Protesters oppose Kavanaugh as SCOTUS nominee

ABC News' Terry Moran is outside the Supreme Court where protesters are resisting President Trump's nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh.
1:57 | 07/10/18

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Transcript for Protesters oppose Kavanaugh as SCOTUS nominee
Terry Moran he's covered the court for so many years Teri I give us your big picture taken how this pick if confirmed will transform the face of the court. Of course that the theme here you've heard all about it already from. From senator Merkley it's really remarkable that sense of the moment these people know that states and it's both sides on so many issues. They are here because they know the Supreme Court is up for grabs with this nomination. And while you hear that shouting and all you hear a lot of anger in the air you're also hearing along this hides. Good old fashioned honest democratic disagreement. You know it's a hurly burly. But I don't sense anything nasty that we got a hold going forward and kind of re learn how to disagree. In this country doubtful though because so much is at stake you ask what's at stake on this course. Obviously Justice Kennedy the crucial vote on so many issues abortion everyone is is mentioning for very good reason he is the last. On the three Republican appointed justices. Who preserved. In almost exactly Roe vs. Wade was last challenged directly in 1992 justice Sandra Day O'Connor she's gone. Justice David Souter he's gone and now Justice Kennedy is gone. They were the key votes that upheld a woman's right to choose abortion. And that conservatives can smell victory on that issue and I'm so many other issues here there's gay rights. Protesters out here. They have just one. The quality under the fourteenth amendment from justice Kennedy's opinions. They feel that is now at risk on other issues environmental law Kennedy was the key justice on that. And on so many others and still this court right now. Is up for grabs right Kavanagh knows this court he worked here for justice can. He has long been pointing his career up those steps and right now is that the virgin.

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{"duration":"1:57","description":"ABC News' Terry Moran is outside the Supreme Court where protesters are resisting President Trump's nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"56471770","title":"Protesters oppose Kavanaugh as SCOTUS nominee","url":"/Politics/video/protesters-oppose-kavanaugh-scotus-nominee-56471770"}