Reince Priebus Tears Into Hillary Clinton in Convention Speech

Priebus assailed Clinton for lying.
3:11 | 07/22/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Reince Priebus Tears Into Hillary Clinton in Convention Speech
I stand before this convention tonight. As the chairman of a party that is caring that torch of liberty. We. Are the party at the open dollar. It is clear the Republican Party. Is the only party willing to fight for these values and lead America to greatness and a 21 century. The dirty little secret Democrats don't want you to know that there at the same party doing the same old thing. Next week they're going to trot out the same mold Democrats but this same old message running the same old candidate. We are the party of new ideas in a changing and fast their world than ever before. What separates. Republicans from Democrats. Is our belief. In better. We believe in better schools a better health care system a better economy which rewards hard work no matter where or when. You punch the clock. And most of all we believe in it better chance at the American dream for every one. A Clinton presidency only means more debt. More Obama care and more hardworking families. Never seeing a race. If Hillary Clinton is given the chance she'll stacked the deck with the Supreme Court with. This left wing judges who votes reap the constitution. Like a Darman. It was on her watch. Nicest began to spread its wings that evil over the Middle East. And she has spent the last sixteen months looking in the eyes that the American people and lying. About how recklessly. She jeopardize the American people our national security with her secret email server she lied. Perhaps worse of law. Hillary Clinton has perfected the art of politics. For personal gain. Americans had had enough of a government that plays favorites to the well connected. They've had. Top of the clintons excuses. Cronyism and cover ups. They've had enough hop that corrupt deals Americans have had he not. Donald Trump wants to bring jobs back from overseas and hold companies who want to send them abroad accountable. He's finally going to stop illegal immigration and make sure our government puts American citizens first. Donald Trump want to make sure you can pay the mortgage put gas in the car and buy new clothes for the first day of school. Donald Trump. Is committed to hitting terrorists hired and making the safety of every man. Woman and child in America is number one priority. Let stand united as Republicans. Let's. Hillary Clinton. Let's get the word expand our republic and a majority.

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{"duration":"3:11","description":"Priebus assailed Clinton for lying.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40791342","title":"Reince Priebus Tears Into Hillary Clinton in Convention Speech","url":"/Politics/video/reince-priebus-tears-hillary-clinton-convention-speech-40791342"}