Rand Paul 2016 Presidential Run Not Ruled Out

Kentucky representative doesn't believe "traditional republican" can win next presidential election.
7:03 | 10/31/13

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Transcript for Rand Paul 2016 Presidential Run Not Ruled Out
-- -- -- -- certainly provocative he is in afraid of the spotlight. He's considered by mania -- leader -- -- few -- think he's joining us now from Washington and don't think so much for talking to a -- -- if you are sent -- let me just up with -- basics and and I don't know where we're going with this question what do you want to be president of the United States how do you consider and that seriously. Well you know I think we've had some discussions in my family and with advisors about -- a -- take us at least a year to come up bottom conclusion. On the positive side I think that I have something to offer in the sense that I don't think the your traditional Republicans gonna win office again our country. We need somebody you can reach out to people from all walks of life. And I think a lot of the ideas that I talk about privacy criminal justice reform I think are things it could appeal a lot of people we haven't really made a decision yet. Well there's some but it but it's an idea that you're discussing -- your comment. Yes all right but and if you bought. Obama -- today secretary Sebelius testified. Before a house -- NBC's what she had to say. I -- is frustrated and angry as anyone. With a flawed launch of health -- dot gov. So let me say directly to these Americans you deserve better. I apologize. I'm accountable to you for fixing these. Problems. -- center. It's an opponent do you know should she respond. I think the problem is is that it's an argument for why you shouldn't turn over a large segment of the market economy. To government governments not very good at running things one of the reasons why government doesn't run things very -- they don't run it on a profit motive. A private company never could've survived something this launch and being so abysmal on a website that does it work. You'd never ever see this in private enterprise this is an argument for why you shouldn't turn over something so precious as your health care to the government. Help but can you make the decision between. -- the program and the website although those who -- different things. Well they're all the same thing in the sense that government is running it and government just not very efficient. If you look at private dinner five prize -- you -- -- say can can private enterprise distribute things like bread. Food electronics. Can they do at a cheap price sufficiently you can go almost anywhere in the country and go to a wall mar -- over Kmart. -- the private enterprise really can distribute goods well health -- is a good it's a precious good. But so -- food. And private enterprise -- think distributes goods better than the government because they have the profit incentive well I. I interviewed senator Ted Cruz this week and he told me that President Obama with abusing -- spot -- -- what he told me. I think he has absolutely been abusing his power and when you have a president who says. Regardless of whether congress acts I'm -- -- force my agenda on the American people that's wrong that's not consistent with our constitution protection. Do you agree with tender proves that but -- -- -- have you can follow. -- our constitution. Was based on some of the writings from -- askew -- he talked about separation of powers. The legislature. Senators and congressman should write the law the president gets to approve of the long but he doesn't get to legislate. So obamacare has had a lot of problems so far he's amended it fourteen times by either giving waivers or delays of the employer mandate. Now he's delayed the individual mandate by six weeks. Technically. And I think importantly -- illegal because the the legislature's the only body allowed to legislate. CF technically I think he has overstepped his role in his power as president. -- do you think Santa Cruz has hijacked the agenda for the Republican Party four point. You know I think he has talked a lot about Obama care and a lot about the problems -- -- -- think that goes across all spectrums of the Republican Party. Not one Republican voted for -- it's not that we don't have sympathy for people who don't have insurance we're also concerned though about bankrupting the country. Right now -- program that most people agree with his Medicare. It provides health care for our senior citizens but it's 35 to forty trillion dollars short. For every dollar that comes in in taxes for Medicare we pay three dollars in benefits it can't it's not sustainable. That's what we're concerned about adding a brand new entitlement program on top of one that's already short of money. -- as a journalist I I have to watch today's question MSNBC accuse you of plagiarism on Monday that it they accuse -- of stealing. -- live from Wikipedia from -- -- speech at Liberty University. So is this true -- same -- that you. Moral life from a -- again be aboard the movie got -- so what happened. Yeah. We did and I I let people know that well we we. We borrowed the plot lines from -- it's a movie and I gave credit to the people who wrote the movie. I also borrowed lines from -- Brad -- -- gave him credit as well. I think they're arguing about whether or not things are properly foot noted. And there are technicalities to this but. Nothing I said was not given attribution to work came from. I talked about a movie katic -- it is a copyrighted movie by the screenwriters. And I gave every bit of credit to of that plot line came from. The rest of it's making a mountain out of a mole hill from people. I think basically who are political enemies and have an ax to grind. Well because it seems that is not the first time the west -- boss -- they think that you growth of allies from the from Wikipedia and for a speech in June -- you know -- again in India OK I think once again he's -- a believer. It once again it's a disagreement on how you footnote things and I think people footnote things different. In an academic paper than they do in a public speech. But if we were to present any of these speeches for publication that have footnotes in. But a lot of times -- -- -- if you don't take the time to a footnote things. But I think it was very clear that the plot line was not something act created I didn't -- claimed that I created the movie katic. CS was absurd about this. The plot line from katic belongs to one person that got the screenwriter I gave him credit for that -- -- -- ridiculous to sort of say. You know he didn't do proper foot it's the and it's making a mountain out of a -- do you write your own speeches and answer. Or someone a lot of -- without. A lot of people participate in riding the speech is so they're not really attributable to one person. But the thing is is that if you look at any device features there's never been any indication -- trying to take credit for someone else's war. So really this is. Really about. Information and attacks coming from haters. The person is leading -- attack she's been spreading hate on me for about three years now and I don't intend for to go away. But also don't see her as an objective -- source. Central -- so much for talking -- Simon appreciate.

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{"duration":"7:03","description":"Kentucky representative doesn't believe \"traditional republican\" can win next presidential election.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"20734992","title":"Rand Paul 2016 Presidential Run Not Ruled Out","url":"/Politics/video/rand-paul-2016-presidential-run-ruled-20734992"}