Rand Paul's Full Speech Announcing 2016 Presidential Bid

The GOP candidate officially starts his campaign to win his party's nomination for president.
25:19 | 04/07/15

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Transcript for Rand Paul's Full Speech Announcing 2016 Presidential Bid
That's strange. Glee here and does not mince words. We com to check our country back. Okay. Protect our country back from the special interest that use Washington has their personal be back. The special interests that are more concerned with our personal welfare. Than the general well there. The Washington machine that gobbles up our freedoms it invades every nook and cranny of art. But must be stopped. Okay. And. Less than five year. Years ago I stood just Elmo road around town and only dream. It's paying more. I wasn't supposed to win. Don't want all I will it. Stuff people last may that are you running. Answers the same now as it was then. And vision for America. I'm going to be part of a return to Ross spared. A true economic then lists all Americans. A return. To a government which strained by the constitution. A return of privacy. Opportunity. Liberty. Too often when Republicans have won leaves one underdog victory by becoming part of the Washington machines. That's not long and now are. For office the first just a few years again to truth is I love my life is a small town doctor. Every day I woke up I felt lucky to even things out. More importantly I was blessed BO do things that made difference in people's laws. I never have done it any of this without help my parents you'd. Like you. Okay. But my parents help I was able to make it through long years of medical training to become a nicer. For me there's nothing that compares with the help someone's. Last August knows privileged tropical Guatemalan commission. To get fifteen surgeons across he operated on more than 200 people. Line nearly blind from cataracts. I was grateful. Much drops back pier and users microscope and focus. On the task is to take surgical approach to fix a problem. One game autumn on rot until operated on his life. It's quite easy for the first time in years she begged him to get on the bus travel on. And come back to our searchers. New line mark acts actors are next day's wipes at next. As I unveil the apps from is not powerful emotional moment Burmese and looking at each other first time in years to see the face. As us all the joy in their odds this is why and doctor. In that moment. I also remember my grandmother whose art womanizer. She spent hours music here. It's sort of world point collection and annie's. Mr. the end oh gamer to inspect thing it's been marked in the old one points. When my grandmother's ophthalmologist she and her corneas lights. Also there when you receive this ad Mac McCarty generation had done irreparable harm to rounds. My hope. My hope that my grandma would see it may become an answers to make it different law. I've been fortunate. In eight to enjoy the American. I'm worried the opportunity you know are slipping away for our sons dollars. As I watch our once great economy collapse under now to expand in debt I think what kind of America while our grandchildren's. It seems to me that both parties and the entire. Political system aren't applying. And. The government and debt. Doubled under an. Republican administration. And it's about tripling under Barack Obama's launch. President Obama is on course to add more to cat then all of the previous presidents. Don't mind. We borrow a million dollars in. This best accumulation of debt threatens not just our economy. And our security. We can wake up now and do the right quit spending money we don't out. A this message of liberty. Is for all Americans. Americans from all walks of life. The message of liberty opportunity. And justice is for all Americans with the where's it. Our uniform or overall the white or black rich or war in order to restore America one thing is for certain. Week I'm not leave much not to lose our message or give up on our principles. The. If we can't simply. Democrat lite. What's the point. I. It jump all. Reclaim our vision for America we need to go boldly forth under the batter of liberty. The clutches the constitution in one hand I thought bill of rights in the. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Washington it is horribly wrong I fear it can't be effects from it we the people must rise up and demand action. And I don't ever balance the budget and issue forced entities. Congress. Has. Are all important don't force congress to balance the budget with Nate constitutional. Amendment. Yeah. I have. At Washington. And let me tell you. There is no monopoly on knowledge there. I ran for office because we have too many career politicians. Are. Now more than ever we limit the president to two terms it's about job we limit the terms of congrats. And. How budget reform Washington. I want common sense rules that will break the logjam in congress. That's why I introduced. The. Long. A few hours oral. And I. Will have. Okay. From the time I was a very young boy out talk the law and appreciate America. Love of liberty pulses in my bank it's not because we have beautiful mountains or white sand beaches well Lou. And not because of our abundance of resource is its more visceral than that. Our great nation was founded upon the extraordinary notion that government should be restrained. And freedoms should be maximize. America to me is that he. We are unique among the nations are cut and our country stands for freedom freedom archer. Our country's rebellious colonies and the world race and age. When Tierney threatened the world America led the way the world Nazis and pastures. Resolutely we still a decade after decade against communism. The engine of capitalism. Finally winning out against the sputtering and incompetent engines Angeles. American freedom are so intertwined that. That people that we are dying to come here. The freedom we have fostered in America has unleashed genius and advancement. Like never before. Yet our great nation still needs new ideas in new answers to old problems. From an early age I've worked I taught swimming lessons I mowed lawns I did. We're always gave me a sense of who I am. Okay. Self esteem can't be given it must be. A work is not. Punishment work is several more word. You know my son's work minimum wage jobs while they go to college. I'm proud of them as I see him. Realize the value. Art work. I can see either self esteem grew as they cash their paychecks. I have the vision for America where every one who wants to work we'll have a job. Okay. The works. There it's. Much of both parties