Reactions from the Fifth GOP Debate

What do Trump and Rubio supporters think of the performance and what were the candidates saying post debate in the spin room.
33:59 | 12/16/15

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I found on the Nevada in New York here well that is ex. The final Republican presidential debate of 2015 is over when it. A lot of heated exchanges a lot of national security we're gonna break it down for you post debate with some supporters from some of the top candidates from the that's last mainstays debate around the country Brennan alive first. ABC's Melky who joins us. From New Hampshire where he was watching the debates with a number of metropolis supporters. Brad what did folks on the ground and think about what they saw from their candidate. Well good evening Monday got here at Manchester headquarters in New Hampshire of course that's upper center of it all for the trump campaign. Got a big lead here just as he does nationally and people here really seemed excited by him they thought that he. Really held his own well you know you saw him spending large parts this debate not getting involved infertile for large parties it is fans here. Told me that they were fine without that they thought that he was keeping its head above water quite well. And that and they are appear enthusiastic about his performance tonight. I will bring in one of his supporters right now this is Alex and Alex you came in from from Massachusetts right from the Boston area wanting to drive all the way from another state just accompanist. You know office in seat belts on TV well I've never I guess and is excited about this can. Anyway having Ben and a long time I mean I I evoked an eyewitness who worked for Obama in 2008. So I've passed social bit my politics but. Imus excited for trump my guess is going to say. And Alex you know you you Donald Trump actually and went into the spin room right after the debates and said that she is. Committed to not running as an independence candidates. What do you think that you think he's being treated fairly by the Republican establishment and and I don't know I mean. I only get feed him fairly at all but you know what I think he's you know he's doing what. He's doing the right thing and I think he's he's making the right choice I think on the deport me away resonant pattern but yeah. So there you go on people here who really behind Donald Trump in some cases more than even the larger Republican Party. And a couple dozen people showed up here to watch the debate tonight. Rapper as much as strong as a candidate has been driving a lot of the congress on the Republican side. I'm curious what you saw there among his supporters as you mention. You know we thought we might see some time it was between trump and crews. Now coming up on his heels particularly in Iowa where their lock they're pretty close race. And even and he maintained that National League that's quite strong but. His supporters there react when he and Jeb Bush really went at it head to head during the debate. Him. Well I was gonna say it and as far as the supporters here a lot of the truck supporters I'm talking to really like Ted crews and they weren't necessarily looking forward to watching cruise and sunk it into a brawl of any source we didn't get the sense that that would be the strategy going in and indeed you saw a little bit more fireworks between bush and trunk and people here were pretty excited about that a lot of what you're saying. They aren't a fan a sort of the neo conservative movement whether it's bush or even John K sixth taking more interventionist views overseas. And they really got into it when he saw Jeb Bush and Donald Trump sort of go added new son Jeb Bush kind of get under Donald Trump skin a little bit and lot of people here jeering or whether it was at. Jeb Bush also Rand Paul got a few sort of raised eyebrows throughout the night. Yet that trump and we've seen over the last game debates and even at some of his own rallies weary and employs sarcasm and and the heated rhetoric toward some of his opponents we think it is tonight and Simon a little bit but that exchange was asked to step but it's an art. It's much more humble Connolly I mean did people there react to that today like seeing that he mentioned he'd be. Very fortunate to get the nomination. I'm and we feel very lucky if you did so from the Republican Party how to go over with the crowd. I think for a lot of people here is a no brainer I think we get the nomination of the Republican party of people here don't really see the appeal many of the other Republican candidates and one and actually take you back here to another supporter time. We're talking earlier and us what you think Ron Ron it and so what you think about don't tell us performance tonight. They did a good job. His work. Good work focused. And computing really get hurt someone's religion bush this needs to go back. But he stayed at a lot of the company that was going on that he doesn't happen on arguments that we're going out into it is the other candidates. For whatever reason I think viewers are. He had better timing you know when you currencies. Now a lot of the argument tonight you can tell what's gonna censor over his comments on immigration and Muslims and on on terror defense kind of think he'd handle those and you know all the controversy this week. That affected how you see chemicals. I think same at all and I that is his comments heard and read on if you isn't it apparently talking about it not little soundbites is alive it's a rocket miscues in the music. Is I think messages get into action council as it looked yeah and then and we really made up what you plaza in his order business yeah. And you guys came here together. What did you think of us. McDonald's