‘Problem Solver’ caucus searches for COVID stimulus consensus

Rep. Abigail Spanberger, D-Va., discusses COVID stimulus negotiations and her tough reelection fight in a "purple" district.
5:33 | 09/18/20

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Transcript for ‘Problem Solver’ caucus searches for COVID stimulus consensus
And tonight some fighting for stimulus compromise in Washington is also facing a tough reelection battle in up purple district near Richmond Virginia. In the 2018 blue wave voters there send Abigail stand burger to Washington she was the first Democrat to win her district. In fifteen years in congressman at B span Berger joins us now thanks so much for your time. Brownie now you're of course are part of the problem solvers caucus a bipartisan group of fifty lawmakers focused on consensus and solutions in Washington. What's your response to the Democrats and Republicans in the house and their inability to take action. On a Kobe stimulus compromise. She. This is exactly what me as problem solvers do. It we have been listening to choose the stories that we have heard from constituents and meet and all of our colleagues and our response that has ensued as a virtual tables is zoom on conference calls for the past. A few weeks. -- but stunned what are the programs that matter to the people. The United States what are the programs that are going to deliver the immediacy and eat it remains so urgent during this ongoing crisis she and this is exactly the sort of time than problem solvers was created for should we have developed relationships we focus on building collisions developing trust in being able to sit around a table there in person who were and that virtually. Any really dig into issues what can we agree on where can we move or order the shared priorities. So it is time I've been very pleased with the work that we dine and and I am so glad to see at least in the conversations starting. About how do we move portrait distant past. So how does this work and it's a democratic and Republican leadership isn't willing to engage on a stimulus compromise would the problem solver caucus then. Go directly to the White House. So we can in ongoing conversations. With democratic leadership in house. Winds. She does mark meadows in the White House we can't all parties informed that we've worked really working to develop this remark we made it very clear for quite some time that we once did she get people to the negotiating table she and wilder was a song in the conversation that we were going to continue. Moving conversation or Tony Democrats funny by Republicans as she and that we intended to present them with a framework of what we knew if we could agree on. It did that ideally the rest of congress couldn't couldn't really find agreement looking at these programs and so that's what we set about to duke coach and really our focus is to say this is where we found common ground these are the programs that will deliver the immediacy at age you are communities should be at least schools. And any and ideally this is the right next step forward we can bring everybody back that he. And I'd ideally will build. This remark. And former trump officials including the VP's lead staffer on cobain's nineteen came out against the president late today blasting his Covert response and no matter how hard you work or what you do the president is going is do something detrimental to keeping Americans safe. Is it a challenge to negotiate with this administration when so many former members keep coming forward to talk about what they say is dysfunction. At the top. By continuing to congress this is the only reality I have ever known and I think that's where mirror is a space for what we've done. We are sixteen members of congress none of us currently in Enid within that echelons of leadership and we have the ability to freedom. I have focused around a negotiating table and removes from some of the politics between the White House and in house and Senate Leadership to really. What are the programs what are the numbers can we move this forward. And so ideally we. A conversation enough steps forward and that in the speaker of the house leader McConnell and and those representing the White House be ask her jury Immunogen. Or she does knows skins continue this conversation. And turning out to the election you represented part of the Richmond suburbs and a traditionally more Republican community. As a former CIA officer and someone who is once carried a gun as part of your job. Give the president's law and order message is resonating in your district. Each. A boring. Everyone recognizes. That crime is crime violence is violence and we no matter political party or political ideology as Americans denounced. I think the president's efforts is still steer. And June creating and uneasiness. Is isn't is a real challenge to people people are already have a little bowl and Lebanese people are out of work small businesses are struggling at closing their doors should children are in strange unusual circumstances of doing school at their hybrid or virtual church so there is already so much anxiety on the ground not to mention the almost 200000. Americans that have been lost so what. I would love to see is a message of unity message string. President who believes in who we are as it beer can see bullish it's. Still isn't what brings us together what unifies us we are the most powerful strongest country in the world we should be leading the way unbeaten this iris and that's what I wish we would have seen out of any president. And that's why ultimately I will be casting a vote. Her Vice President Biden because that's going to be detect it we need to be out of that's. Congressman stand Berger thanks so much for your time we appreciate it. 88.

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{"duration":"5:33","description":"Rep. Abigail Spanberger, D-Va., discusses COVID stimulus negotiations and her tough reelection fight in a \"purple\" district. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"73083739","title":"‘Problem Solver’ caucus searches for COVID stimulus consensus ","url":"/Politics/video/problem-solver-caucus-searches-covid-stimulus-consensus-73083739"}