Rand Paul Defends His Position on Gun Control

Whoopi and Candace ask the senator about his position on gun control and his feelings about semi-automatic weapons.
4:09 | 01/06/16

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Transcript for Rand Paul Defends His Position on Gun Control
So eager to hear what. Problems you have with the president's plan. We you know I think yes Kelly or I how did we react to the shooting of children. It's like anybody else horrified that to think that markets can head to school and be shots I think. When they're on the right of the left we all have the same sense of recoil at the horror of this. My main opposition to this is constitutional that laws as those two run it written by the legislature. And he's Ellison a big deal to congress won't do what they're supposed to do. The problem though is is if we allow the precedent of a congress dot passing laws and the president doing it. You might get very dangerous things like let's say internment of the Japanese. Or let's say spying on all the civil rights leaders were spying on the Vietnam War protesters died. That's I mean this it's all done because of too much executive power. The checks and balances are incredibly important to me and modest use one of a philosophers and our founding palace look to and he said that when the executive. Begins to legislate that a form of tyranny once it at a viewing. Position what would you do he can't seem to get any traction they can't get any or come to congress he has to come and talk to us in and try to work it out of ten of its continental hasn't done. Some on the I've worked with among criminal justice reform went up into the White House and I'm applauded some of the things he's done with commuting sentences of people who have been put in jail for ever for nonviolent crime. But with regard to this the difficulty is background checks I don't object to background checks. And so what we close the loophole of the private transactions. So they did that in California they close the loophole it's illegal have a private transaction. But in San Bernardino it still happen wine. Because it were to police private. Transactions and have. Background checks you have to know where all the guns or on the timing so what we fear is not the registration. Pending to fondness for most pro than people we don't feel there. The background. The background checks we feared the you have to register all guns in order to know with it to have a background check I just want to ask you this because. I'm McDonnell you know I don't mind that you know that I haven't done I don't you can come to my house and look for you can get all whenever you name. I don't understand. Why anyone objects. To getting rid. Automatic weapons automatic weapons to not put hunting. They do not that do not do. Only they're taking now and you'll notice that a lot of the things that happened happened with automatic weapons when we see that one always saying you know. Who really needs to have one other than people who are and export. True automatic weapons we don't have you know we banned truly automatic weapons and united embarrassed and got a lot of them rankled him grow we have is not automatic weapons or we have semi out and actually far in a fairly fast sequence that you can't pull the trigger and they come like a machine gun those are. Others are no longer I don't know what I was saying and you know what it is is that there's a repetitive fire. People do not with them and people do also to shooting in sport shooting and target shooting things with these guns. And come to conducting I'll introduce a bit there a lot of people who like and enjoy these as a sport. But the other problem is as if we going to take away ownership of specific types of guns. You really have to modified something that biggest either be legislation or even possibly a constitutional amendment. We can't allow one individual to do any I give you an example why. Let's say we had a terrible president that you didn't like from another party and that president said to view. You should hear of the things they're saying on the view we should limit their speech we should register the journalist and then we should have been approval port. You know we that's silly we would all be opposed to that. But that's the danger of letting a president make the rules even if you agree with what he's doing good now. You shouldn't worry about having a president have so much power to create the long with no scholarly that he's an a cup SI man there's no reason anybody. These to have an automatic weapon out so I guess.

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{"duration":"4:09","description":"Whoopi and Candace ask the senator about his position on gun control and his feelings about semi-automatic weapons.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"36126750","title":"Rand Paul Defends His Position on Gun Control","url":"/Politics/video/rand-paul-defends-position-gun-control-36126750"}