The race for the DNC chair is heating up

ABC News' MaryAlice Parks talks leadership with New Hampshire's Ray Buckley and his candidacy for the Democratic National Committee chair.
9:05 | 02/16/17

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Transcript for The race for the DNC chair is heating up
Hi I'm Mary Allen park you're watching easy youth. Life and despite all the other news going on around country and around the world as one other story. It might not follow closely its we are the Democratic Party in good. The process of electing a new. National chair and I think today by rain and Bob please share that. Hampshire state party and a lot of young black people running for the top the national heart. So unless I don't you didn't eat your third sack in an elevator pitch to members watched yet. We need to Molinari. Actually usual aren't possible sweet funny. Please try the state part of part of that was the last year and you actually. Kris philosophy are actually partners across the country these are always he has obviously welcome me and accepting. In these elections. Thirteen to Irish things with. You're. There that's me statement he let single greatest. Portland Cadillac. Sixteen. He needs humility strong infrastructure. On the problems I have to believe that we continued. Same old ordinance or what he has. Created. He was he was here he is the pros. He. EC partners feel awkward million dollars. The last eight years range was 62. Laws here. Back. Really companies it's part of the welcome pictures Democrats two six. From. 2010 honors for downhill from across cross country. We're not against actually lost figures in action but what we're Democrats we ever have any other news period in New Hampshire is being done because. We there's. Geez you. Carols are actually responded and we know that from operations without the support and easy. And by doing that we're hoping is emotionally working. If you raise. Turnout. Usually workings in the Democrats cross country have moral. Yeah. Grassroots support has not heard the largest grassroots organization that's next or. And Britain congress and he asked and ardently want that. Friar in this age well several other members of the USC. It's part two hopper and President Abbas labor secretary. So Tony I think he's chests. Well I think people look at who really any. Six operations. Especially in whose are actually about who makes our. Park or. And it ain't a cart like. And these workers. You know I feel water run over her care DNC. They all start off investments pensions. And then. The valley. She or. It's only actually consultants goes back to you he's he's century issues and organizations. Is really addresses. I think it's. Ultimately British right during this the last three months all the candidates really. Expresses our foresee arteries. It was just last night all you read an event. The answering questions hot supporter and protest. Perhaps it and it is the parent and a skiing in the future chairman Democrat currently supports. Progressives who are gonna run primary campaign is threatened from her campaign against. Grass they I cannot eat hot enough I'm trop. What do you what do you that's it is important for Democrats hit absolute opposition stance president trough. And would you back Democrats who are property operating. Prior child. 200. I assure our ten years yeah. Owners they process protection for the nation primary. Hillary. Edwards' whole cast of characters. Measured in New Hampshire. Where there's a sixty. Early. Race I always believe the party's usual. Every situation. So we just went through years or more. Hundreds and thousands of people cross country being very angry with the a skill on the outcome will be the international committee. I cannot be used holders of the nationally for peace be involved in the primary. Pretty close field or either coming. Four challenger. Race. Job party is she left that unhappy. And other organizations. All congress. Ash. You're saying is I think dutrow would be while she OT JD. Primaries. In answer proper time sitting acts. Certainly ups you. So. Or. We to our stories. There's. Us. He's used to be. Test for Democrats because toast when actually it's. What these. As well. Anti. Whether or not that he. Completely absolutely stance in opposition to every day and trapped so we can't Hurt Locker. Today. We are stars in the next few weeks hearings or if you are OK Janice worth it should. Crafts absolutely. Everything. Or car and negotiates and tablet. Some. Backed. He there are two different jobs. To elected officials officer constituents and end. Is functioning in a positive way war he. Follow. Opposition party. Here's to hold Republican. Elected official Kabul it's so. Yet the progress we should be complete opposition. She chalk. Should Arlington officials people who worked make sure that we are moving the ball forward you know. But I do think parties who are strong and outspoken opposition. Who at first I served eighteen years winners legislation. You know what it's like you deliver where people can even when you're using. The whole meal so when news. Or spears you hope that but that's really what matters. OK. And it's posse. To your cancer charity and her. One let people write each year he asked them act are. As small. It's important that people well it will end next week for. C. Partly as scrap that are related party. The party that missile. Or earlier how there are currently two for ours in this race that you might there would be. Physicians should be hitting me there if you hurt you. The roads ports behind us and yet that it's an act. Well. I figured out. And our view negotiating and he. I had conversations with all of our candidates. I think it's important Israel's move forward behind it. How could this contest. So I talked to all the more how we can all payroll but obviously clincher. I was I got it here. Immediately. All of them leadership post that you see and consider them part of the this or don't including. Other officers were selected. And we would immediately be his body of responsibilities news.

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{"id":45537719,"title":"The race for the DNC chair is heating up","duration":"9:05","description":"ABC News' MaryAlice Parks talks leadership with New Hampshire's Ray Buckley and his candidacy for the Democratic National Committee chair.","url":"/Politics/video/race-dnc-chair-heating-45537719","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}