Record number of women of color running for office

ABC News’ Deborah Roberts speaks with eight Congressional candidates who are among a record number of women of color running for office in 2020.
11:48 | 10/22/20

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And tonight a look at who's on the ballots a record number of women of color are running across the country this year on both sides of the aisle. Our Deborah Roberts sat down for a fascinating conversation. With some of the new faces and bright minds you might see in Washington breaking barriers in Jenny. Eight women. Our country was founded on the ideals of liberty you. And just this. The number meet hoping that a lot of young women who asked me I do believe the American dream is alive and well we feel duty bound to serve the people. Reversal on his serve us in this hour news eight unique backgrounds. I ended grand daughter she aircraft on the air force sergeant. Hispanic Christian conservative member have a LT TGT. We've won gold in prime time address. As I look at all of hero he is not lost on me that this is pretty remarkable what a remarkable sight to see so many women so many women com. In an unprecedented wave running for office. This you miss you on racial reckoning commits to global pandemic. Record setting 298 women running for congress and 115. Of those are women of color an unprecedented mood. Could change the complexion of congress. I'm an Allen the idea that there's this many women of color running for office. Well I would say my first spot Deborah is it's about time but I also think you that it given what's happening right now in our country. Record numbers of women are answering the call to duty to step up and so for me when I think about being a woman. Being a woman of color that is an asset it's a badge of honor in cried. I think it's exciting it's also a reflection of the moment where. Living there right now calm and I until I'm very proud to be running as a woman of color as a queer let these. To be able to make national history. It's very specific and I'm a firm believer that. Her presentation matters that it or not there then that the issues at our community members. The intersections and we three are not being discussed or not. C of the 115. Women of color running for congress. 33 are Republicans. Those we talked to hope to pave the way for others to follow in their footsteps. To make a you're running as a black woman Republican. We don't see a lot of black women Republicans running for office me to have a a few here on this panel but. It during this particular time during this contentious election during this time with president Donald Trump and so many people seeing him as. Not open in not tolerant to people of color. Has that complicated your your. Campaign or has that somehow. Propelled you to run. It is and just seeing at a time viewed to be running and you're right it's one of those things where. I've never been a politician I've never run for office before. And I never actually and it paid attention to politics up into this plant outside of just voting for a you know you'll look at our elected leaders and the president Greg. He is my mama Mary people look we may soon she must be a Democrat. Re born I colony or your democratic wife has my main seriously. So that's been something with us this conversation our patent seeing our base is happening art. Our you know the story shared. People addressing hate I think I'm an economic chances well let me hear what they have to say right before making those assumptions and stereotypes let's listen to one another. And you raise a very interesting point because the vast majority of women in congress right now are Democrats. The vast majority who have been running and winning in recent years have been Democrats yet there is a strong number of Republicans. Running right now for congress. In spite of the fact that you all from different backgrounds. You represented different party affiliations do you feel a sister foot fell in spite of that cam. I will be happy even time to feel that system integrator on going 304050. Miles per hour. Businesses toffee now I spoke at the RNC convention thanks to president trump. You know Hughes a one that made the call so I can be there and represented as a black woman at the Republican National Convention. Sells for me this is Ben a true honor he's endorsed me twice and I liked the fact that you have us here today still I can say it looked. What you hear in the media just isn't thrilled president trump is not racist the Republican Party isn't race is and they welcoming with open arms. And how do you makes that argument when you're out campaigning camp especially when we have a president who has sent a lot of things to people dead. The sound intolerant. They'll I would say look it is actions you know of course you know not everybody loves his lane which I think it Mexican arise at a people. That keeps him you know in the headlines in which he needs to do as he's running for president for reelection. But for me in I'll look at his actions. Cannot respond what wedge or 10 AM I'm sorry adding that we're going to be talking about. If trumpets or the Republican Party is racist and not. Well it is true we gotta we get a look at the actions CLX's do you speak louder than words and that's a brown woman a woman that is trying to represent the border talent accidentally two BT community members. I mean this administration has attacked everything that I see in four. I right now we're percent. A community that is a hold to the refugee community. Thanks to questions he said he are present you don't like what he's doing so abandon these are the party. So lots if you had a democratic. You know president that also nude in line. Would you leave your party I sit I can say we have to learn from one another. And just