Proposed GOP health care plan: What you need to know

Breaking down what's being removed, what's staying and what's changing with ABC News' MaryAlice Parks and Ali Rogin.
14:04 | 03/07/17

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Transcript for Proposed GOP health care plan: What you need to know
Hi and Mary Alice parks and and I colleague Alley wrote and we cover Capitol Hill for ABC news racks in the senate gallery we often listen to senators they give press conferences right here but today the talk about. That new health care bill. But house Republicans released unveiled just last night at and the morning talking to experts from Harvard's at the Brookings Institution. And think picture what I heard from a lot of people. Was that while some of the most unpopular parts of bubonic airlock would be scrapped the result could mean that a number of people a significant amount of people. Could lose coverage or or might opt out of health insurance. Altogether are buying health insurance essence it's altogether and other real big theme we talked about experts today was this idea that some of the poorest. And the elderly in the country might take the biggest hit would be required to pay more for health insurance as the bill would. Two way. With some of the subsidies under the Obama Kara Lawson Alex. You're not you break it all down yes that's right a case of one of the things we talked about a lot is that this new bill Republicans would totally scrapped. Individual mandate but. Exactly that the individual mandate is like number one but union for Republicans. This is the enforcement mechanism to make sure that people work staying on their health care they would have been assessed. Penalty on their taxes every year they did not. Stay on a plan either covered by Obama care or covered by private insurance insurance plan. Now the Republican plan does scrap the individual mandate but that doesn't mean. That users might be totally free from getting a penalty this bill also allows insurance companies. To access a 30%. Fee if folks lacked in their coverage. For a certain amount of time so if you get up your coverage for a little bit whether it's. You. Have less money to spend or are you forget to sign up back up four health care plan the insurance companies could charge you 30%. Tax or not attacks that's actually important because Republicans say this isn't tax. It's a penalty that sapped by the insurance companies but the fact is. They're so getting punished one way or the other. Yes it's really interesting important fine print there while it's really popular for folks to feel like the government was in mandating that he had to buy health insurance. They might still face a penalty separately right. Another thing that's and the new replacement plan that's coming up from house Republicans is they are getting rid of the Obama care subsidies that worked. If you we're at a certain income level you would get a you would get your health insurance plan purchased on the exchange subsidize. Now that's not gonna go away completely however it's just kind of I tweaked. At significantly Republicans are now instead saying they're going to provide tax credits and the amount of money that people get in those tax credits is going to be. Based time you were age so what if you're in your twenties. I believe it starts around 2000 dollars and it goes up in 500 dollar increments for every decade older you. Art and used tax credits on the most controversial parts than Republican. Plant lobbyists as we talked to said they are significantly less generous than the initial subsidies so while the government would still providing tax credits. And us dollar in your dollars your bank account at Shaq could refunding and potentially take intact arm yet money to buy insurance. It might dollar for dollar a lot less than a subsidies are provided under the Obama care law but the other part of its controversial. Is that it's been forever. If you're rich if your core if you live in Indianapolis and New York City it's by. And so the one in their concerns on one sided the ideological spectrum on the other side of course. Is senate Republicans especially and some conservative house Republicans who are saying. This is obamacare by another name yes it's not a subsidy if not it's not. Bolstering your ability to purchase a plan it's and it sort of a check that you get. But they're saying that we don't like the fact that this has provided tax credit at all. That the government should not be in the business of supplement in people's own game content by helping them pay for insurance. Whether you're on one side of the aisle or the other there are mass ave IA opposition to this specific provision this could be one of the most controversial that it's debated in the weeks to come. And another weather really controversial part. Is the fact that the plan would roll back some of those Medicaid. Expansion this is. Really specific part of the obamacare law but it let states provide coverage for some of the airports resident and that will be. Phased out over time yet. That's right so over three years starting on January 1 20/20. That Medicaid expansion goes away but in the meantime. The state think you have the Medicaid expansion can keep on adding people to the rolls. Between now and January 1 when he seventeen which means they're gonna have a lot more people on the Medicaid rolls. Between now and and generators tweet tweets when he. So that's gonna have to be something that they deal with. The other way and that this Medicaid program is going to change is rather than. The government give sort of an open ended amount of money. They're going to be Alec heating Medicaid funds to states and again Medicaid is for diet low income people elderly people all. Mentally disabled there's all kinds and I had an excellent facility is lots and lots if that's what the different categories there. But so. The change in his house GOP plan is that they're now going to base bid amount. Medicaid payments to states that based on how many people in all this categories are so it's going to be on a per capita basis went rat with a cap. With the cap rather than some sort of open ended program and that's. Anger a lot of people including some Republican governors in states accepted. The Medicaid expansion arranged. Governor and theater folks here on Capitol Hill even the Republicans that another reason why they are. Sort of little leery about this bell and what was reasons that might see the estimates. Coming out as this bill that suggested among the tanks around Capitol Hill and you're in congress and the ethnic mice showed that don't result. Number of people no longer being cover. Some of the things that don't dance. Heat get. It decided to it the Republicans decided it to keep a lot of what was in the original obamacare lock. Like the fact that younger people up to the age of twenty sex appeal to stay on their parent plant but. Yep absolutely people wit preexisting conditions will still be covered. No matter what with no exceptions under this plan so these are things the preexisting conditions and people adult children up to 26 staying on appearance and those are the team that's popular. And puppies is of obamacare and it was always interesting to see when you break out and ask folks about. Specific parts of obamacare without mentioning that it's obamacare. People broccoli. Spot yet this