Rand Paul Rides Filibuster Popularity to CPAC

Kentucky senator is man of the moment at conservative gathering.
18:14 | 03/14/13

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Transcript for Rand Paul Rides Filibuster Popularity to CPAC
I was told I got. Ten and measly minutes. But just in case of -- third. Also came with the message. A message from the president. A message that is loud and clear. A message that he doesn't mince words. I think what I was thinking. However I think he may have distilled by thirteen hour speech in the three works. The president is that no one person gets to decide the law. No one person gets to decide your guilt or innocence. My question. My question to the as it was about more than just killing Americans on American soil. My question. Was about whether presidential power has limits. Lincoln put it well he wrote nearly all men can stand adversity. But if you want to test a man give him power. President Obama who seemed. Once upon a time. To respect civil liberties. Has become the president who signed a law allowing for indefinite detention and Americans -- Indeed a law that allows an American citizen. To be sent to Guantanamo Bay without trial. Now President Obama defends his signing of this bill by stating that he has no intention. -- detaining an American citizen without trial. Likewise he defended possible targeted drone strikes on Americans. By indicating he he had no intention of doing so. -- thirteen hour filibuster was a message to the president. Good intentions. Are not enough. The presidential. Oath of office states Ireland will protect preserve and defend the constitution. It doesn't say -- I intend to you when it's convenient. Mr. President good intentions. Are not enough. We want to know will you are won't you defend the constitution. Eisenhower wrote how far can you go without destroying from within. What you are trying to defend from without. If we destroy our enemy -- lose what defines our freedom in the process. Have we really want. If we allow one man. To charge Americans as enemy combatants. And didn't indefinitely detain or drowned them. Then what exactly is it that our brave young men and women are fighting for. -- you wrote that there can be no liberty if you combine the executive. And the legislative branches. Likewise there can be no justice. If you combine the executive. And the judicial branch. We separated. Arrest. From accusation. And trial and verdict for a reason. When Lewis Carroll's white queen shouts sentence sparse. Verdict afterwards. The reader's response is supposed to be but that would be ups are. In our country the police can arrest but. Ears can convict. Our bill of rights like no other country. Our beloved right is what do finds us it's what makes us exceptional. -- To those who would dismiss this debate as frivolous I say it. Tell that to the heroic young men and women who sacrificed their Menem's in laws. Tell that. To -- 6000. Parents of kids who died as American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Tell them the bill of rights is no big deal. Tell -- to Sargent JD Williams. Is one of my neighbors he lives in Auburn Kentucky a few miles from me. He sacrificed himself to save his fellow soldiers. Tell JD who lost both legs in an arm. Tell him his sacrifice was right but that we had to suspend the bill of rights he fought for. I don't think -- The filibuster was about drones. But also about much more do we have a bill of rights do we have a constitution. And will lead defendant. In his farewell speech in 1989. Reagan's -- as government expands. Liberty contracts. He was right government cannot give us our liberty -- rights come from our creator. But -- government grows liberty becomes marginalize. The collective. Takes precedence over the individual. Freedom shrinks. And our government today is larger than it has ever been in our history. Everything that America has been everything we ever wish to -- is now threatened. By the notion that you can have something for nothing. That you can have your cake you needed to that you can spend a trillion dollars every year that you don't have. The president seems to think that we can keep adding to a sixteen trillion dollar debt. The president seems to think that the country can continue to borrow 50000 dollars a second. The president is pleased we just need to squeeze more money out of those who are working he's got it exactly backwards. I'm here to tell you that what we need to do is keep more money. In the pockets of those who -- it. How ridiculous. Washington politicians today -- -- sequester. The president didn't -- world was he over a trillion dollar sequester that he endorsed. And he shot in the law. Some Republicans joined him. But that's a question didn't even cut any spending it just slows the rate of growth of government. Even with -- sequester. The federal government will grow over seven trillion dollars over the next decade. Only in Washington can -- seven trillion dollar increase in spending be called a cut. How the president the president's trying to step up he's trying to do his fair share after this question was announced he said. He's gonna stop the White House to workers who -- -- do this because they had these caps were imposed by the sequestered. But meanwhile. Within a few days the president -- An extra 250 million dollars to send to Egypt. You know the country where mobs attacked our embassy. Harm -- our flag and chanted death to America he found an extra two -- Fifty million dollars