Protesters and supporters gather ahead of Rep. Leonard Lance's town hall

ABC News' Charli James talks to people gathered outside of the event in Branchburg, NJ.
23:17 | 02/23/17

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Transcript for Protesters and supporters gather ahead of Rep. Leonard Lance's town hall
And fun and games and watching ABC news digital we're here at the raritan valley community college in branch Britain New Jersey right now we're tonight representative Leonard Lance of the seventh district of New Jersey is holding a GOP town hall. Entity to GOP congress member. When he GOP congress members who are holding town hall. This this Reese asked. From congress this week and as we've seen earlier this week things have gotten pretty heated up some of them we covered this side you can see that. Group of protesters whose starting gather around 5 o'clock. And let me explain just a little bit tougher talk to people what's going on here the line here these are people who have to get. You have to be a member of the district of seventh district to get tickets people started lining up here around 5 o'clock it's well inside. Pulled about a thousand people plus 200 mourn over around expecting about 12100 people in this line. Over on this side behind this morning spent. These are people who were not able to get ticked yet armed air air pulling our rally making use now in their effort that have. Number group here that organized to get people here let's go and talk to stomach. Angry. It's not good because. So here at the orange I don't mean. This is Murray court sealed it. And you are with one of the group that helped organize this rally. Which group but got and how did you get the word out I am I'm with. Progressive hundred and Democrats and we got the word out four. The way everybody gets sort out these days social media emails. We had our first for president and Democrats meeting about a month ago. We sent out word we didn't know how many people we expected maybe 25 people 200 people showed up. And it's been that way ever since with all of these groups that are rallying against Donald Trump and his racist bigoted misogynist to Xena phobic policies. And so this is just one of the groups though that's organizing here today I would also seen there's a number of indivisible groups that are also bringing people here. What are some of the main issues I'm seeing a lot of signs for the eighth the day is that kind of the main issue for a lot of members of your group. I think yet the main yeah. Health care. Is a huge issue and in so many people in this country are going to be affected now you know the Affordable Care Act is not perfect and I mean everybody knows it but. The Republicans had eight years under President Obama to fix it and all they ever tried to do was repealing. Now they want to repeal it and we got over twenty million people who have signed up for health care we have people with preexisting conditions who now can get health care. I'm there's no cap on you know there's no lifetime caps if they repeal this without a plan. And millions of people like you. What's your name. Talked about the death panels. Michelle Bachmann talked about the death panels were. We're basically going to see people in life or death situations. Now it today it wiese. Press secretaries on spice Thursday that the outrage here. Is a mix between. Legitimate protesters and professional protesters. What I've seen it double signs well in pointing thing not a professional protest Eric. That's something how are you guys working teammates turned that. That represented plants now is that you guys are actually from his district. I am well anybody who. Got a ticket to go to the event. Had to be someone in his district and you know the Donald Trump and so on space or they can call us. Professional. While they want to let you know I I'm a Democrat I'm a registered voter. I'm a single parent I work full time. And I am not happy with the way this government is running this country right now so if they want to call me an organized search. I Wear that label Bradley no one's paying me at once paying anybody here. We are all grassroots mental problem or if we're showing up where all showing up. Because. None of us are happy about what's going on. So he can you know they can call us paid organizers all they want but you know I'd like to see people's face them. What the world would release those pay stubs when he releases his taxes. Thank you so much for even ABC. I will talk to a couple more people here just a point on it's interesting. You know a number of congress members actually canceled there and person town halls. When we've seen a lot of our brains about Affordable Care Act coming out at ease and that it's. Actually Leonard Lance doubled down he scheduled and extra town hall act. The same location for Saturday mornings so interesting that he. Had to respond that I haven't doubling down on the in person face time. And that's something that it up people I talk to you also appreciate here that he is willing to put in the face time. Let's see if we can I was speaking with these ladies but someone else's grabbed them and see it. Yeah. Everything yeah. I'm Aaron. I don't get your Nam Carolyn champion. Sam I Habibie. Agent Pacman. It is an awkward and janitors there and you guys all here with a certain group I know there's a number of groups or did you just hear about it come down just aren't. The group were from mostly on Somerset County Deepak last numbers area where constituents and almost right after the but the woman's market because that really sparks and we sort of started groups. And united for all and now it fairly decently sister groups and other groups over al-Qaeda communicating together Aaron. And Savannah and this is always trying to get its main event and didn't. NASA do try to get tickets are that's on Saturday. My. Personally what I did is that IA had RC Peter immediately went has only just semantics. And I was in and a rumors going around that there was a second event originated in night and they are scrubbing initialize EPA's so I called right away to glances DC office. And ice and as you can't just make sure I'm getting into Wednesday's event and assembled stack and W. r.s EP edged you don't wanna come to it. Isn't take the time is keeping not to come to something I don't own it and isn't lemmings all nice out Saturday night time home. The people are getting an even knowing you can arrange a private meeting at some polling. Alan contacts list there was some confusion and talk to the number of people do an artsy heat it sounds like they had. Tried another platform and then writes you re issued aren't is an and that process some people. And told that they had tickets for tonight or Saturday and it up not having