and especially how he reacts with some other Republicans didn't need it really got under your skin as adults from supporters. Calling her personal. Yeah she could compromise don't like Carly Fiorina yeah. It's. Anxiety and omni sought Kelli arena interject several times especially shouting out. Over Donald company get an argument you hear a third voice ringing their and that was Carly Fiorina trying to get involved and some people here are not taking especially kindly to that. Now it does feel like Annie get it back because every candidate. Campaign strategy is to go into these debates in this very arena tonight was clearly to make sure that her voice was heard in a crowded field that night candidates up on that stage but as you mentioned. She was the one that we repeatedly sobbed breaking in. Not only with her fellow hinted that. I don't put people there and as among the top supporters had to say that there's been this feeling again and again the trump does not getting a fair shake from the media he himself. Brought up that's. CNN he is accused of going after him at including him in their questions just to get better ratings appeal with the people use him part to get better ratings. How did those comments go over with his supporters there. Bull lot of people shouting right back at the screen saying he's absolutely right he's absolutely right. He's not getting a fair shake from the media a lot of people thought they questions directed to him and other candidates were bogus when they went reference Donald Trump. And it's interesting when you talk about whether it's Muslim immigration or whether it's terror defence. At 11. Supporter he even told me he's not gonna shut down parts the Internet as he just said on screen that's not actually what he's gonna do he said if you read the art of the deal that you wrote back in 1987 right he says you've got to push for something even beyond what you think it's possible. And then come back to give it to actually want to even people here in the room trump supporters saying. There is no chance that he's actually pursuing some of these policies seem outlandish they are just part of his negotiation technique and part of this publicity campaign which I think everyone will admit it is it is of you know pretty effective one. Really interesting that even its own supporters are willing to give him that much of the benefit of the doubt to say no that's not what he really means when he says that he means something else entirely. Actually it's not we did see him completely changed tack when he came six. Senator Ted Cruz in the past he had called the man a maniac or a bit of a maniac. And tonight he basically said you know what I'd take that back you've got to maniac he's are ranked by mean he's a good guys. But that doesn't seem to cause anyone any concern yeah I among his supporters. There's almost nothing that Donald Trump can say at this point that would cause someone in this room at least triumphs to say no I'm not voting for him short of him completely changing everything he's out but when it comes down to individual policies. You'll see people here you know say that that they're on board with him because they know that he's not necessarily. You know he's not necessarily gonna say anything that they disagree with that much and that he's not necessary and he sort of street speaking as a stream of consciousness Julie even secure people. Here admit that and so there's a lot of benefit of the doubt as you say when it comes to Donald Trump's remarks even when he's clearly contradicting himself whether he's talking about Ted Cruz or any of the other examples human. I know it's fascinating candidates a lot of fascinating debate to watch certainly some of the highlights even though we didn't see too much of them still coming from Donald Trump. Still the national front runner when it comes in the Republican field so we'll have to wait and see. What happens over the next few weeks and ABC's Brad knocking joining us live from New Hampshire we're getting blown out to Iowa another one of the early caucus states were ABC's Josh Haskell. Joins as he was watching. With the number as head crews supporters. John how did folks in the room there tonight think their candidate did. Along that you can see behind me there's a couple groups of supporters. And I just went over some of these circles I said what do you guys talking about intuit and told me we're talking about how crews laid the smack down on route via. As being their favorite moment of the night itself. Of course you saw that's what split screen between Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. Numerous times tonight and that was definitely a headline. And also as our who have director Rick Klein notes of what's to come in this race you have to Latino communities in their forties. Very similar but tonight they really tried to lay out their differences now with a mean that stayed with a lot of crews supporters here. That's right that's I think a lot of people in advance we're anticipating there might be a cruise from showdown at the two front runners. An Iowa but it really turned into trump birth advice. And Cruz vs rubio how did folks on the ground there think their candidate did when he came to. Attacking senator rubio. I know they talk about issues of immigration and there's little bit on national security. What would it take their on the ground for house Wednesday. Well when it comes to beat a debate watch party you can teach a lot by applause by as non. And I definitely got the fuel and some supporters here it felt like their candidate tech crews got off to slightly slow start. Some of those. Conversations between him and rubio but as the night picked on picked up they felt like Ted Cruz really. Hitting rubio were counted