works pretty well so the challenge for house Republican senate Republicans the president. In coming up with them feasible alternative is that they're going to have to find ways to combine the popular parts of obamacare which they are keeping in this plan. With alternative for the less popular versions and of course Democrats are saying well we tried that it was called about a care. I and there are also think that they're not sure what that means is ours price because you have that good cracks in the plant expects of people who might have preexisting conditions or. He sticker has been sticker in the past but you don't provide some of that adds that he is. And part of that T Beattie price it is that it this locked. Number I get that if passed in this or allow blood we Dylan's early early all of the suspects and but if passed this bill would really change what is required in terms of some of those plants Hugh. Right now under the current about a parent law there are a number of the provisions for providing maternity care to you. Providing preventative services like cancer screenings have to he included to a certain dollar number answer you know they're gonna cover 50% 60% of maternity care. In plants that are offer two individual folks I insert the aggregate lobby here at. In new republic in bell that all changed it so. Insurance companies could say yes we're providing charity care and might only be covering I percent or Mike at Karen maternity care at all. So again really changing the regulations around what insurance companies can hurt by. And it's obviously have some pros and hot there's some people that it should be Mendieta across the board and others that say. Hey it on the young deer gotten it yet need maternity care in my health insurance. And so I'd like the flexibility and life insurance companies to be able to offer a wider range of plants and again. We have today in industries week than ever that we're gonna keep. Going through and Mary out I would say that if folks are watching this they're probably interested in the weeds youth so I would imagine that they. They want to be talking a lot of why I think you're preaching to the want choir I think that's that's going on here and I think it's interesting that included in this Republican plan. Is that folks would be able to purchase just catastrophic care to basically those bare bones plans that. In the Obama administration had actually sought Q. Get people you investing more than just catastrophic care global point was that. Pete and they want to keep people healthy they don't wanna wait until they're being. Lead into the emergency room to get their health care and act now that this would encourage people to buy catastrophic care is really I differently of looking at. What sort of government assisted health care is available to people exactly of it let's. About what. The chances are there are some Republicans that RD sent this morning at this bill was dead on arrival adding not to read although we. Yeah exactly so so. So we'll talk about Republican opposition to this. Not just opposition there are obviously. Some folks who really like it but in terms of the opposition you've got a couple different factions here. You've got the Rand Paul Mike Lee ten crude coalition of Republican senators who say. We don't like the fact that this bill includes. Tax credit date they will not support anything that includes a tax credit because they say it's Obama Carroll light that was the term that we heard Albany today with Obama care light and an act. Just ask and it's could be another form of entitled how to exactly government benefiting. Announcer an apartment chat and that's that's sort of goes against some real key Republican orthodox absolutely so there out on that score. Other senators as we mentioned before the Medicaid expansion. Very popular in San states that are majority Republican control including. Ohio for example Republican governor Jon casings except it. This Medicaid expansion allowed him to bring on a lot of people under Medicaid rolls and so now Ohio's senators including Republican senator Rob Portman. Coming out and saying we get behind that's because we have concerns that this won't protect our Medicaid recipients adequately enough. On that at least in terms of the senate coalitions you also have at least one moderate Republicans Susan Collins of Maine who is saying she doesn't like the fact that this bill. Would also. And federal funding of Planned Parenthood she says that. And that should not be the case so be I don't all of those coalitions were to eat senators why does that matter there's only 52 with senate Republicans. They need. Fifty plus vice president Mike Pence who can act as a tiebreaker. Two. Vote in favor of any sort of obamacare bell. Seven you think you only really afford to news to Republican senators assuming that all Democrats vote against this bill. So that's been calculus on the senate side on the house side at. A hold her super complicated on the house side. They can only live about 21 I believe Republican votes. And still have this thing passed on a party line vote so get. They have to build a big tent here and right now there's a lot of Republicans who say this isn't gonna work for us. Yet we've heard even on the house side some conservative members there. Notice the freedom caucus on the house night they have been objecting to this and it was rolled out they say again it looks like Obama Karen light they want full repeal of the old law. If that's what they cantina and that's what their constituents dessert so it'll be interesting to see eating its out of the house let alone to get rid of the sudden it's as back at a pop. It's interesting you bring that up and Mary Alice because and yes they would say that yes we campaigned on repealing obamacare. And that's going to be the line that house and Senate Leadership used to try to get to convince them to vote for something that they don't totally love. They're gonna say well fine then you're going to be on the record opposing. Obamacare repeal is that really what you want is that would voters bode viewing here for and they are betting that that's not going to be the case. And meanwhile Democrats or aren't they calling this trump care. That was the line we heard from the other side of the dialogue day is that it's gonna result in higher premiums and really Democrats horning in on a idea. That this bill specifically cots and he federal funding for Planned Parenthood obviously Democrats think that those clinics are essential to women's health. Across the country not only providing abortion services and Neary at. Cancer screenings and birth control options and that's something we side Democrat senators really riled up about today so. The fight is just beginning here and got a lot that's been on health care. But the bill and that is really getting serious of its thank you are blocked its cash and but we think pat that you can't keep watching live but it's not about this bill. Any changes there and eating to work. Marking up making changes and ending this bill this week looking for votes at the end of the month. And you can keep checking back here ABC news Albrecht capital coverage I'm Mary Alice parks and mountain road and believe in a shot at this very cool. Senate gallery a little. Sneak peek into what we do here on capitol and.

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