them right now. A lot of keep on mind saying that they where anger about that and still hearing from people about that sales of so what are the main issues or you guys IC I'm talking about the main issue that you wanted to be down here two she's be. Out about I want people to hold them accountable. And ask question use and and your topic here holding him and like that go far instead of backwards. Any New Jersey is known for having an independent streak and actually this district was one of the few in the country I think it was 23. That voted for a Republican congress member and also Hillary Clinton or president's. How do people in the district feel about Leonard Lance is he moderates. Or are you feel Lang. I like he's really cozy up to trump. I think. Leonard Lance should be getting credit for having downtown Hong because there's a lot of people in this state that aren't doing that so kudos to him added. I think that. He comes off as a moderate but that's not the way that he I didn't and news. Some of the recent events are really concerning has a constituent that they don't think he's making the apparently positions for his constituency. Think he's a much ladies for speaking my eyes. I'm so I you can see from him just the QB going to not do so far and number at issue is that people are coming out here. Pour across the country we've seen the big through nine B the Affordable Care Act obamacare. And it tends to be older people that come a lot to these town hall. We are seeing a little bit of a younger crowd now. Let's that would be an issue for older Americans as well tend to be more concerned with health care than than younger Americans and see if we can. Talk with couple mark people and then we'll ahead overt suit that ticket lie. Steam. Whenever. I'm with ABC news Steve want to ask you a couple question here. What's your hand there Carl Mirren. And are you associated with any particular group here. I came with a group from Westfield Westfield funny funny that's organized a lot of people and and now I think like a lot of people like I'd been sitting on the couch doing my job than just amazed at. Team. Groundswell is coming from lots of other people Americans knew I had to make my voice heard sooner or later. This is getting a lot of comparison to 2008 with the Tea Party kind of an earring that was more. People with liberal ideals coming out how do you feel about that comparison. If he gets are represented is. People like glance or out of step with many of his constituents to listen that's a good thing. Oh he was real act and in November. However our Hillary Clinton was also. Also won his sister act. Nobody they without it up quick hits since dixieland. And and what. Are you talking about when he paid out of the app lets Alex as you. And I I think. Most people in America you believe in health care. Believe that government provision is not a bad thing. We believe in equal rights her. For people of different sexual orientation believe in equal rights for women. Believe in civil rights but we believe in there are a lot of things are more important than a lot of tax rate for millionaires. Which unfortunately when you strip away the the window dressing that people like Leonard Lance put on their positions it's just a way to justify low tax rates for the Coen Brothers and others. Little and my answering song about that this accident and have a bit of an independent streak come learn. What are the main house and people in that district and to tell us little them more about the people in Libya. I think this district is is very diverse because it's cobbled together and it's that it's a funny shaped like many gerrymandered districts. It's now I know I come from an area with a lot of immigrants. And and have very mixed. You know and a very mixed income group. There are other parts of this different someone told me that the average income in this district is a 1161000. Dollars. So it's if you take the entire district. There's a lot of wealth. A lot of people who are. Not one for senators that living very comfortably. I think it's hard did it's hard to standardize this district in. When it keys to America's. Getting people to turn out and vote and then act act changes results when you get there now. So that they want to get you aren't feeling an outlet for that it carries on Eisner had today that. Other heat that mother is legitimate outrage and they're all felony hit and national broadcasters and hear what you think about. That's clearly the biggest scam. That there among the baker scans they're trying to panelists night reminded people in the car. You know the the old white establishment in the south what a civil rights movement by saying they were outside agitators. Linda Johnson complained that Vietnam protesters. Were egged on by outside agitators. It's it's an absolute false claim. Thank you and I are talking about the green NN. All right so the crowd continues to grow here that people get off work. I'm day at town hall starts at 7 PM have a little bits of outlets looking down to the ticket line robbery here. And a fine some people who do have tickets again. The people are we're speaking to behind the orange. Though aren't fans over there those are people who were not able to get tickets to this of that stuff. Bear with me a second man to try to talk. To some people islands is. If it. An offensive be the thank you very much. Do you have it yet. Okay. Think yeah gunman ethnic. The kind of get your name Maureen Storey. And you have to live in the seventh district to get these tickets how did you get the ticket because there are a lot of people who tried TO and M are able to. Yes it was interesting. A friend called and said hey we can get tickets of the town hall have already gone ahead and applies. And so I did and I got mine and she didn't. So. And waited and waited called. Congressman Lance this office and they said well you'll have to wait that she's over there. Crowd. You're here alone tonight I'm I'm waiting on another front parking cars somewhere out there in the dark for and so it. Do you in general support representative Lance is views aren't or not Tom. I have voted for him in the past however he has moved to weight to the right which does not represent the way that I feel and we want to move him back. Not the first person I talked to hear that has that that that he. Started a little more moderate and has kind of been moving more to the right through out his he is elected in 2008 for the first time. What do you think has led to two Dutch death. Well he's the pressure. From. The right. Two vote the party line. That's come along and the tea party's been a big part of I'm pretty sure. And so here we are with our own grassroots movement. To move him back the other way and if he can't do that then