Recapping the Vice Presidential Debate with Final Fact Checks

ABC News' Amna Nawaz, Dan Harris and LZ Granderson give their final thoughts on the VP debate.
4:26 | 10/05/16

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Transcript for Recapping the Vice Presidential Debate with Final Fact Checks
To that but let me ask you Fridays and in our final moments here do you think there are special challenges for of the candidates going into a town hall setting. I think that it you know just sit to speak to what Tom was saying. There's a gender divide so me after the last debate men were most likely to think that Clinton didn't have the temperament to lead. Where's women were more likely to think that trump didn't have the temperament to. So I think that in a town hall setting all of these issues of identity whether it's gender race etc. come up. And that speaks to how both parties are trying to. You know. Figure out how to speak to diverse coalitions and I don't mean that necessarily in terms of race but. You know social conservatives and fiscal conservatives on the Republican side or. You know all of the identity based interest groups and blue collar white Americans on the democratic side so that's really what's gonna come to the war. I'm excited. And two other and it's certainly. Not one of what. Did about today were submitted to you about today because I think. Let's face it these two personalities have been driving this narrative now with 300 days be sold around one. Now round two is coming up on Sunday. Ultimately. Go back and their respective corners and sort of get washed up Peterson training they don't give back up there and I'm excited I'm excited. Just be cooked. Not just a spectacle and all I'm expecting more substance this time. I think it will be worth it is hard to ignore questions from actual voters he's you ignore right exactly. Although I want to kind of semi gloat. That I did predict that this debate was not via Morgan but he feared it was indeed and that ended up being a little and her dating a little comfortable lake deeply awkward in many. Many spots but it definitely. Wasn't as Horry people. It was not tame and I just wanna make sure we get in the one of these last fact checks because our team has been working very hard on that and it just because we didn't address something tonight don't think we're not looking into it go to At any time you want that's going to be ample fact check published and the last thing we had a chance to look into very quickly and verify. Was on pence a statement on the Clinton foundation accepting foreign donations. When Hillary Clinton let's secretary of state. Are fact checkers gave that degree of mostly true they did in that in fact except foreign donations. While she was secretary of state because it was allowed that was true. Did you have 10% comment irony. No one point pence allege that only 10%. Of the Clinton Foundation's Randy ray actually went to charity. And that's. Essentially what he did is he's repeating a figure about money that was re gifted by the foundation as opposed to operational costs for actually do work. And when you look at that figure 87% of the money actually goes to. Doing the work of the foundation so that was that was a bit of Watford tonight. Over there will refine quite a few walkers. Within the next print more posts I believe home from both. Candidates. But that's just what happens in these debates you know like that executives did and subsequently want. Planned a moment and executed at an up and not a duo about you know you can get away with it yes. Let's hope we don't see that on Sunday night now don't forget that Sunday night is the next debate we will have live keeping coverage here. Don't look back month at its birthday. This. Sounded good to him that. I'm debating 21 and everybody through exactly. That tried. Back yankees you're really alert you know a lot this isn't a lot. Yeah. The area a Democrat Eliot I think we're 35 days away by the way. That's not a long time animates it was. In his unit and in regards banner going to Mars it's still were probability. No problem that. Well this does that mean look. Tonight was. Much words seem and we found that ambulances that Sunday night we're teed up for a fascinating night that we another debate and election come and go. Thank you all. From nine. Thank you often thank you all join us again Sunday night we'll see you then for all of us here at ABC news. Right.

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{"duration":"4:26","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz, Dan Harris and LZ Granderson give their final thoughts on the VP debate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"42575983","title":"Recapping the Vice Presidential Debate with Final Fact Checks","url":"/Politics/video/recapping-vice-presidential-debate-final-fact-checks-42575983"}