Reaction to the 2nd Presidential Debate at Washington University

The Powerhouse Political Roundtable reacts to the debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
7:02 | 10/09/16

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Transcript for Reaction to the 2nd Presidential Debate at Washington University
Guys haven't stayed right there there's no handshake at the beginning has represented defendants today. There it is right there. Donald shot than Hillary Clinton ending on a positive note she's praising his kids he praised her record as a fighter saying she doesn't quit. Not the way the debate started started out with a lot of fireworks. At the beginning Donald Trump called to account for that tape. That was released on Friday he dismissed as locker room talk although he did apologize and seems embarrassed by Hillary Clinton used that to question his fitness. To serve as president he came in with a counter punches. Accusing Bill Clinton a sexual harassment point is that women who brought in the audience that accuse Bill Clinton of that. In the past calling out Hillary Clinton on her emails even saying as president. He would appoint a special prosecutor to look into those emails saying the one point she should be in jail. Real differences expressed by the candidates to head over big issues like obamacare. And taxes and what to do in Syria. And the Middle East. Donald Trump many times making that point who Clinton's been around in public service for thirty years. Making that case for change want to bring this to tend to Matthew got so it was not a head we can see those fireworks at the top. Donald Trump probably providing some comfort to many is that his hardcore supporters by by how he took it. To Hillary Clinton my question is he win any new votes tonight. Well I think first is with the way this started which I thought was going to be a very extreme low it ended actually up hire them. Plane and I thought it was Gannett which is good I think that the conversation at the end was. A good conversation with a company each other. In this debate Donald Trump came in behind. And he was falling in the polls. He didn't improve himself he needs a win in needed to win. I think it when you look at the points in this debate over the course of the debate Donald Trump did find it moments she did final moments there was some lows on each for their sides. But it's basically I think you might get out slightly points to her. In winning the bait but it's not gonna make any difference in the polls she's gonna walk out of this debate the pretty south lead that she came into this debate. And Donald Trump really only has one opportunity to laugh which is the next debate the change those dynamic. One of the more remarkable moments and they David Muir was when the question of Syria can the issue of Syria and mr. trump was asked what would his running Mike Pence that it debate. Last week where he said he thinks he nicely should be prepared. To take military action against the Syrian machine bosh on the side. Mr. Trump's response remarkable. Yes he said he and I haven't spoken and I disagree clearly a pointing at that he disagrees with his vice presidential pick in this comes at a a curious time to say something like that for split between the top of the ticket and the vice presidential candidates last time you heard from. Mike Pence about Donald Trump was in response to the video the audio. And in essence Mike Pence at let's see what he says the country. During the second debate and let's see what's in his heart. So we know the tension within the campaign right now Mike Pence watching this and you saw the tweets of it blew up almost immediately could trump. Just publicly split with his VP pick on Syrian policy and whoa what's the temperature inside to Indiana governor's mansion right now this is a tough time. And Turkey these town hall debates always lead to questions about body language how this how the candidates approach. The question is what they do when the other person speaking some remarkable images there. There are because and I don't choppers close allies taller than Hillary Clinton so he was sort of looming over her. And at times almost peed becomes stalking her and that again is that this footage feared. Lit up with. With women. Tweeting saying. A he's stalking her and it's a strategy used to make women look small and feel vulnerable. I'm not sure it. Hillary Clinton felt that way but it is the way it came across. But you know he didn't do anything to make more of the Republicans go away from them is Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell and and Mike Pence. We're looking tonight they didn't see anything where they said okay that's it I'm going. See you think they're gonna hold items after proving that the Jon Karl as well John I you're in the hall tonight you talked about that begin at. At the beginning of this to date there have been so many defections over the last 48 hours to you believe. Based on your reporting during this debate that debt bleeding has stopped. I've been in touch with a lot of Republicans during the debate George and my sense is that he has stopped the bleeding I don't think it. He did anything to save himself with Republicans. Could have already jump ship. But I think that he will stop that that the wholesale departure of Republican leaders. He took the case to Hillary Clinton particularly on issues like obamacare convert emails and taxes. The Republican base will applaud those attacks on. On. On you know on Hillary Clinton will make it harder for Republican leaders to jump ship. But one thing it's notable is the absolute silence public silence. On the part of most Republican leaders during the course of this debate some of them were actually tweeting about other things Scott Walker the governor of Wisconsin. Tweeted about the fact that he was watching the Packers game during this debate. Boy that is fascinating Jon Karl thanks very much on that Byron Pitts right now because -- to talk about the big differences on taxes expressed. Tonight both candidates accuse the other of raising taxes on the middle class that's right you judge hear it affects a trunk accuse Hillary Clinton senses she's raising taxes. She's raising your taxes really how I would hear the facts on her a Hillary Clinton's web site. She says she plans to cut taxes just small businesses raise taxes only on the top 3% those making to 1000 dollars or more couples making over toward 50000 so we. Rate the claim in this trump as mostly false. And and Hillary Clinton's claim that his his taxes well according to a pyrrhic but I by the Tax Foundation and other groups they conclude that. A Trump's plan would actually quote significantly raise taxes for middle. Low income families with children especially large tax increases for working single parents we conclude. That that they the comments by Secretary Clinton true. And in and in the he'd have before we go to break does does this debate tonight. Stop the discussion. About cruelty. We saw on Friday. No I think that tape's going to be part of the conversation I think. One of the reasons institute reason for that first users likely to be other things come out which always happens and as we've seen these campaigns and second dump truck made a statement tonight. In the statement he said all that was was talk I never did those things that I said I did I never did those things which leaves a very wide opening for somebody to show up that that had. He had done those things and one number one in Cokie Roberts both John McCain and Vice President Biden in their response to Steve said. It what Donald Trump did woods sexual harassment all he denied. Sexual assault they said Leon Harris. Because if he's going after a woman without her consent that's what that is. And of course times have changed on that George I'm happy to say. So we're living in a world now where sexual assault on college campuses to something that we're very concerned about in the military in the workplace. This is not something the people see is locker room talk anymore people see this as a crime.

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{"id":42691077,"title":"Reaction to the 2nd Presidential Debate at Washington University","duration":"7:02","description":"The Powerhouse Political Roundtable reacts to the debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.","url":"/Politics/video/reaction-2nd-presidential-debate-washington-university-42691077","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}