to reward them. You know the -- Country whose president recently stood by his spiritual leader who called for death to Israel and all who support her. I say not one penny more countries. But I do want to help the president. I have a few suggestions -- I'm sorry I couldn't have lunch -- today. Maybe he'll be able to see this later on C span. So what I asked the president if he wants to let the school children back in the White House what about the three million dollars that we spend studying monkeys on man. You really take three million dollars to discover that monkeys like humans. Act crazy on -- For president. What about the 300000. Dollars for robotics world. Now they wanted to study whether -- squirrel. That it doesn't wagging its tail whether -- being bitten bar rattlesnake. Only problem. They couldn't find a real squirrel to volunteer knocked away instead. But I can tell you the bottom line for the 300000 dollar question. A rattlesnake won't like that you know -- out of this world now wagging its tail. Mr. President maybe we can cut the robotics world before we went to White House two hours. Now for -- -- -- college students looking for jobs uncle Sam's got a job for -- The pace 5000 dollars all expenses paid the study is in Hawaii. But the requirements -- -- home -- only if you could qualify you have to like. The study used to develop a menu for when we colonize Mars. I'm not make it inside. Guess what a bunch of college students came up with -- the menus. -- -- You can cut one of these programs and return to letting the school children come -- the White House. This government's completely out of control. We desperately need a new course and new leadership. -- in the Republican Party is rooted in the respect for the constitution and respect for the individual. Part of that respect is allowing other Americans to freely exercise one of their most basic rights the right to bear arms. But you can't. Second Amendment if you don't protect the Fourth Amendment. If we are not secure -- our homes if we are not secure and our persons our papers. Can we really believe that the right to bear arms will be secure. We need to jealous. -- -- All our liberties. FaceBook generation. Can detect Paulson -- and I hypocrisy of mile away. I know I have kids. They -- the poor. Of the leave me alone coalition. They doubt Social Security will be there for him for them they worry about jobs and money and -- and student loans. They want leaders that won't feed them a -- crap. Or sell them short they aren't afraid of ask the FaceBook generation. Whether we should put him in jail for the nonviolent crime of drug -- -- and you'll hear -- resounding. Ask the FaceBook generation if they want -- bail -- too big to fail banks with their tax dollars. And you'll hear well now. There is nothing conservative about bailing out Wall Street. Likewise. There is nothing progressive about billion dollar in loans to millionaires. To appeal -- fans. The Republican Party -- to change -- going forward. To the classical and timeless ideas enshrined in our constitution. When we understand. That power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Then. Will become the dominant national party again. It's time for us to revive Reagan's law for liberty to expand. Government much -- But yeah. -- needed ruled movement was you know -- way. This month -- will propose a five year balanced budget. By budget eliminates the Department of Education. And give false power and money back to the states where they belong. 55 year. Budget will create millions of jobs by cutting the corporate income tax in half. It's. -- didn't know. Flat personal income tax of 17%. And cutting the regulations. That are strangling Americans as. The -- These stimulus. Ever proven to work is leaving more money in the hands of those who earned. Constitution must be our guide for conservatives to win nationally. We must stand for something. We must stand on principle we must stand for something so powerful. And so popular. That it brings together people from the -- And the right and the middle. We need a Republican Party that shows up on the sounds out of Chicago. And shouts at the top of our lungs we are the party have jobs and opportunity. That GOP is that the ticket to the middle class. The GO. PO old. Has grown stale. And moss covered. Okay. I don't think we need to name any names. Our party is encumbered by an inconsistent approach to freedom the new GOP. We'll need to embrace liberty in both the economic. And the personal -- If we're gonna have a Republican Party that can win liberty needs to be the back. The GOP. We must have a message that is broad. Our vision must be broad and that vision must be based on freedom. There are millions of Americans young and old native and immigrant black why didn't brown who simply seek to live free. To practice -- religion freely choose whether kids go to school. Free to choose their own health care free to keep the fruits of their labor free to live without government constantly being on -- back. I will stand for them. -- stand for our prosperity. And our freedom. And I ask everyone who values of liberty to stand with me.

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{"id":18731338,"title":"Rand Paul Rides Filibuster Popularity to CPAC","duration":"18:14","description":"Kentucky senator is man of the moment at conservative gathering.","url":"/Politics/video/rand-paul-rides-filibuster-popularity-cpac-18731338","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}