with a couple of toward gawkers at these guys. Our from a campaign they're one of the one of them than many groups affiliated with and uneasily with the candidate. And with they've teen from new day for America and their approach on Casey's ex super pac. And they are knocking on doors Jessica campaign or any outsider organization that is really descended upon the state this week they're going all over the place. Right now I'm actually joined by some of their staff right now this Connie hello Connie. And took his if somebody's just joining us would you explain sort of what we're doing here. Share we've had a team on the ground in New Hampshire since August. About twenty staffers here but over the weekend since leaders ain't Friday. We've had about a hundred extra volunteers. Candidacy to go door to door and make them calls in support Jackie's. Selection. And it as the snow starts a flurry around us what's a bit like. In New Hampshire the last few days and in it seems that absolutely everyone is here right Albert definitely seen ultimately. Are seeing other volunteers on the ground that you know he actually looked out Saturday and Sunday evening's Friday are volunteers out in. And theory wintry weather that they are group. That when he gets. Too dark or are two dangerous to be out on the roads and on site sweet you know into the banks make. Since gone veterans' organization he sort of behind the scenes today to show you exactly what when we talk about ground games for campaigns for the super pac supporting him exactly what that means so wanna walk alongside. Janelle and Jake here Janelle Harry do and I'm and so it and so just for anyone who's just joining us I mean what's it been like so partisan it's. Then they good movie the snow is falling it makes for a little. Pretty scenery isn't regarded or here in New Hampshire and you guys. We're actually just chatting with a couple voters over the to what would that voters say when when you open the door there. On because you're targeting some undecided voters. And I talked to she is of voting Democrat. So easy you had to information sanctions undecided. But not necessarily who issued ruled out Kerr turns out you've ruled out some Republicans. He doesn't most Republicans. Because independent voters they can go either way here in New Hampshire and and she is accusing the Democrats look at the. Tickets are you you talked to some people debates of our what will what do David sang out here well you know imagine. It and this year. Very visited him after debate performance of Saturday. Word and doors and getting lot of feedback. The last person. Did mention that actually governor and he thinks he's still in the India running war. It's right so we had the debate that was of course. Here are immediately bringing you live streaming coverage as results start to come in we will have live coverage starting at 6 eastern. Here in New Hampshire were blown out you guys because this is the biggest weekend in politics right now. It is a huge deal for several campaigns that are really colonists. Third do or die state and John Casey is one of them so this group who is supporting John case a new day for America. You know they're really putting all their eggs in this New Hampshire basket. What people said it has of that I'm here effect John casing is that if he doesn't finish well here is gonna have to go back to Ohio called the presidential campaign quits. So. This is it very high stakes. Place to be as we trudge around the city of Manchester right now. And conic tell me a bit about we're not knocking on every door right so how do you guess figure out. You know who you are going to be targeting. Offensive. We've been making phone calls and state going door to door since August. In every time we make a better contact. All of that information that we gathered with that we talked to the voters or. And just have to lead to information behind we check all of them in all of this has been sentencing system. You know. If we need of acting and followed with someone. Or in the case of tomorrow. This junkies X supporters. And make sure we're. Reaching out to and it took they're getting obstacles. So we're sort of following and it's analogy around here he Jake and ask your question yes like that was senior for what's your hands here. How you figured out where to go well we have a Google map with targeted voters. We can upload information in real time. And window. If there all week and you know answers included here and we know work people stance. Right answer Janelle right now you guys. Is gone in for your shall knocking door. When we're gonna see if we get permission to sort of talked to them. When these folks a new day for America talk to them sometimes to little like. ABC news people coming up in. That's that's so you know coming out to their doorsteps you'll see if if we sort of get the go ahead. To talk to these guys right now you can see Janelle waiting at the door and this is sort of the work is going on all week Janelle I think condi should Collins Janelle been here she since November. She's part of our team that's on the grounds partner's death we have twenty step agency. Lebanon then came in August and the remainder but he and members. And seventeen at a time of three part time college coordinators do Elvis out of college campuses volunteering. You lot sending virus which is larger in I think that's some larger numbers than we've seen from the case a campaign itself as first. I'm not sure but their numbers are being. That you know we have. Undoubtedly the one of the strongest ground teams in the city. You know voter contact isn't something you can hear cheated at the last minute really gathered. Usable information so us being here since August. We feel really good the grand in that we feel from grassroots operation we have here anything had. A team on the ground in South Carolina since September we have Pete Sampras in South Carolina. The secret that so. And governor does well tomorrow a team today to pick up weird. New Hampshire left off and in doing something. Right well let me turn the camera here does give you a sense of what this is like on a deal like today. Let's see what. Jake engine Allard doing here. And select Connie was saying these are some of the house is that targeting of Davis focusing specifically on independent. Undecided voters we have seen a team sort of meet up with people that have already said yes I'm voting for John K second and Connie was telling me earlier that that is a big deal to finding out these people group would you trying to get out the vote. This week tomorrow when polls open to each of the people that are supporting their candidates. Actually go chilled to the polls and sort of get that enthusiasm going so that is what's going on for these teams just as much as swinging voters. And I as we saw Janelle over there. It looks like to note that a not Paul OK so what purse and we talked at this a little early for anyone just joining us a percentage of people anything wrong but it looks. This originally had some angry turn out I mean a day like today I'm we are knocking during. Total working hours though he might not hit. Amazonian people all but we're definitely reading literature that I'm talks on governor case that it has issues then. And what he thinks is important for. Went gonna stay safe from the rose to a two but. Now have you. At any and you are some interesting interactions you've had with voters and you've been here for months now we've gotten and some great inner actions people who are. Thoroughly excited