because we may share a political party. So different than if you have a religion or ethnicity or national origin we are all not the same so we can share the principles and like for my color I'm purple. So I call myself a perk for Republican. Because what I set aside 25 years ago the Republican Party stood for something and today marks up from a stiff. You all have noticed the polls women are breaking for. Vice President Biden and a much higher rate than president trumps nearly 60%. Of women are siding with biting 36% with child college educated women about the same. Does that make it more complicated. For women who are running as Republicans. And what about women who are running as Democrats does that make it a little bit easier to get your message out so Jamie is it more complicated for you right now trying to run. Well I know that I support shock and I have supported him from thirty Guinea. Nice I see winning the porch on I don't see. The difference here same day hats and more support. Their agreement should the Pope said that the polls definitely reflect this. OK well I mean they're just closed so winding road I just hope. Pretty much this is all that's something that I'd done or me. Trump. Had inspired in every way you want to be in office to wanna go work alongside weekends you make vaccines. What about you Michelle you know I liked him. I mean Kansas so it's a very different environment and in many places and I can tell you that incidence by the most part aren't pretty pragmatic. Am I being that we're starting to see big changes for example the number for trump has dropped from my big it was a plus ten. Or plus thirteen districts it's it's drop downs like I'll plus six. And so pretty amazing in Kansas it is it is absolutely so it has opened up our viewers who talked to a lot of people do you think women are better suited to try to. First look past some of this partisanship into work a little bit. Partner inveterate overcoming not. Well you know winning get things done so yeah. Their conversation here we have a lot of music gritty innings but in general it is being it's named Britain did Ingrid. Who each of the game. Any Saturday despite our differences acting as long as we get more lean mean. In in politics and in congress and let it. It's a local underneath the state governments we will see a stronger healthier democracy. Do we have to deal with this whole like ability factor when you're running just their status. Parent I don't want it and there's more pressure seeing how these prayer they now. I'm cheat our candidates then hit your ignorance of woman. He sees fit this model and I just seen gone. We need to break away from that Indian and the golden iron thumb went there it you know we're confident Democrat but it truly. All know what you are at least or VI. OO. TV ran me yeah so ground woman and a ground queer woman and and here in one classroom parents and it needs this country. I think that's the whole literally tear any honor yeah. Every single day I'm speaking to constituents. You say you're getting better looking at 100%. And worried that let you guess and I'm liking I. We think you how. Common ground. Lately and I absolutely 100% agree with you and I feel like he has eagle and beyond. Normal standard for a male candidate buying. I think there's also dismissed that you always have to be strong you cannot be vulnerable. Sometimes work Brady vulnerable because we say we let people down. We're doesn't meet expectation that we carry. I think about the strength and where we come I am positive that we all the story about and I think it is women of color. We have eight reverence for Elvis in our political affiliations are different we don't duty bound to certain people. Who for so long this doesn't. I'm see so many heads nodding here. And let's talk about one of the powerful women who just down went before us and moved on to the other side Ruth Bader Ginsburg famously say they'll be enough female justices on the Supreme Court. When there are nine. So when will there be announced members of congress. Who are women and men particularly women of color. When we start focusing on yarn in what -- us who we are we're able to out more by each other with each other. Because there are we talking about the ideologies. Are respect each other's humans and we start listening to understand it not to reply. And so liking that will be get to a place in which to diversity in congress and in the senate. He's so much that there is no more curse that we're honoring each other's background story and were able to talk to each other Albion on. Repeatedly. It's. On the heels of a wildly unpredictable year no one knows how this Election Day will turn out. But whether or not you see these faces on Capitol Hill all are committed to bringing the American dream within reach of their communities. I have to say it has been encouraging. Hearing you all talk. Hearing you all reach across the miles right now to each other's certainly across the aisles as you're sharing your thoughts and ideas. This is just been really phenomenal Deseret good luck to you Valerie Maryland Jamie Georgette canned. Michelle and to Mika. Good luck to all of you know you probably are getting rid ago and burned some more robber hit the trail sound. Things you know they ladies. Of. Our thanks to Deborah Roberts you can watch the entire conversation on Good Morning America dot com.

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{"duration":"11:48","description":"ABC News’ Deborah Roberts speaks with eight Congressional candidates who are among a record number of women of color running for office in 2020.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"73752217","title":"Record number of women of color running for office","url":"/Politics/video/record-number-women-color-running-office-73752217"}