Rand Paul Ramps Up NH Campaign

The Republican Candidate makes it into tonight's GOP debate.
17:46 | 12/16/15

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Transcript for Rand Paul Ramps Up NH Campaign
Hey everyone on an advise here in New York it is debate night once again later tonight in Las Vegas the Republican presidential candidates. Will face off once again and two debates first the undercard and then the main stage debate what are those candidates Rand Paul. Just made it into the main stage debate recently and we've got insight into all the candidates have you covered of course. Four during an after the debates. But for free Paul we're gonna take you live now to Brad Melky joins us lives from a Rand Paul phone bank I believe it is they're ramping up there ground operations there. Brad tell us what you got on the ground there. Well good evening on the yes I'm here in Manchester, New Hampshire of course the biggest city in one of the biggest stakes when the comes the presidential campaign. And Rand Paul as much as much and we've been talking about Donald Trump and Ted Cruz this is a huge night for Rand Paul he was actually slate is not to be on the debate stage just a few days ago but in a surprise move CNN said they're gonna allow him onto the debate. On the debate stage because of a recent strong poll that he had. And so his people are released in the momentum and his campaign is capitalizing on that right they brought in. About two dozen volunteers that are working the phones just in this office I told it's one of three similar phone thinks that doing across the state. And people here seem pretty jazz. The debate is about to get under way. About what you hearing from those folks on the ground who are working to build support for him what's the message the folks in New Hampshire from the Paul campaign. Well I think one of the biggest message is the night is going to be just that he is a viable presidential candidate right we've seen him. Slipping in the polls the people here don't seem deterred by that but they're job tonight is convinced the rest of New Hampshire the day it is in fact the case because people here in New Hampshire as I found. They talk about it all the time its viability I don't want to waste my vote this precious vote that we have a New Hampshire on a candidate that might not actually win the primary. Or you win the general election down the road so there's a lot of undecideds out there in New Hampshire right now that inciting. Is Rand Paul or somebody like Rand Paul thing I want to spend a boat. Now Brad we every time we talk about their Republican field in the kind of lead off talking about from that front runner whose only increased his national need in the last few months. And gave us a little bit of a preview as to what we might expect to see from him into tonight's debate tell us a little bit about that. Below what we feel we've heard. A lot about Donald Trump in the past few days and we've talked a lot of outs. In the attacks that may or may not go on around him he's always in the center of things he's always makes an up with people in the last debate he saw. Rand Paul really take a run at him you see you you'll also see it I think. With candidates like Ted Cruz is going to be under the name on everyone's lips tonight and wondering if other candidates like Rand Paul take a run at him as well so recently it was still wouldn't see how that strategy bears out for Rand Paul and many others whether we're talking about Jeb Bush Chris Christie is also making a big run in the state right now a lot of people talking about him surging. But we'll see how it all goes down Las Vegas tonight and whether that has an impact here in New Hampshire. About a one at that topic has become a main issue. Not just among the presidential candidates but also among Americans Otis in the last month and national security because of the attacks and parents and in California. So where does Rand Paul bit into that conversation within the message from his campaign on that issue. What will Rand Paul has long been have a moment of of libertarians and you know which a lot of people equate with isolationism it's the word we hear all the tundra to towards landfall. He wants to keep America out of a lot of international conflicts ice Thursday in his view makes America less secure it's actually big waste of money and he's billing himself as the only true fiscal conservative and that includes. Military spending. Says bringing down military spending being done military presence across the world from the US would actually be a benefit of the US in the long run and in fact maybe what I'll do right now on is bring in one of the chief strategist for Rand Paul here in the state of New Hampshire my komando. Anne and Mike you know you're one of the heavy hitters you're constantly on calls him. What's the message of Rand Paul and. She goes and meets New Hampshire voters. Well it's been consistent that's. He talks about liberty he talks about fiscal responsibility. Of protecting our country. And he's been on Wednesday and we literally. Hundred meters he's here every couple weeks Hitler was talking with voters. You know in the tough questions during October and once again when he's hearing him. And the media has there hasn't been giving him what you're ultimately. What are the questions that voters do want him they wanna talk about national security took them. Which is predicting a few months. Keeping your questions on cross street and he's been talking with voters and in Pickens is it all and tonight not just one on one. Dozens upon dozens it is several people here in the exactly what's going on behind cellular. Typically make sure you know we believe we had a rather excellence and scream. We've been making thousands and thousands particles and so you know we're hopeful news this morning reporters photographers examples we're literally calling thousands. Today and we know that this about it so people who are. So we do here is we call these people. And we. Yeah he's definitely. Yeah we don't really him who. We keep calling until election. And so right now we're in your main headquarters for the state of New Hampshire this year Manchester offices. What happens in a place like this like what goes on day to day that needy you know Joseph voter in other states doesn't quite know what you don't know really isn't that you really. Can't you know her lot of time to focus on. This is the real hard and volunteers come and every day he calls the stuff male and doing yeah. Rants positions on different answers. You know it's a lot of strategy institute trying to target. Where you can make your phone calls where spirituality. You know we are talking to him so that happens everyday Heros happens and you. And so I'll give you one other question and what it. What is a sample script as one of these guys calls a random number. What are they saying into the personalities. About test on it and then it goes through and where they stand on the set of shoes and and we find out where this on the senators Susan mail. Tolerance calls about those issues and then. Most of them and being outside and talk there's a lot of people have decided to honor them. We'll do after that is when Wilson who don't follow and the only yeah. Look their phones and electorate. Also there you go on the day as you can see. It's a whole operation negotiator complete with a script to complete with male that you're gonna get insulted with at your doorstep when when you do end up picking a fun talking these people in New Hampshire voters get it. And you know I talked to so many people that are the in this objects of not only mailings and phone calls but also pulls people here old. Maybe more than anyone else in the country they're used to picking up the phone when it gets in the senate here. You make it sound so appealing Brad is getting assaulted by phone calls and mailers has become an ax here isn't right up until they actual pockets happens. And he had a couple of other people there you're gonna talk to relevant to this little more insight assets. How the Paul campaign lands there and what New Hampshire voters are looking for a statement. Yeah absolutely so let's take a look around the room here because SEC right now behind everyone's got each listen they're looking NIC Cindy. You'll turn the camera for a second tank. If it wasn't who have seen this isn't just a favorable news unbearable around her husband trying to do is find out exactly who they're talking yeah. Yeah yeah. Of the house. Hear about let me oh Rand Paul and pentagon and our volunteers right here victorious Sullivan Arnold Weaver you know from next phone call. Blood victorious the state representative and listening to. Remembrances especially it was to see how she goes on Saint Louis but it consonants answer campaign were free hand and I know right now. He didn't listen and see which side. Yeah he's. You know mistake you don't have to telling clients. Senator Paul. Yeah. And I'm. Yeah him in. Bosnia. Hell yeah. Not Yankee fan and I tell you can't Victoria Harry. Ask them did you sit would you tell us a little bit and look at look at what you're doing tonight. Which slumping calling people and asking them on. And honey if they. Get excited on it and was. Happy. About 11% Eagles and so on inside the lines themselves from eyewitness. Had a few good questions on their minds and wrong. They have a favorable or unfavorable opinion senator all. Oh yeah. And what they think yeah. You know vision an analyst and Hispanic. Most important issues. So that it can't tell what the most important issue that voting again and so if they say they are reasonable fan what do you say to them and this.

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