Woman who confronted Flake: 'We forced him to listen'

Ana Maria Archila said she approached the Republican senator because he "could demand a longer, better process" for the Senate in considering Brett Kavanaugh's nomination.
6:06 | 09/28/18

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Transcript for Woman who confronted Flake: 'We forced him to listen'
I wanna get to Anna Maria arch Sheila issues on the phone with us in Anna Marie was actually one of the women that we showed in that video. In the elevator talking to senator Jeff flake Emery just hustler but about what happened in that moment. I am so I entered Jack like profit this morning to try to talk to him before he walked into the hearing. And I met a young woman Barrett who also wanted to tell her starring. Not immediately be far he'd give adequate profit we found out that he hacked what I statement saying he would support Brett cap and out. So when we thought I anger and our bait and our desperation and just came out. Lighting and that we need for him commitment to our story we sports and to look at and that base. And talent that he and ask him whether he Wes short that wrecked cabinet was telling the truth. Whether he was okay with a country not having the opportunity cripple investigations. And whether he was the K me looking at his children and telling them that he was willing to put somebody accused of sexual violence in the Supreme Court. And what every stadium in that moment. He's fat Adam. He said thank you thank you US Bradley trying to it. Just that the piceance Eden went terribly uncomfortable. Instead you know I'm not locked up things have been dead eyed but not my statement. And he didn't really want to engage in conversation with that and we weren't really. Willing to let him go without actually looking at and torching him to listen to our stories and making my understanding gravity of the message that he was sending to the country. How do you feel knowing now all. What happened that senator flake has essentially just said I will not vote. To put Kavanagh threw without seeing an FBI investigation. Of up to a week. Do think that you. Oh. I feel like. Everyone's been telling their stories had an impact everyone who has told a story about their healer of losing their health care. About their experience of sexual or violent about why they didn't tell their stories. For many years. Doctor ordered school so bravely told her story the whole country everyone had an impact and I think. Today marry add I just happened to beat. In the right place at the correct time. Two bit liquor at a final strong message to him but really because that we both of Abby one standing apt ambulance has been telling their story and traveling to Washington DC and going to visit their senators. Because that we saw that all of our expert. And memory are you from Arizona what major target Jeff flake. I I went up like docket because I being prepared to act someone who sometimes like choose that his conscience met over his party. And I eighty dot patent may be he was the person that could. Big Mac and add longer or better trump says. Instead of just jamming. Brett cabinet nominations through that Judiciary Committee comedienne that senate. I'm I do not live and I Don got back I have come to comment activist my organization the center for popular democracy has been. Bringing people to whacking them along with the women's march in partnership with the women's march and August 1 they'll have been. Trying to understand what more different senators and connect cut my hopes are pinned on senator play. They and one of your colleagues your colleague who is there with you just said that she changed history today. How do you both feel about. I think people across the country who are telling their stories are changing history at west and meet. Like it if they have been just might story alone it would have been of no consequence. It's really that fact that so many of pats have chosen to shot. Do. Does grant hearings to get addressed that to tell our stories. Cuba tidbit. What's changing the course of history. And it's not often activists get to see such a direct impact let alone one so quickly and Maine button hours later. But I'm curious Emery at what is it that you want to see happen now if what senator Slade is asking for does happen and an FBI investigation limited to a week happens before the Kavanagh vote takes place. Will that satisfy you. No I not went seed Brett Cavanaugh and that Supreme Court. And did not not only because he's accused of sexual assault that because he's dangers are health care he has yet how did you. That. Oppose that like that women to choose. I destiny and to control our body. So I would not be that it bite back I think that the country bed bath and that they need to serve up front then padded. That is more complete that it not simply a political profit at the Republican Party imposing their political plan on the rest of the country by the next fifty years. And so. Act and act FBI investigation is bad bare minimum bet that Bennett can do to act responsibly. These heavy debt wrecked that like millions of people who let will be shaped by the to think court. So Kevin on May not be your choice but would you at least be more satisfied with the process at that point. Absolutely yes I think it'd. I I was there are dismayed to go back at the end of the hearing yesterday that fishery committee was still going to go ahead with the vote. So I feel encouraged I feel. Tenant at seat of optimism. Right thing and price me. Add that that. I democracy sometimes weren't. And that. And bad weather actions we can we get chip. We can't implement. Wet at this senators and the members of congress are doing in Washington. Well it appears you certainly had an impact today Anna Maria Archie Lowe one of those women in the elevator Rick senator Jeff flake. Before he came out with this curve ball for the Senate Judiciary Committee Andrea thank you so much for joining us on the phone we really appreciate it. And cute don't.

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{"duration":"6:06","description":"Ana Maria Archila said she approached the Republican senator because he \"could demand a longer, better process\" for the Senate in considering Brett Kavanaugh's nomination.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"58156385","title":"Woman who confronted Flake: 'We forced him to listen'","url":"/Politics/video/protester-confronted-sen-flake-forced-listen-58156385"}