people have a office to go to in the next go around and so what do you want to ask him and I. Some I want to ask him if he's willing to vote his conscience which it says on his website which is done in the past where he has voted against. The party line because he didn't feel that was the right thing to do is he willing to stand up. And vote his conscience and do it's right or the people of the United States. The people of his district and knots. Both the party line because of belief and intimidation. So last question. Actually representative Lance is one of the you know. Republican congress members that are actually happening town on in person one only about when they across the country. I mean. Do you give him any sort of kudos for that absolutely kudos for that. I hope everybody's well behaved I mean were all. Hopefully we're all responsible adults. And good for him coming out and not hiding some of the others have done and oh will do live online. That should be a signal that they need to look at their voting record and that their constituents are and see why. Are they hiding. Thank you so much spare time I appreciate that but you begin find one mark per cent with tickets here's. Like a couple people here. That they. What's your name there Steven and tunis. You obviously live in the district because he did have to have. Residency here to get into the of that and for a a lot controversy around the ticketing process. Right I had did you have difficulty. Not not as a much difficulty as others yet to sign up online and they asked for very specific information. Your address zip code. And then they you received another email saying well will you don't have tickets are available and you waited in you waited and you waited and you would call. Representatives office and people would actually tell you will have time to discuss this with you. As you might imagine people coming raged. But then a day or so after the tickets came. And so. What do you want to hear from Robert Bennett of land today. I'm not a huge fan but. I give the man credit for showing up for this there's a New York Times article today saying now. All these and colleagues in this party have decided just attracts these things not show law and it's and I think that's wrong this democracy. We should have a civil. Conversation about differences of opinions. I'm more concerned about. Hinges blindly following this administration. Hypocrisy. As frightening. And things that are being done to the environment. Obviously the affordable health care and the alleged repeal. This congressman is on record as saying oh we should repeal and replace will where's the replacement. I mean everything we're hearing is that. Folks down in DC just want to gut it completely. Meanwhile the President Obama was very clear from day one look there are issues with it he needs to be amended and revised and and fixed let's do it as we go you cannot a laugh. Twenty of thirty million people to go from having health care access to health care zero. That's one of the main questions even hearing at that town halls across the country is what's the replacement going to be as that your number one concern is that what you would when asked about here have. That would be my primary concern my secondary concern would be the environment we've already had via executive order and by the selection of secretary Pruitt to the PA. A dismantling of clean power plant. Clean Water Act and they actually have now gone after the Endangered Species Act. That's insane it's just insane he's all these these issues are intertwined. You need clean air clean water in order to be healthy if you don't have health care you can't remain healthy so I think. There's more than one issue that needs to be discussed tonight. To be fair I give him credit this was sold out he scheduled another one for Saturday so. I'm hoping that it remain civil. And because that's not what we're about we we we cannot be the ones out their protest thing of being. Upset about and expressing or discontent. In a non civilized manner that's not a democracy yes. And I hope that the people out here in the seventh district but slam him in count me. Some sort an immature Lebanon. Understand that and we move forward and hopefully. Positive developments come of it. Thank you so much for your time do you so it is the tunnel is scheduled to go from 7 o'clock to 8:30 PM than an hour and a half. A very doubtful that Atlanta will be able to get to everyone's questions during that time in nearly a thousand people in the auditorium hair. And another 200 in the overflow round. But hopefully people. Are able to feel like they get a lot of their questions answered let's see if we can get. A couple more people are one more person. But could get. Me and I. Here. Canada's Peter Nam. Michael that's tough act. And we're now. What town you prominent us that until Gladstone. Who wrote them. So we don't see young people at these town homes as often Jenner rallying as these are associated with more senior citizens is this your guidance first time a town hall. Yes it is. Yes mine as well yes and so what was your big incentive to come down here. Well I'm at this campus almost every day and I just like enjoy coming to events but if a student government. And I feel that Atlanta had any town hall PM so much bush instinct was to meet yet the student life and get a ticket that his client be if you want to put political process. I just want it see what's going on in my own community a student here as well. Paul running for a moment or and our goal on the same team where the student government and I read he says it very well you know we want want to. Your students had to say silly over I'm mr. was. It did help posters and represented students is this weekend. Earmarked two oversee the process. Are to check out the process are do you have questions that you want to ask is well. If I get the chance I like to ask Leonard Lance some questions but. I had nothing young in particular kind spotted the moment. I have some questions at him about gun rights leadership and Jason general questions devastated country. I don't feel it most questions I have ever going to be asked so I'm more here observances. Sued the department of citizens have to say it was and they have as well. Thank you so much for speaking with us. Have a good night thinking out aren't so. With double about half an hour or so to go until the events start somewhere going to be streaming the events here as well on ABC news digital cell. You can watch the town hall in its entirety. An on I'm Charlie James thank you so much for watching this little preview L at a time of the event and we hope that he'll stick around. And watch via live town hall on ABC news digital.

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