on immigration on the king of the every time the game to date was mentioned even if it was by Rand Paul who let's mention also get a little bit of us smack down on rubio tonight. The crowd went wild here that that term being of the amnesty something that they get excited about but I'm not want to bring in a supporter here Don Jennings. And I want asking the question you just asked me Donna what moment sorry Don what moment really stood out you'd. That's I remember the most when cruise news explaining immigration issue. And many instances and now have gone from pay for the walls and I thought I'll never forget that. As the classic lines tonight. Hear that on the it. Apparently one of the Polly adding that that comment I thought both pleaded about port for war and that you know that's gonna become some kind of Internet team over the date it happened. I hope but I don't think seriously why I date back to talk with a minute vocal band about what they hope to see from Cruz in terms of how you started and fell. I'm at a point that he made it all those boxes that take. Ford supporters tonight. Yeah let's pose that question to Don are on our anchor. In New Yorkers wondering Don. You had some expectations for your candidate coming into tonight what he had to do you how do you think he performed and did he act like the front runner in Iowa effort. I think so I he acted just like I expected in Q and. Didn't buy and name calling her I think which is that kids through. Does he is LaMont do you and I'm grateful because Easton of the crowd and then. Area all the way through you're also talking about the constitution cruel and the other thing is he had. An injury time with him. You're so trained in the constitution that he filtering all his. Those issues through the constitution. And and that's what I think is that we would just restore the constitution this country itself most of its problems and cruises has been so trained since the teen age. He was he memorized. Handling fourteen years old and any spoke not for. Rotary Club. Luncheons. Music business. Teenagers. On the constitution and that's unbelievable it. Parents would be just aren't their sons and daughters were taken as a replacement and culinary you know and in his so it's part of his. Core values not unlike all the other candidates were learning it as they go along. Thank you so much Don and I'm not want to bring in one more crews supporter and I do the same question this is Lindsay hacked. Mark Dallas County she's one of the Dallas County chairs protectors get Lindsay. Did take crews checked all those boxes for united of why you support him in Haditha keeper form I think it formed an awesome again. Heat what you just stated before me and the one thing that set up in what I every street it was that does mean is that he said the most important decision for voters. It's that they make. They make their decision based upon their experience. Vision and judgment. To the American home. Sell and for the next commander in chief I believe that tankers has proven that time and time again. I mean at the beginning in the debate. He's been over any any should Donald Trump can't do that it's classy. That doesn't mean and that's gonna serve our country and serve it well and he knows he knew he knows what he's doing. You hear that on this although Ted Cruz didn't go after Donald Trump and have a lot of big moments tonight. A lot of people are talking about of course Donald Trump. That's right does not look like that the party is beginning to wind down and that really married got a vacuum is running in the background so we'll let you clean out of there along with everyone else. I think ABC's Josh Haskell out in the field and Iowa us. There way is Ted Cruz supporters I am joined here in New York by ABC news's political director Rick Klein who was watching the debate. Minute by minute rank. He guy I saw a lot of old fights Assam new flights and some fights that were not at all first. For the old fights. I think there's one very important one that we saw that's going to continue for a while that is. That is Chris Christie going up against Rand Paul another big one is Marco Rubio and crews. The fight that I was most impressed by light years away was jet was involved they really factories may head in Jeb Bush used to not want to engage at all with it is now suddenly saying I am when entering the fight him. And then I think lastly it's if you looked at the ways by development didn't developed between. Two men in the middle and Ted Cruz and and now presents opportunities after it right he's not to do it trump. So generous and it is cruises got a great temperament and any recommit step trump does the saying that he will run only as a Republican not as an independent right ruling that out it's like he was just and generous mood. That I very deliberate about not getting baited into taking on his. What is really his main competitors there and I and it's a hard thing to do because you you you everyone's trying to that the questions are primed for that you know the outcome will fight you. I invite you to the death that he needs still and that's great Friday but Ted crews decided not to. That that's not what he wants right now he's still hoping to inherit a strong supporter she showed a lot of discipline there he was been concerned with another senator Marco -- the two of them and that is one to watch I because those two men. 44 year old first term senators both Cuban American they see each other as the main rivals for the nomination for the presidency so they have been feeling each other out for while heating each other from afar and then directly engaging tonight. But that Jeb Bush Donald Trump exchange that was very heated that really seemed to get under Donald Trump skin as well that was where