and and love governor case fits yesterday had only been written in efforts he. Is just. It's been great so they get to know these people line. At a personal level being here in New Hampshire and so. This lady in but he used for T I would think that they probably didn't seem. So much of people like you knocking on their doors and yet. People in New Hampshire against the don't seem to phase. All we had a gentleman thick beginning of of our time here is it's like the Olympics people here every four years and they're excited about it and feel move in per order for months. Get the job and we it's like a back again for years though Phillips Olympic atmosphere. A resident of New Hampshire. A note you're from Ohio writes I can't ask did so as is of course governor Kasich. And what's been the there a difference between these New Hampshire birdies you're talking to in the Ohio people who've already voted for governor this time. Different in the fact that though Ohio insisting governor case its work and know that you the very capable. Candidate he can turn Stater around so we have. And gotten these New Hampshire. Owners about how old how great governor kick it isn't and how he is the best candidate though I'm different because we had. Ohio of them who have seen first hand in New Hampshire residents who are. Here you must Ohio and ridge and with any negative and I. With their founding countries him it according to Columbus. Since August and hands and just the governor hasn't died because most of them know him they've been in the state. As he's been the governor. Back to when he's congressman. And they can really share his story in his record. Better than anybody else that Julian valuable to have people coming in every night every weekday every weekend day. Today calls in the New Hampshire for him. Is an honest reading off the scripture. In your reading talking points they actually know what he's done. Let me ask you this is as we watch Jake you're knocking another door we'll see if we see these people at all looks like he's leaving some some literature for them. But that hump Connie and if you look the average American sitting at home might be kinda confused as to the relationship. Between these super pacs we've heard about you guys are supporting donkeys but you're not involved in his campaign writing is that the is that you find that confusion among voters. A little bit and and Janelle is probably heard it as she's talked to voters do but to get the biggest thing is. We operate entirely independent of the of the candidate campaigned because of campaign finance laws we are prohibited from coordinating with the campaign. We know John Kasich record we know you know what he's done. The helpful highlands where he will do to help Americans and so you know we we share his record we have here at this grassroots operation. That you know any typical candidate campaign would have except we aren't panning events with the governor like the likely campaign is. But we're talking to voters were sharing his record. In relief getting a very aggressive get out of that effort tomorrow. And you know. Other than that we and we just we just can't talk to the campaign. About what we're doing and they can't talk to us but we're operating independent but both with the single obviously getting elected. Yes so here we are with a step good for America. Jacob Janelle. Anxiously looking at this market really trying to figure out over here Joseph are trying to figure rather next car and here. Finger next house but we have another group there. What's great about the athletes. Isn't real time so is that right not this he endorsed boy was anything they can. I don't know if you look at men see that in all the little bit yet here we angle it towards new and you knew you'd break up here. And there you know. So that is a map of the house is in this neighborhood I cease temporary blue dot to see green dots I mean one of those means. Well we have the blue don't will be not home. To talk to. Your paper. I decided. Reverend. Runner on address or restrict access. And cared for dog better anyway. Only. Dog here is the we come back in target those voters. At a different time now got left is. Here there are many times earlier but not ha. Like about it and talked those voters are living thing you guys had like angry dog that Hillary yeah. And her friend on one little intimidating. And you know process. And my actual olive that I had a well. He would seek any I was asking militarily and crazy stories from the united door knocking frailty that's a far. You know actually everybody here's been. Berkeley Heights in the gulf. Is coming and they really are knowledge workers died. Make. Your. And we want people to look at what. Well I think. That would fit and being here in the snow I see the flirts technical death and what closures and more from. The team here from Ohio looking at the next brewers that the gonna knock on here on a snowy day probably the biggest canvassing day of the here is receiving. Teams from all over the country where that they are with the candidates who were that the from outside group. Like new day for America hitting the streets we've been passing by people planting yard science by. Other people from other camps effect just earlier this of this team sort of bump into a Chris Christie in turn. When he went to the same door they'll interestingly the same lady was home took both of their campaign literature as if she actually it's using. Between K sick in Christie says things like this in our actions like these guys over here really can make a lot of the difference. When we talk about a week and like this and that would follow them and see if we'll go to this next door here. The wrong way. Except that they're mapping software playing tricks on him in the cold. Will turn the camera here just sort of give you a sense of what's happening here. As we have had about just short of a foot of snow dropped on us the night before the Republican debate for that debate was a huge deal. And is as you mentioned. Governors like John Casey Chris Christie Jeb Bush had a lot to lose that faith. What people said you know these they did quite well especially the people I'm here with the courts say John Casey did well. And you also have seen such high stakes for guys like. Marco Rubio who who's sort of considered a favorite. Going into that debate he really got pounded we saw a big exchange between him and Chris Christie. Had a lot of people who inked an Arlington his you know you can see your right across the street here C it's. And we're just waiting for his seat our phone reception it's a little bit better here you guys were here in Manchester on a cold cold day. And but it looks like that was another sort of person who was not home in this is sort of hit her eviscerate that you had to deal with here. OK well. So I'm being told that we have a little bit of Apache signal right here so I think we might have to let you go for now you guys that we will be with you here. All the steps of the way as we continue talking for talking to voters giving you a sense of what it is like you on the ground. Whether it is outside groups like new day for America or the campaigns themselves we will be with you all the tomorrow including. A very special presentation starting at 6 PM eastern. We will be bringing you live coverage the results coming in from New Hampshire one of the biggest days of the political year. Kanell to get works etiquette here guys so until next time I'm Fred milky.

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