Recap of POTUS joint press briefing with Italian PM

ABC News' Shushannah Walshe, Ron Claiborne and Jon Karl break down the press conference with President Trump and Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni.
18:01 | 04/20/17

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Transcript for Recap of POTUS joint press briefing with Italian PM
I think that was the joint appearance. In the White House at the White House though president trial courts and the Italian prime minister Paulo genteel Loney I believe his first visit to the White House and beating them president the first time. Astronomy assist on our Waltz via. Deputy political director here at ABC news. Before we dive into what was said there isn't a little bit quickly these meetings they meet together briefly to hold these press conferences they shake hands they talk about areas. Of Bob mutual interest trade counterterrorism. And then they go back. And have another meeting because the president said the news gonna go back and ask. The prime minister Thai prime minister about the contribution to NATO. A rather pointed. Jog there about the question had to do with whether the it to Italy was paying 2% of its GDP. The questioner said that it was under 1% and presentation he intended to ask give an answer that question himself. So what they go back now on the talk about more substantively. The issues that they outlined their going to be speak. Map right now the hard work gets down and you saw that would that question. That the Italian prime minister said that they have limited. Budgetary. Funds in order to get to 2%. And I looked at the presidents. Body language when he said that any. He was scout. So it's clear that in this private meeting now they will discuss this this is an issue that's important the president. He discussed is meeting with Angela Merkel bid that German and prime minister when she visited the White House. So. Hey it's clear that after kind of the pleasantries as well in this. Now that one of the things we also talked about or counter. Terrorism efforts and the president made a remark that I took no doubt he said. That the Argus the US is effectively ending ridding the world. Of the ten out threat of prices to what what is he talking about here what what does he alluding to he believes that that the US is. Winning the war a concise as right. Well she said in the campaign said during his administration that this is really his number one priority. He he was asked about Libya and he said that we were all ready in other conflicts about using those words. But that defeating ice is is there Pryor is his priority and that's another issue they'll be on the table for. We'll put McKee he seemed to be saying receiver early that we're winning or or succeeding in ridding the world vices that's what on what basis. You believe he's he's. Making this plan. Well you know I think it's hard to say if it's any real basis or it's just hyperbole which of course we hear a lot from from the president we heard on the campaign here now. But yeah it's clear from those comments that he believes. At least he wouldn't want that country to believe that since he's become president that they've been able to have make some inroads in fighting this. OK and ended very briefly he was asked about B a V breaking story beyond points per right now in Paris in which it appears that a gunman. Opened fire. Ambush them police officers on the straw Israelis say. We're hearing one police officer. Killed another at least one other possibly two rushers they entered and the assailant. The gunman. In that accident happening just two of making an hour ago was taken down was killed. When police responded president was asked about that and he said it looks like another terrorist attack. It never ends we have to be vigilant rather restrained remarkable presence. It is restrained but it's also ingesting and such a contrast with his predecessors. That this was happening right of walked in Akron it's clear he hasn't gotten full briefing. But he still is willing to to use the word terrorism say it looks like it could be terrorism. That's not something I think that you really soft from. His predecessors who would be even more restraint until they got. The full story yes it. It could be argued he did capture a little respite and riddled it looks like it's it's not good say and it's not really the president's style down to it to county too much he got out there and says. What it looks like him and also. That it never seems to act and and another son. Opening. I opening statement. Yes of that that story ongoing now and we in fact do not know. Been nature of that attack just that a gun ban gunman. An assailant opened fire and police officers and Charles elysees one officer killed. At least one possibly two others injured and that assailant killed matters currently under investigation heavily secure is seen as you can imagine. Probably thousands. Visitors and Parisian. On those streets at this time of another market that struck me as curious he was asked about among other things. The Iran and North Korea and made a remark about China. Which was a bit cryptic to me maybe you're more familiar with this cryptic remarks. That there are. Been some very unusual moves by China eyes I think you sang with regard to North Korea just in the last two or three hours and yet it would. What that means. If he HTC is there for something specific. It he he also. But he was acts about North Korea seemed to also be. Referring to something specific that radical and wealth for the united Bradley good position where an organization and so I think it's it's unclear right now exactly what specific moves that he's talking about but it seems like he was. Out referring to son some information that he may have. That is possibly. He was also asked about you rot. And whether they were violating that nuclear agreement that they are beholden to with Europe and the US is a signatory to. He said they were not living up to the spirit. Of the agreement accident a couple of times that if you if you taken literally that's that sounds very different than violating the agreement doesn't. It does sound very different also in that same response again said that