The race for a COVID-19 vaccine

Drugmakers prepare for emergency FDA approval of vaccines.
4:34 | 12/01/20

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Transcript for The race for a COVID-19 vaccine
Now to the latest on the pandemic in the crushing demand for testing after the Thanksgiving holiday every testing slot in the city of LA was booked for the last ten days. And a new government survey of state shows 13 to one half of them report testing shortages in the past thirty days. Joining us now to discuss the latest ABC contributor doctor John Brownstein is your doctor Brownstein. Ott thanks for being on how concerning is. Testing crotch when we're also expecting this post Thanksgiving surge a connoisseur just doctor Archie put it. I. I mean wasn't testing is always in dissolution. Partly get out of this pandemic arm he noted there's issues of course people are asymptomatic. Transmitting so weak limited resources. To focus on people with symptoms and has continued its highs. We know we're just. So you know to teach you how acknowledged that each had a transition zone. On testing those people. The only way to get things under control distinction is aren't just about clinical diagnosis and it also. It's your testing pop and you get people you expose and and you know people. We really get out from under us and got torched. And at home testing kids you know you can buy a home test for about a hundred dollars that you mailed to a lab and and you get resolved a few days a couple weeks ago. The FDA granted emergency use authorization for a slowly at home testing kids apparently less expensive than that and it gives results Oklahoman and a thirty minute kind of like you get with a home pregnancy tests so. Why can't we just go to the store and get one right now like we would. With a home pregnancy test. Yeah there's so much promise around assassinating and talking about this reminds right. He's had to test could lead so much trust sir did you see our rob a system action. If they can effectively scale you know gracious oh Cristi Jewish home and you'd be exposed other people here are as are others. On its east and she. Our prescription and why is just being there are so don't necessarily. Like new hole right. Now but it does open the door she refused she strips do weekly need a couple dollars. What we're trying to get you to start to deploy. All you really start today identify people or infected an instructor. Gives you'll solution we use words are combining academic today. Looking ahead. Hopefully tour and that at some point but let's move onto the vaccine from the government watchdog agency is warning now about potential shortages in supplies to administer vaccine things like needles so how concerned are you about got that someone could have the vaccine but then have no way to inject it. Do you listen I didn't read or heading into this sort of testing crisis again with the vaccine right so there's so much coordination. And parcels are receives that you just mentioned are dry ice needles are bile is any of those issues and it's like seeing stuff. Deliver vaccines McKesson which is a major buyer is starting to deliver these medical medical centers and medical centers are in need of first place is it an. Initial. Docks and how were your job I mean I mean how can we are ready to receive exactly how. You don't ice ready to grow. As the waves is these are millions of doses are and where and you don't worry about why were old or worried about the availability of a dose is how she doses or individual self. Law is contingent on how do you really good why she here. And the CDC's meeting today to make recommendations for who will be the first to get the vaccine after is been approved by the FDA. How significant is this given that ultimately it'll be up to the states to administer this. The stakes are charged slip this Ichi houses continued he is key to make she's recognition. Days all teens when rehab but his shot. It's a scored a priority groups that same thing here typical. Auction are meeting today and that's because the siege will see those recommendations on her eyes yes. It will develop guidance each armed Shiite and any somewhere that they are in this chain reaction essentially allowing states that implement Earl and which will likely be Milla said our group they'll be focused right. Doctor John Brownstein we appreciate your time is always thank you. Thank you.

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{"duration":"4:34","description":"Drugmakers prepare for emergency FDA approval of vaccines.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74489974","title":"The race for a COVID-19 vaccine","url":"/Politics/video/race-covid-19-vaccine-74489974"}