Protesters Gather Outside the Democratic National Convention

ABC News' Ron Claiborne reports outside the Democratic National Convention where Bernie Sanders protesters are gathering.
6:52 | 07/29/16

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Transcript for Protesters Gather Outside the Democratic National Convention
When you if you what's happening outside the arena as well Ron Claiborne has been outside talking to some of the protesters. Who'd been out there even in this intense heat this week Ron tells us going out there. Well not just intensity I should Abbott also a lot of rain now. A lot of these protesters they're carrying signs they're chanting slogans. They say. That Hillary Clinton is just not acceptable I'd say 80% of them just guessing are probably hardcore. Bernie Sanders supporters. 20% assorted other people including some characters a behind me here are the call themselves. Revolutionary Communist Party. The vast majority talking to them say under no circumstances. Will they vote for Hillary Clinton's I guess the the key question is it. Do they represent enough party Sanders voters that in key states such as Pennsylvania here in Pennsylvania Ohio. Florida Colorado. If they do not return if you will to be democratic fold would they be a critical mass that could deny. Hillary Clinton victory in those he states that's hard to say. And Ron these people's staying at runner these folks telling you that think that it will just sit out this election they think that they'll take any action at all and media third party can't hit particularly if things aren't yet and I lost back to you. Angrily. I think we've. Lost our audio connection X currently lets see if we get that back meanwhile down on the floor. You still got a slate of speakers going on leading up to eight tonight Hillary Clinton take the stage Turkcell and make it to the American people. That looks like we have or that never magic of technology ride area at. Technical difficulties. Give me a second here. Okay all right. I figured it'd be relentless but were yeah. With them but I I could not hear you so. I. Please violent. We cut every single one we are asking it might of those people who are out they're staying. That it will not for Hillary Clinton are they saying the election counter is there aren't other candidate that speaks. Well you know it's interesting you asked that quite a few of them say they're going to vote for the Green Party candidate doctor. Jill Stein lacks a couple days ago came here and talked to the protesters. Now this may same odd but a number of them said that they think that Bernie Sanders will eventually run. As a third party candidate these I would guess we called hardcore faithful others intend a spokeswoman from new Jersey's it she's gonna write in. Bernie Sanders what I am not hearing is anyone say they're gonna vote for Donald Trott. I did ask what a few people what are they gonna do when crunch time come this November to go under that ballot box. What you're really not vote for Hillary Clinton Era liberal Democrat many cases. Quote a number of them pause and as it gives us a painful as if him confessing to. Really a problem said. Sighed deeply sad I guess it becomes too that I will vote for Hillary Clinton but again the vast majority got out here I guess the fact that they bothered to come out here. And this kind of heat and humidity and rain a shows that they're pretty committed to their cause and that cause they say is not to vote for Hillary Clinton. For the most part they're Bernie Sanders supporters the critical issue is what will they do come November and that's hard to say they may not even know. Actually we suppose this says that 90% of society posted a pretty sick of supporters. That it it will still open records it is elections like course to you is. And these terms that area cancer at do you have a sense that the State's decision here bear. But that's the war in a big enough water which could definitely hurt her it is elixir. You know again this is a small slice Bernie Sanders supporters who. Bothered to come out here we're committed enough to him and against terror but come out here I guess the question is. Asked if it is really 90% of ultimately come around over. Hillary Clinton is that 10% and up to make a difference but in a close race I suppose a cut let go back to 2000. In Florida we don't know what happened in Florida 2000 I think are roughly 20000. People voted for Ralph Nader. If you got 20000 people who vote for Jill Stein in Florida or don't vote. Maybe that's the difference is a close race it is not a close race probably won't map. And Ron it's very here there's big I think some pleasant surprise at both conventions how. Despite a lot of vocal opposition there really hasn't been too much activity or rest too many big clashes outside east protest. Police presence like out there what is the relation to the dynamic being between some of the protesters and the local law enforcement. What if that's very interesting. Because you know the sort of troubled history of Philadelphia police. They have been terrific. Been all over town and out here for days now and the Philadelphia police. They've been call they've been courteous they've been very very restrained almost as if they are determined not to arrest people if they're people all around here. Smoking marijuana openly there are people are clashing would want another. Literally almost coming to blows lease. Very restrained laying back when necessary. May have moved amateur a couple of cases yesterday were people. Actually breach that security perimeter here. Which are not supposed to do obviously some arrests were made earlier we saw people coming over bear here and they were. Literally being held over and gently taken away and given citations by the Philadelphia police. Last night we saw it large crowd gathered by defense. And apparently one of the anarchist will be believed to be an out if the guides and a black outfit. The anarchist funeral home if you will. Brought no it was a built in beacon but we beat think he was a matter this be protesters. Protesters. They pay actually grabbed this guy prevented him from making trouble and and brought him over and hand them over to the police there was a woman whose next raid attempted flag burning. Who was injured. The police and B Bernie Sanders supporters protesters together carry this woman off its first day so the relationship between the police. And the protests for the for the most part it's been. Excellence excellent. They brought the exact location Gephardt spoke easily and it didn't reporters it is out. Come on out here FDR park. But make a left about our show you where it's that I think.

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{"duration":"6:52","description":"ABC News' Ron Claiborne reports outside the Democratic National Convention where Bernie Sanders protesters are gathering. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40976953","title":"Protesters Gather Outside the Democratic National Convention","url":"/Politics/video/protesters-gather-democratic-national-convention-40976953"}