Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist takes on political hypocrisy

Darrin Bell was inspired to create political cartoons after Trayvon Martin's death in 2012.
4:22 | 04/17/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist takes on political hypocrisy
Finally today here in a briefing room we take a look at the 2019. Pulitzer prizes the Pulitzer Prize board. Are released their award winners this year earlier in the week. And we caught up with Darren bell he was the first ever African American winner of the Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartooning he's a cartoonist for the Washington Post he joins us. Live now from California Daryn congratulations. On winning the prize it's great to see you sir. I was struck by the committees. Their words in describing your work they awarded you the Pulitzer Prize for beautiful and Darian editorial cartoons that take on issues. Affecting disenfranchised communities calling out Liza pock receipt and fraud. In the political turmoil surrounding the trump administration that is a lot what is this wreck. And if I was stripped tailored suit and what's it feel like to be a Pulitzer Prize one. It's it's a huge honor and it's it's a lot of it's a big load of validation. It's been a long time coming and I'm I'm grateful that they that they recognize my work. We're scenes and some your work on the screen and sure some of our viewers would. Be familiar with that it's indicated it and it appears in print. In all across the country what what's it what's that you hope that people take away. Up from your cartoons. I I hope they take away. That we need to be of more respectful of human dignity. That's the common thread that I try to weave through every carts and I draw whether it's about police brutality. About immigrants being separated from their children. Or whether it's about Donald Trump. In so many of day the cartoons we were seeing if you just put a couple of those back up. Did relate to the president they at this also have a touch touch on a theme that has been running through our politics in the past couple years Daryn and I hope you could sort of flesh this out force you draw a lot of inspiration from some of the racial tension. In this country and some of the incidences including the tree of on Martin case of a few years back. That have become such big flash points in our politics. Welded the trailer Martin cases actually. Why I got back in the editorial cartooning had retired for a few years to focus on my comments your candor real. Come by when when he was killed. I don't listening candor bill. A year later when the trial happens the George Zimmermann trial sort of turned into the tree while Martin's trial. People. People were quick suit to assume the chief they he did everything that George Zimmerman said he did because. It's expected of them just because the way he looks or where he comes from. And I think what. I think it's important that it. They're down that people challenged their preconceived notions that they asked themselves why do libel when my so quick to believe this. And I act that's what I try to remind people to do with my work. It certainly is thought provoking and does challenge a lot of preconceived notions from the pieces that I've seen of years. Daryn and I guess before we let you go I've I've personally have always been. A fan of editorial cartoons a subscriber of newspapers but. It's it certainly is a new chart in our politics and in our journalism. Why do you think it needs to be continued why is editorial cartooning is a genre. So important in our country. It's it's important because. People are hard wired to respond to images that goes all the way back to be meaningless to hieroglyphics. We've had editorial cartoons for hundreds of years and Reagan and they're they're going to be here long afterwards. I don't think it's a niche art I think it's the first thing people turn to when they open the newspaper. Yet that's a good way to put it. I stand corrected it sure is a lot of people do go right to the cartoons. Or the editorial page for that matter where your work often appears especially in the Washington Post. I Derek bell are cartoonist for the post a syndicated editorial cartoonist. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize the first ever African American recipient that award since I was launch in 1922 thank you so much care for Dresser and ABC news life. Thank you for Aaron.

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{"duration":"4:22","description":"Darrin Bell was inspired to create political cartoons after Trayvon Martin's death in 2012. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"62466442","title":"Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist takes on political hypocrisy","url":"/Politics/video/pulitzer-prize-winning-cartoonist-takes-political-hypocrisy-62466442"}