we really saw him revert back to something that's sarcasm and Allenby. That the bullying kind of behavior we've seen from time to time that here from from most of the debate. But what is that tactic where does that get bullish is that just him punching up. At the front runner trying to get a seat back closer to the middle of that day. When he was in the middle he wasn't fighting and as he's moved further to the wings itself was quick to point out he's been more ready for that fight because he wants to get back so yes it is punching out. Is saying that he needs to get back in a conversation and mostly on its about him saying. I can re clay in the Republican Party. From itself I can be the one that stands up to this guy he considerable and I'm the one who can say this guy is not kitty fit fit to lead. Most of the other folks on the stage they've seen the consequence of fighting drunk they didn't try it tonight because it really doesn't work Jeb Bush may no longer have a choice. Speaking of someone you seen the consequence of the fighting tramp the man directly to his right tonight doctor Ben Carson. What it winds that we saw from him that you see is sort of her reaction to the trend he experienced over the last month or so he took big hits. Well as national security of foreign policy credentials or lack there of many might say how did he do tonight I mean if he even silicon tender. He was barely there and I expect that he needs further in polls based on performances like this doesn't seem like he's part opposition he was invited in. Directly by the moderator to take a side on every controversial program around. Run NSA surveillance he said I'll let others like this out you know one moment a lot of people who tweeting battle line is that moment of silence that he had at any opening inning. You don't want vs saying it was like he is mostly party that just began and you know not to belittle that important moment of silence it seems. As a stand in for arsenal the lack of engagement this is not his comfort zone this this campaign has become something he was not prepared for a large part he's attitude on the fly. But he a lot of people disappointed that performance and it just it just wasn't part of the game tonight. And at this stage of the game you know people want to see more from their candidate they want to see that they're willing to take on some of the others and take on some of the top issues. We've seen Carson begin to fade and he needs to try that route sale of series of these issues like any Asian and under a lot of tough questioning tonight you didn't see anything I think. If you're an undecided Republican voter that sent a giving Carson is the guy that I want to have handling national security and foreign policy debate it was very heavy. On the issues that are concerning a jittery nation right now. I want to ask you one last thing about Carly Fiorina out BK HT to take on a bit of a different the different tax tonight making sure that she broke and not only. Two other candidates on stage making her voice was heard and making a point today I'm gonna Reagan when he too. But also to the moderates the out she's that was different to what we CNN last debate. Yeah and I think he's she's trying to put his outsider thing is that these people are fighting over things that people don't care about you're not asking the questions you're not getting engaged in this. You have to be careful and you try to work the rats like that because it feels like you're complaining after awhile right but the thing is I think it's a similar strategy for John Casey Chris Christie's on extent. You want to position yourself against all the bickering all the infighting I think Christie had a lot of effective moments where he said. This is not what people care about and this is not that the kind of decisions that matter to me that's safe. And if you can if you separate yourself from that it seems to work but it do you run the risk of not being fully artist or so. I think Carly Fiorina as we talked about a couple of early duties that we're just terrific for her again since then had a hard time establishing a rationale while. They Whitney as we go now to the site of that debate and an ABC news is. Charlie James who was watching that debate live from the spin room I think is experiencing some of that post debate. Ground rock that happened Charlie what's going on where you are now. I am kind of content screens used drums right now on in front of me isn't Carson here. And behind me now is the Donald Trump they have managed to. Keep a trump he's from happening by setting up a rope line let me just turn the camera if you look at what it looks like. Does the drugs. We'll debate Romney added up all the reporters. I'm running around Donald comes. After the front runner has lacked. The debate stage but it was eleven and Wednesday. A little bit too far wait to hear what he's actually saying you can't handle more than that has clicking that the cameras. There is everywhere is trying to get into the front runner. After this debate. That turning anything give us a sense of what's going on in the rest of this sentiment that threw into absolute chaos closed today. We'll definitely and it's. It is around mr. trump here I mean it it it seems that they've learned from previous in room incidences where everyone. The Russians to try to get to him ending this times that. Area air around like drunk. It does. Speaking of the tracks though that there is today it's paying divider between us and he's also with his wife Bonnie. I'm doesn't always come out meaning that as soon as you. To fighters on the other candidates. And I'm so far. Carson. That night. It on the floor right now but Carson went up to do an interview and one of the platform and then. Came down on the