Reaction to Vice President Biden's Speech at the DNC

FiveThirtyEight's Walt Hickey gets reaction from people attending the Democratic National Convention.
13:39 | 07/28/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Reaction to Vice President Biden's Speech at the DNC
Our multi and we ABC news here out of here. Vice president Joseph Biden has just wrapped up his big speech. That's really let it through. VP nominee to McCain and Barack Obama reflects delegates my number. The line. President Biden speaks. Okay. Speed when you yeah. It a different. What do you opening your compete tonight. Okay. Yeah. It's credit histories and identity card marked by means people honestly I was still in shock. It's hard to really take it and you know. From what it because none of the Obama administration itself by the president's gonna get at tonight's news talk about his accomplishments that you guys. Even the Obama administration and. OK so. There are. People off. Thank you so. All right make Acela spokesman. And stands. I didn't. Good thing today. Yeah its intensity. I'm hurt pain. My. Really. I am out. Stronger. Everything that we got. Where yeah hearing. Bringing yeah. The president's 98. Game we're. Anything we want him here. I'm really looking like having her go out alive either. I hear him. It's. We bring in here let's eat and a half hour. Headlines and I'll the last morning. Okay valued at the top three hitters. Campaign I'm really looking arts hearing what. Sir I'm like that's missing link in a few months ended. Thanks so much everything. Lot of things. Good thing ABC news line when he. Well we'll. Over here. All right thanks so much yeah. The Grady. It's. How could thinking what he wanted to hear proven descendent. Who have yeah. Me yeah. Company. Yeah. The end my resident. Called yeah. Having been integrated gave him. A break in and yeah. It's nice services. How long been a familiar yeah. It's okay. But yeah. Okay. We'll look easy you want to hear standard here that's. Hard news good capability. Game's great. Gillian and Jordan. There is very important that we. I went out. No they don't planning. Thanks so much. Although it isn't infinite. Yeah and many millions of again okay. Okay. Springs Ernie. They so. What he won't be hearing from President Obama. Here yeah. That's going to be a bold stands for. Five C wanting your kind of full throated. Don't ask don't. All and I want to hear. All right 1 evening some of its. Here is yeah yeah. I'm Digital Life. Evening it's not. You got pregnant on you little and unhappy with the back perhaps like. All right so early in yeah. All right folks in my view anyway and it's in the language. We're now what we're really really ever. It had apparently they really Smart about the election. Thinking something. Tonight yeah. This year gala standings. What do you think yeah yeah. So here me. My name is listening to spin on. You go after not. Gary and what do you look at the organisms and if we need to clean cement rough we want to hear. Oh yeah I don't think he's on the present Eyewitness News stands at around provide investment in. Right. The Big Easy. Upon its so we'll. We have. Period it. Here I think I'll go with the anyway and. Yeah. I thought. Americans. Here. Sign. Republican not running. Get up there and the arts here later. And that's the got top stunts you we're up against and her hand. Can't thank them and he's happy. And even listen to them because I'm from Nevada we have the background checks. Oscar has an initiative in line on the ballot he added. The bill in ours and it didn't pass and our governor his sign the bill. Cats. We'll signatures on and on you know I have. Trader Jones signatures. And we're very proud of them feel like testing. Here we feel like this nation has our back this illness. Meaning it has. He Johnny because I'm I'm I'm not so much morning. And I was thinking I. In the first place. I want to I don't want to hear every. I'm good want him. Person here about the only way. Are figuring out. In ours. First started getting involved with moms I got close call I am I feel certain I. Something on line it up right after. Hello and even an activist for every ten minutes right up just and he had excellent time coming up find it called on the net and on about it. Now you know unite. Anything about it and thank god. No place for safe anymore. Listen. Kids. Why now. Nine innings on six. That's slightly. Okay. Coming up Monday. Seeing happen is obviously a big night coming up. Michael Bloomberg just hoping that Senator McCain coming up man. Barack Obama thanks very much who now. Regulators I'm looking for ABC news next.

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{"duration":"13:39","description":"FiveThirtyEight's Walt Hickey gets reaction from people attending the Democratic National Convention. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40945984","title":"Reaction to Vice President Biden's Speech at the DNC","url":"/Politics/video/reaction-vice-president-bidens-speech-dnc-40945984"}