it was a bad deal that now countries should have gone into. I think he's repeated over and over again but what actually happens. You know acting remains BC what was interesting. I'd on the campaign is Walt some of the his Republican colleagues said we should just rip up the on the he would say well I know a lot about deals and it's hard to just ripped out a deal. So it I think that he's kind of this is one issue that yes moderated his remarks in news that. You can maybe it was a bad deal to get into but just care and a parts not gonna work. I believe we have Jonathan Karl the senior. White House correspondent on where this right now Johnny there. I am in Iraq they jump from. Any idea what the president was referring to when he made that remark about some interesting or unusual moves by China in the last two or three hours. I have absolutely no idea but it's certainly caught my attention. I don't know that was something he got any. You know and a national security beat briefing or what he was exactly talking about but the White House has been talking. For the last several days about China's role in North Korea in a very positive light suggesting in fact Sean Spicer suggested. Earlier this week that China is. Acting in historic. Ways to pressure the north Koreans he's mentioned these coal shipments. Unclear exactly what the details are on that. Or how much China is actually doing you know I've. Been covering Ron and I know you have as well the the North Korea conflict. Offer for over a decade this concern about their nuclear program. And I have now seen this is the third administration I've seen the Bush Administration that's in the Obama administration and now the trump administration saying. That really the way to pressure North Korea the only real way to pressure North Korea is to get China to pressure North Korea because. So much of China's so much of North Korea's trade obviously as with China the United States has virtually no. Economic contact whatsoever we have would North Korea so our sanctions don't mean much at all. But but China they turned off fuel supply at the tool that turned off trade which North Korea could really do damage. I don't really see in any the public reporting any indication that has really happened yet but the administration suggesting. That it has started. Well he certainly have implied that there that something's going August when a pressure North Korea but nothing so far that we know of is that right now that's right. Are on Iraq and the president and he said it twice was that they were violating the spirit if not just talking about the spirit of that nuclear deal. But he did not seem to be saying that they were violating the deal is a fine line he's walking here. It is in and we've seen the administration walked excellent secretary of state Tillerson. Had some very. Harsh words for for. For or Ron. Just yesterday but he did this apt term. He certified in a letter to congress the yes. You Ronnie and are complying with the letter of the nuclear agreement the point that Tillerson was making and I'm sure it is what. The president was referring to as well. Is it even as Iran appears to be in compliance. With the letter of that agreement in terms of what they're doing with their nuclear program. They continue to support terrorism throughout the region as he remembered the way this that deal was negotiated. He was not about containing Iran in terrorism. It was about. Curtailing their nuclear program and the Obama administration was. Quite candid that there would still be concerns about what. Iran is doing in the region. What we want but they wanted to get the nuclear program off the table with the president is saying and I think in terms of saying it violating the spirit of the agreement. It's OK so if you're doing what you need to do in terms of your uranium supply your centrifuges. You're turning all we need eternal and nuclear program. But you're still spending millions of dollars to support terrorists a high in Syria and throughout the Middle East. That that that that is a major problem as far as this administration's concern what Ron. We've heard no point blank declaration that they are going to terror up that agreement or back out of it as candidate Donald Trump said that he would. Yeah I noted that he he's accusing them of violating the spirit but not saying not repeating those remarks that he made. Rather vociferously repeatedly. During the campaign before we let you go Thomas let me get your your thoughts on the president talking about health care. Yes it was if you BAC to take umbrage at the notion that he somehow lost before and is counting in terms of this is evolving getting better and better. What is your understanding of where we are in terms of a health care a second try coming up and wouldn't be any time soon. Realistically. I am told by Republicans on Capitol Hill and senior advisors here in the White House. That they are going to make another run at passing health care remember they pulled it before they actually voted on it. Before they went out on their on their Easter recess. So there is an effort they have made changes to the bill. That meant most significant changes are to allow the states. More control over exactly what is required health care providers. Under the health care law. Obviously a significant concession to the to the so called freedom caucus the the conservatives now's the tank this bill. Whether or not will be enough to get them to vote yes is on cleared the White House is hopeful. That it will be but. There had been speculation this could happen as soon as as middle of next week. I talked to a senior official here's a short while ago said that sounds wildly optimistic but they do believe that there is a chance to and other chants. They can actually pass this pass this bill least announced. I think that would be palatable to to the conservatives in the GOP. As well as more moderate GOP members that's a real. Yet about the Idec there. The idea Iran it is. That you a the conservatives have been saying that they wanted to do away with all of those requirements the so called. But you know essential health benefits that every health insurance plan must provide the conservatives had