Rachel Maddow talks releasing part of Pres. Trump's 2005 tax return

Maddow defended herself, saying "Like me or don't -- I did it right, as far as I'm concerned."
8:08 | 03/22/17

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Transcript for Rachel Maddow talks releasing part of Pres. Trump's 2005 tax return
It turns out that the new black. Has been good but some back. At Rachel math. And got. Under way since they immediately going after. Last week millions turned tuned into watch her release his tax returns as she joins us and hot spot right now we welcome does Clinton act. Okay. Yeah. Seem it's never been in better shape. So sweet you obtained a copy. No news 2000 spot bad tax return. Something many Americans have sort of been demanding just any tax attack that first thing that would curriculum crime when you know you like that when you knew you. I think I'm using this microphone that I'll have an Angel travels with her own nice yeah. And Atlanta. Barton. Well so the unless we. That's the first thing I thought when we got this call this reporter at attain what he thought of these tax returns my first thought was don't get cranked. Like it could this be a forgery and could this be some sort if you don't like make sure the stuff is real because obviously there's such appetite. To learn about his tax returns the only president forty years we don't have if his financial information hands. Simultaneously. With that we've got this increase knowledge about his weird overseas ties and there's people in his campaign. So there's all this topic or it's the perfect environment like somebody and so I thought let's. Make sure this is right we get a tentative yes we will break it if we can prove that it is real. And then we spent 36 hours trying to get the White House to verify it was real then they finally did knowing what there. Some speculate that from week to those himself to distract from other negative things and it was of it wasn't. Back damning the results like so you think that could have come from drop it totally could've come from John which is like. Such a bizarre human drama is that I. I just concerned the only thing that matters is is that document real. That's the story because we what we need to not always whether the president is conflict it whether he is making policy decisions whether he's making personnel decisions. That are just for the good of the country that might be benefiting him are benefiting that I he has money tip that's why we need to see how he gave that to you because otherwise it would be more pages with real information on what I'm. Super. Releasing the taxes with fake news and his son Donald through your tweeted this. Thank you Rachel mat out for proving to your trump. Haiti following how successful. At real Donald trumpet and that he paid forty million dollars in its axis at stacked axis. So that this actually end up making him look good and perhaps justify his supporters who call. This and you know everything else which hot but my favorite thing about those two things together is like okay. It's an amazing release at his tax information that shows these super rich and picked out of money in taxes it's really great. Also it's thick and it's illegal for you to publish them but I am happy to absorb either one of those punishments from the family. Yeah but look it's either fake. Or it's real you talk to pick one. Critics have I don't know how many years we know he's around. That is a built in Endesa at the 150 million that file his income. And and also that now. A lot that that tax that he paying it was because he sold that building whatever was to China. That's Chinese want is supposed to not I didn't act did not do is to actually hot hot hot. Back I was a lot of crazy stuff we know very very little about his finances I think one of the things that seems important to me about getting that little piece of it. Is that. It proves that you can release some of his tax information without it the world and it. He's got weird excuses for not releasing taxes. Under audit well every president has been under audio digital music I don't if all released their tax return so what's different average I don't well so why does he. Does the explanation for why he won't doesn't make sense we've now seen with me releasing these two pages that you could release it it's not necessarily bad news. Why are you so because he didn't give me the page is that deliberate tell you anything and them the tax returns at that you would get. Would indict him to. With the influence of Russia outline bulls and amble Sigalet it isn't. That this is that if the White House continues to insist that there's nothing in the tax returns it's gonna make him look bad at all and there's nothing to this rush to start. Charlotte yeah yeah. Yet some eighty a lot of heat that you just ruling out another hours the initially teased the segment of the they had to wait a long time to them by the time it had. Other news outlets were potentially on it so what do you say to that to people who felt that the roll out didn't didn't help your show what it was handled correctly well. For the most important thing here this it was figuring out this document was real. And then in terms of breaking the news I felt like my responsibility was still. Show the information to be transparent about where we got it from to talk about some of these issues in terms of that that sourcing issues honestly have no idea where came from it very well let it come from the president himself. But the overall issue being the importance of the president releasing his tax returns white so unusual that he hasn't. Why the airport even getting this little piece of information is beat so funny that's what I felt like I had to bill. Yes and I did it and you like me or doubt I'd get it right as far as I'm concerned south. This particular year. Import 2000 pot why why why would that be the one it is it that if they were too. When they released at themselves a Republican. And we don't know we have to see the heady years in order to know but. There are some interesting things about 2005 that make it potentially a unique here and his taxes number one that was his first. Joint filing with malign him they had never filed together before. She was ninety Ecevit all the money. I. Just fabulous sit at CM a C let's not get a citizen at that point she underwent her citizenship interview. The following year and one of the things went wecht what what you was 2006 is when she became a citizen and set 2005 and if I just filed this tax return. And if you go to US customs and immigration they tell you when you're coming and your citizenship interview make sure you bring you tax returns. So I'll it was very important to them having just become a married couple that does tax returns for 2000 I have looked. Because she. It's part for citizenship happen. Apple that's that's one thing there's also. As some on the other interesting thing going on in the president's life at that point is that some but it published biography that your. That said he wasn't a billionaire at all in that nearly got much money it's all a joke and trump what's. In arranged by apple filed a two billion dollar lawsuit against the author's book against them it's a set them but showing that he. But yeah that it wasn't a billionaire by showing that. Yeah he looked he we he made a 150 million dollars on now it doesn't it you have more. We don't know like it would. News 20062006. I panic at piqued your interest and want your hat you had. Out because you know when we were asking the questions when would when did citizenship happen. You know how quickly did it happen you know so me and after what happened after the Marriott she. Listen I mean she was a green card holder she was legally. A lot to work here in making come she was paying taxes they filed jointly it's all there is no reason to be as far as I can see which no evidence of anything that looks. Suspicious in that regard but if you are wondering why 2005. Might be hits you right next year right looks particularly shiny. And then god has had stuck circumstantial.

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{"duration":"8:08","description":"Maddow defended herself, saying \"Like me or don't -- I did it right, as far as I'm concerned.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"46306882","title":"Rachel Maddow talks releasing part of Pres. Trump's 2005 tax return","url":"/Politics/video/rachel-maddow-talks-releasing-part-pres-trumps-2005-46306882"}