floor but hasn't right now things definitely. Seeing. Crowd. Trying to get. A glimpse. Anything or heard anything. As it's certainly a lot more crowded in there now as you mentioned it would be that it was right after a vis the so called undervote undercard. Debates and those candidates coming out system art trumpets coming. This doctor Carson on this and you having seen any of the other candidates we know we expect them to come. So there aren't people holding up placards and names but they have not come out yet sometimes needy stagger. When they come out and sell ads for example in everyone's trying to talk to the Donald Trump. They don't miss out on the other coverage though it's possible that they are waiting for their first. Donald Trump to leave the floors so that the journalists opened up a little bit more availability. Of silent. Donald Trump making or anything he's on the stage CNN saying that he would not run. Independent no matter who lives. So that's gearing up. There's been some anxiety. Overt within the Republican Party about whether he intentionally launches an independent run. It's doctor Carson. Had hinted that as well this week. So he sorry making money and why yeah. Anyone around him to turn the camera around I'm not talking below that mark put it looked like. With a Republican establishment. Think mr. Austin what you think all the meetings this announcement keep itself. America. Read about. I always. We gather much. Steve land you in Kenya. The policy we TDs to tackle its under. Well I think there. We have to do. Job 800. Because that's how they didn't. An elderly tomorrow. Everything this time. There's. Claritin. Grab. I didn't. I don't. Wayne Parker Bowles has raised. It's been. But I am very. The news yeah. Somebody save on high alert. The city ninety I would nice yeah. Are you probably noticed as. A. Thank you need. I've got a visit. This. That person on the moon and all the reporters on the mantle as well it looks like the trump. Group. It's on its well so coming up yeah you read. Next on the. Yeah. Excellent job telling us in good condition and that's from there my friends. Imus thing my arm mock they're getting much stronger airing this outlook sees. We got Elvis did your arms out there and hold an up front lines I'm Mike. Sneaking into Indy looking Randy Katz. Get a position we are working hard but it definitely an athletic events and hope that I. They humans are taking a look around. Yeah your way and she's talking to CNN and actually I'm client needs care. It. Kate good. You can't you right now. When that I think I'm and that's what and it seems to be happening third. We barely heard from him on this aids activist group that is really gonna take advantage of the spin room to makes in his wake. Aaron Gray. Yeah a lot of times the candidates to make themselves more available in the it didn't get as much time in any case it was one of the candidates that apparently named this the cut off for the eighth. I and may have felt that he didn't get. That much time we didn't hear from him time and up pleasant. Let's consuming as much of trying to cut into that today and he was in the last month and not. But that's the moderator is a lot that the prize for that witness news anchor at this time. We thought a number of time. Talking over the moderator send trying to get more time. But it seems like every every debate there's one person. It definitely arson lottery. Lines. Grandma. Putting an interview. So it looks like this time around because it's a little different scene there's been. Pioneers. Dividing lines and other around the perimeter around the rest. Last. A lot of things Canada's far. Going into any interviews on inner city before coming up on the floor and let's see if we can get along strokes behind me here. Purina pets. As highly excellent parent my husband's a pilot Eileen Kaufman about the Clinton by as a basically fascinating. A live camera positions right where where candidates may go to give an interview people before they come down. To speak to the generals from an in groups of them that's right side they're keeping you from the candidates are a. Mountain. The BE. Positions that television stations up nearly there aren't here every day. And and there but this time with their continent and the other one there is this divider and then this. Sort of lane right here. Candidates can enter. I hear. And then walk down his trial instead of having to go directly into. Brown so right now. Look it's not coming down. There aren't children with hearing. So it looks like that candidates taking advantage of the the times. Before being mobbed by all the reporters on this than. Flags. I'd make the rounds. I'm help and hearing and talking. You're in his. Radio desk. I think that nine candidates on the stage each of them is going to be taking full advantage of every opportunity to get their message out there tonight. In this very room and seeing what. Charlie James live for us in Las Vegas and taken the hang NFL no longer seeing it everywhere and atmospheric talent. The candidates out right now. Surrogate talking work crews for example uninsured that crews cuts in the big night sparing them the other candidates. So. I'm sure that you will be high on all of these reporters lists. He believes he knew as well but I'm night you can see definitely a lot of greens here right now we talk before this today undercard of the day. Then continued in another debate as ever about it even. Harley fans live forever in Las Vegas the thanks of the final Republican presidential debate of 2015. Only six weeks ago before yeah and in the early caucus states. Thank you so much for joining us here tonight our coverage here New York country. They live at a news. Oh. Five.

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