let you know let let let health care companies. Sell whatever they want people buy whatever you want the moderates say no we've got to have certain guarantee coverage so this compromise would say. Let the states decide. What the health care providers must provide. So those moderate Republicans if they are in Blue States with. Republican governors and Republican legislatures. Those Republican governors republic legislators. May decide. To keep all those requirements and the red states the conservative Republican states may decide to go to different different tact so they believe this is a way to bolts out of flat the conservatives. But keep the moderates from anyway but I gotta tell you Ron. Even if it's enough to pass the house to get the votes they need to pass the house. You know I think it's a much tougher battle to get a passed in the United States. Get us are just gonna ask you to even if somehow they can get that through with full Republican support. Realistically. They're up against a tough fight in the senate right. Are you got 52 Republicans. It in in the senate so you know can get any Democrats to support this no matter what. So you need 51 votes maybe fifty yet he at the vice president can you can lose to think it was two Republicans. Susan Collins of Maine has already suggested that she's not there because of the plan paired it provisions in this. In this bill so you've got one you can lose and you got seven a lot of Republicans have said noted this was and it I don't know if there all gonna come running back where they. You know rather minor change the bill. Hey John thanks very much you're done we're done with you go back wherever you are going back. Back to our part of the White House nice as this by way. British daily thanks appreciate your ex president. Thanks let me hang out here a little on. So yeah we'd always do it again okay. I want to ghost the president Chissano was talking very briefly about that attack in Paris. Which happened leave shortly before. He came out with Villa with a prime minister of Italy. It's a lonely. And he did have some remarks say about that it appeared he had not been fully brief stored at it and just hastily grief let's we have tape of what president and. Well first of all our condolences. From our country to the people of friends again. It's happening it seems like this notice I was occupants it's a terrible thing. It's a very very terrible think that's going on in the world today but it looks. Like another. Terrorist attack and what can you say just never ends we have to be strong and we have to be vigilant and I've been saying it for a long time. With a police officer one police officer killed one possibly two. Injured by an assailant who was himself killed in Paris just about an hour ago. It has not been determined officially if that was an act of terrorism yet and cherish our loved let me ask you real quickly fall when that health care. Issue that we're just discussing with John. Even if they get this thing is he was saying to the house is what what's the thinking do you think on the White House will deal with the senate at that point. Yes but let's get a win. Yeah I think that it's let's get a win but her that 100 day mark were coming up on that 100 day mark a week from Saturday acting getting in that legislative win. Before word then they want that we look at Ford's next week it was always going to be busy rate is Rick. But there's going to be a battle over funding the government about averting a possible government shut down. And then heading into the president's 100 day mark all we've. A pivotal. Turning point any administration but now health care is can be on the table acting it's clear. That they would like that win going into that. And that one. Is your your sense that that having had that that first attempt at health care who hold. Was embarrassing to the president he he he he. If it makes him look bad things are often concerned about impressions. He had said it right as a candidate we're gonna repeal replace obamacare the first effort that could even get to a vote there didn't have the votes there. I think it's clearly embarrassing and I think that the president knows that. In situations like this it. Even if is crafted by people on capitol in conjunction with the White House is going to be the president or the White House against Blaine and so. It I think that that's just want that may stat. In that 100 days legacy he wants this week as part that I think you just echo what Johnson's going to be very difficult to get this done. Oh before that. In just one week what. Of the complaints by the conservatives was when they met with him. He his message to them was I need this win we need this win and he didn't seem according to them some of them well versed in the actual details of ostensibly his own bill. Well he even said it himself that was much more complicated and I it was going to be so I I think that. With a lot administrations but especially this one of course the president didn't have any legislative experience any political experience before this coming as a businessman. And he's really kind of had to learn a how this work is not a thing and another. On the foreign policy front he mentioned that day it was add. The Chinese people I think who explained to hand. You know how difficult it for them to deal with North Korea that it's not as easy as president trap me think that so I think there is some luring on the trot let's go. Well apparently there summer Walsh a our deputy. Political director here at ABC news thanks for joining us Bernanke your analysis of cities appearance by. But I Italian prime minister Paulo to Colonia along with president. Dropped they are meeting right now back at the White House thanks very much.

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{"id":46927603,"title":"Recap of POTUS joint press briefing with Italian PM","duration":"18:01","description":"ABC News' Shushannah Walshe, Ron Claiborne and Jon Karl break down the press conference with President Trump and Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni.","url":"/Politics/video/recap-potus-joint-press-briefing-italian-pm-46927603","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}