Rep. Conyers 'has no history' of sexual misconduct, son says

John Conyers III told reporters that his father "deserves whatever punishment may come" if allegations of misconduct are true.
1:50 | 11/29/17

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Transcript for Rep. Conyers 'has no history' of sexual misconduct, son says
That's why didn't people. I think. Analyze why and I'm shouldn't be because from their president and see how we talked about someone like John McCain after all he's done for our country. And still put someone like him in office. And then Hugh my father he's done so much on war Civil Rights Act. These women act. Many other things I'm not say if my father's that the though he denies he's good news and of course. You deserve replacement come but. I think that it's it's very unfortunate to see him fight so long so many people. And so automatically have auditions and through and of course with sexual assault women are to be believed. But in this instance he has no. History. And I think that if we're not going to make someone like Al Franken is on. We have evidence of him groping a woman washing asleep at that asleep at this. I think it's very it's disconcerting to me. Two. Q Emma is being treated at he's given so much in this country not just for black people were for people like iceberg price for everyone. Only these allegations I do not but I'm not able to speak specifically to anything although I I know it. I know who the anonymous person I'm I would speak specifically through that because that's still being worked out. Have you in your family as your father dresses to the family it is discussing as a family. Well I'm tired of yes you and I had since I'm not talking about them that's. Yet very. It's funny you do so much for someone. And they do they do things to hurt you when they can no longer take from. And I'll leave it that like its that you all have a great morning.

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{"id":51457894,"title":"Rep. Conyers 'has no history' of sexual misconduct, son says","duration":"1:50","description":"John Conyers III told reporters that his father \"deserves whatever punishment may come\" if allegations of misconduct are true.","url":"/Politics/video/rep-conyers-history-sexual-misconduct-son-51457894","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}