the worst in more in the rich get richer. Other governments packages. Politically connected cronies. Taxpayer dollars by hundreds of millions and more families across America continue to suffer. An ambitious. It. Offer opportunities all Americans. Especially. Wrong. More than two trillion dollars. In American prof it currently shipped oversee. In my vision for America new highways and bridges will be across the country. Raising your taxes. But while lowering the tax to bring this American profit. Even in this polarized congress we have a chance of passing this. I say let's bring two trillion dollars home to America let's bring it home now. Okay. Liberal policies. Have failed our inner cities. Let's just get the facts straight they have failed our inner city. Cuomo and the poverty gap continues to widen. Mark with the king spoke of to America acts he described them as two starkly different American experiences that exist side by side. In what America. People experience the opportunity of life liberty. The pursuit of happiness. In the other America. People experience to date the ugliness dash is held in leaves only the fatigue despair. Although I was born into the America that experiences and leaves an opportunity. But trips to Detroit. To Appalachia to Chicago app review. What I call an undercurrent of money keys. It's time for a new way. Away predicated on justice. Opportunity. And freed up. The us and enjoy the American dream must break down on wall that separates us. From the outdoor America. I want all our children at the same opportunities that I. We need to stop that many kids in more neighborhoods to failing public schools and offer them school choice. Right. It won't happen now. Unless we realize that we can't borrow our way to prosperity. Currently some three trillion dollars comes into the US treasury. In the country to serve on re trillion dollars. I propose we do something extraordinary lecherous. What comes. And for America. Freedom and prosperity wrong. Can only be achieved if we defend against enemies or debt settlement act. Without question we. We must defend ourselves that American interest from our enemies. But in two weaning the enemy. Okay. Yeah. The enemy is radical Islam. You can't get around. Yet in the well do you whatever it takes to defend America from the these haters up man. And. National advance. Robust enough to defend against all attack. Moderate to ensure all enemies and nimble enough and are enters but we also need. Our foreign policy to protect American interests and it urges stability. Not chaos. Yeah. How conservatives understand it. Nick government. The problem not the solution. Concern should not succumb. Two in the notion that it government inept at home. Will somehow succeed in building nations abroad. A. And America what the national defense unparalleled. Of treatable. And encumbered. By overseas nation building. I okay. National defense that promotes as Reagan putting peace to extract. Applied Reagan's approach to foreign policy ran issues. Successful negotiations. With trustworthy adversaries are only cheese from a position of strength. We brought our ran to the table whose actions but I voted for. Now we must act strong. That's why I cosponsored legislation that ensures. That any deal between the US and hand must be approved by congress. It. Is that good policy it's the loan. Me that your reckons have a different interpretation of the agreement. They're putting out statements that say completely opposite of what where's. It concerns me that we may hit him or the president may attempt to unilaterally. And prematurely. All sanctions. I will oppose. Any deal that does not in. End our ranch nuclear ambitions and have strong. Verification measures. It. And I'll. Instead of the puck over him beat brought before congress. The difference between Obama my now he seems to think you can push. From opposition wins. Yet wine needs to realize that negotiations. Are not inherently. The trust but verify his required in any negotiation. But Gator Bowl all les should be an all Wii's use peace. Now. Us that it. Project strength. By borrowing money from China to send it to Pakistan. Okay. Else right. And it. Angers me to see mobs burning our flag and chanting death to America in countries. That read C. Millions of dollars in our floor today. I. Okay. Saying and I thank outlaw any all or did he. -- Okay. Okay. An event our country and we need to gather intelligence on the end. But when the intelligence director is not punished for lying under those. How are we to trust our government agency. Searches of America's phones. Complete records are un American and a threat to our civil liberties. I've spent accurate records. The owners I say that well records law abiding citizens are none of their damn. Business. Yeah. This is where light up the phone. The president is fast and it by executive order. And as president on dateline I'm we'll immediately. And is unconstitutional. Survey. Or. I. And have liberty and security and I will not compromise or liberty for a false sense of security not now not ever. The. I ask ourselves but we never give up we ours people. We must never diminish the bill of rights as we fight this long war against evil. We must leave our founding documents. We must protect economic and personal. America as much greatness left and we are still it's apps and we are still be oral. We will that we believe in ourselves. I see America's. Not enter or regret. Eyes tool. Necessary and ice and Erica we're criminal justice is applied equally. And any law that disproportionately incarcerate people of color is REIT deal. I. I see it America with a restrained dire rested cannot target. Cannot harass American citizens but their political. Or damages glee. I've are being Sudanese once again shining and beckoning with me to entity and ingenuity. With American companies offering American jobs. With your out. This message will ring from coast news a message of liberty justice. And personal responses. Today begins the journey to take America back. It. The rest. You are great country now adrift joined me. As together we seek a new vision for America. Today. I announce we've got L. Help of liberty lovers everywhere. And I am putting myself forward as a candidate.

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{"duration":"25:19","description":"The GOP candidate officially starts his campaign to win his party's nomination for president. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"30141543","title":"Rand Paul's Full Speech Announcing 2016 Presidential Bid","url":"/Politics/video/rand-pauls-full-speech-announcing-2016-presidential-bid-30141543"}