Protesters Rally Outside of GOP Debate

ABC News' Josh Haskell talks to protestors who are rallying outside of the GOP debate.
6:46 | 02/25/16

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Transcript for Protesters Rally Outside of GOP Debate
In Houston at decided tonight's debate because I think he made it outside to check in those. Pat. So fat you think of what folks on the ground there aren't. So there's a couple different protests that were happening they hold just shoot me. If you go talkative its young and it's very tell us what you found out about this. Duck and about this or FaceBook it was a rally against hate a lot of the Houston Atlanta that your reacted with you know get out here. And and just a bunch of different organizations that joined and go over well there protesting their case. And you're. You're yeah especially. I'm at me again and more American Indians you. I don't talk yeah it does Clinton. And that. Plus a fraudulent and discover things yeah I'd tell me where nothing selling it was April. Also the US. It that's it. By particular campaign is there any evidence that. No that no specific standards could bitter Eddie yeah. And I. Not just in terms of blog he writes people here okay. Growing within the last couple minutes. Big came from this side of the street over there another group and another group joint from over there now I would say we have roughly. Another thing it's good to see they're not just college students that and turning. And he's now leading coupled with fear when. Hear about this and yeah. Up up up it. We can't have people attacking everyone from women to look and to help. America the life for everyone and we can't have anyone trying to exclude anyone at. That's the rest of the crowd I mean they all arrogant vaccine that figure they're different method is coalescing. On this one people want it he I want surrounding that it. The overwhelming team is not beyond Saddam behave better and sings them. Black lights matters to. Sure yeah. I think accurately. What people I know that element though he says that. And all of them should be banned a specific proposal would actually on US. Senator Everett Brett. All oh yeah I thought it. I it. You. Yeah. We because documents. Knock me and not the ghost. You cannot pass in that you. It was anything but let them put it. The documents in the I. Similar rhetoric the city. And have you guys gathered here this evening because low budget conflict with my candidates against all applicable. We're against any federal with the addition to its board to burn our family is no matter what my problem the fact is that this body has been advocating. Very anti immigrant policy trying to push this thing Doug than we know that our and that is that governments the number of resentment that link and not. You it's up to us letter about you tell us your first I was Oscar Hernandez Oscar for London Richard Roth. The you only. Really about you I don't what protests like tonight is that. Collective action protests. Test. Exhibit is brilliant fundraiser about a variety of different issues seem to be betting against these. Of course that I don't like integration of the black knights in the and others. It's. Also fighting for rights and other name they. Expect that we have a different organizations locally. Reppas yeah because we know it is not the coalition against terror he's not that woman's intimate. The public outcry that neighbors. Commuter. Any reply yeah manager. Republican candidate acceptable and in what order they supported Democrat. And Oscar. You're supporting. Republican candidates left in the race who purchased. To date night that he would support. Still as passionate. They vote as a member of the community organizer. Not endorse any candidate our role as organizers explanation. As the college to keep any candidate any political power. Accountable to the things that he promised. Religious in the end. On the matter who is elected we have the nation that has gone up harassment laws parents applaud any articles and on what they promised not to come back. Just. Health episode includes in my life. They are outside the device to device Sox nine. We bring you coverage here on ABC it's still a protest building by the University of Houston.

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{"id":37207215,"title":"Protesters Rally Outside of GOP Debate ","duration":"6:46","description":"ABC News' Josh Haskell talks to protestors who are rallying outside of the GOP debate.","url":"/Politics/video/protesters-rally-gop-debate-37207215","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}