Rep. Devin Nunes delivers opening statement on 3rd day of House impeachment hearings

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and Jennifer Williams testified before the House Intelligence Committee.
8:38 | 11/19/19

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Transcript for Rep. Devin Nunes delivers opening statement on 3rd day of House impeachment hearings
I'd like to address a few brief words to the American people watching at home. If you watch the impeachment hearings last week you may have noticed a disconnect between what you actually saw. And the mainstream media accounts describing it. When you saw three diplomats. Who dislike president trumps Ukraine policy. Discussing second hand and third hand conversations. About their objections. With the trump policy. Meanwhile they admitted they had not talked to the president about these matters. And they were unable to identify any crime or impeachable offense the president committed. What you read in the press for accounts of shocking damming and explosive testimony. That fully supports the democrats' accusations. If these accounts have a familiar ring it's because this is the same preposterous reporting. The media offered for three years on the Russian folks. I nearly daily basis the top news outlets in America reported breathlessly on the newest bombshell revelations. Showing that president trump. And everyone surrounding him were Russian agents. There really wasn't long ago that we were reading these headlines. From CNN. Congress investigating Russian investment fund with a tightest of trump officials. This was false. New York Times trump campaign aides had repeated contacts with the Russian intelligence. Also faults. Slate. Was a trump server communicating. With a Russia. This was false. New York magazine all truck be meeting with just come counterpart or his handle. This was false. The guardian. Metaphor held secret talks with the size and Ecuadorean embassy. Also false. Buzz feed president truck directed his attorney don't lie to congress about the Moscow tower. Project. All of these. Were false. There is no objectivity or fairness in the media's Russia stories just as a fevered rush to tarnish. And remove a president who refuses to pretend that the media are something different. From what they really are puppets of the Democratic Party. But there by isthmus reporting on the Russia hopes the media lost confidence of millions of Americans and because they refused to acknowledge how badly. They botched the story. They've learned no lessons and simply expect Americans will believe them as they tried to stoke yet another partisan frenzy. In previous hearings I've outlined three questions the Democrats in the media don't want asked or answered. And set of shedding light on these crucial questions. The media are trying to smother and dismiss them. This question start with. What is the full extent of the democrats' prior coordination with the whistle blower and who else to the whistle blower coordinate this effort wit. The media happily accepted the democrats' stunning reversal on the need for the whistle Florida testified to this committee. When the Democrats princess insisting. On his testimony. The media wanted to to. But things have changed since it became clear the whistle blower would have to answer problematic questions. But include these. What was the full extent of the whistle blowers prior coordination with chairmanship his staff and any other people he cooperated with while preparing. The complaint. One of the whistle blowers political biases and connections to democratic politicians. How does a whistle blower explained the inaccuracies in the complaint. What contacted the whistle blower have with the media. Which appears to be ongoing. What are the sources of the whistle blowers information. Who else did he talk to him. And was the whistle blower prohibited by law from receiving are conveying. Any of that information. The media have joined the Democrats and dismissing the importance of cross examining this crucial witness. Now the whistle blower has successfully kick started impeachment. His disappeared from the story. As if the Democrats put the whistle blower and their own. Witness protection program. My second question. What was the full extent of Ukraine's election Madelaine against the truck campaign. In these depositions and hearings Republicans have cited numerous indications of Ukraine meddling in the 2016 elections. To oppose the truck campaign. Many of these instances were reported. Including the posting of many primary source documents. By veteran investigative journalists John Solomon. Since a Democrat switched from Russia to Ukraine. For their impeachment for Sadie. Solomon's reported on three snob Hunter Biden and Ukraine election meddling has become inconvenient for the democratic narrative. And so the media is furiously smearing and libel and Solomon. In fact the publication the hill told staff yesterday. It would conduct a review of Solomon's Ukraine reporting. Coincidentally the decision comes just three days after a Democrat on this committee told a hill writer the she would stop speaking to the hill. Because it had run Solomon's stories. And she urged the rider to relayed her concerns to hills. Management. So now that Solomon's reported as a problem for the Democrats it's a problem for the media as well. Like to submit for the record Jon Solomon's October 31 story entitled debunking some of Ukraine scandal miss about Biden. An election interference. I encourage viewers today. To read this story and draw your own conclusions. About the evidence Solomon has got. S unanimous consent that we put this on the record as chair without objection. The concerted campaign by the media to discredit and disown some of their own colleagues as shocking. And we see it again and the sudden denunciations. Of New York Times reporter Ken Vogel as a conspiracy theorist after he covered similar issues. Including a 2017. Politico piece entitled. Ukrainian efforts to sabotage trump backfire. My third question. Why did very small higher Hunter Biden what he'd do for them and did his position affect any US government actions under the Obama administration. We have not heard testimony from the democrats' own witnesses. That diplomats. We're concerned about a conflict of interest involving Hunter Biden. That's because he had secured a well paid position despite having no qualifications. On the board of a corrupt Ukrainian company while his father. Was vice president charged with overseeing. Ukrainian issues. After trying out several different accusations against president trump. The Democrats have recently settled on bribery. According to widespread reports. They replaced there quid pro quo. Allegation. Because it was a polling well. It's a Democrats in the media are suddenly so deeply concerned about bribery. He would think they would take some interest in Greece methane Hunter Biden 83000. Dollars a month. And you think they would be an arrest and Joseph Biden. Threatening to withhold US loan guarantees. And less the ukrainians fired a prosecutor who was investigating a recent. That would be a textbook example. Of bribery. The media of course are free to act as Democrat puppets. And they're free to alert from the Russia hopes to the Ukraine pokes at the direction of their puppet masters. But they cannot reasonably expect to do so without alienating half the country who voted for the president they're trying to expel. Americans have learned to recognize fake news when they see it and if the mainstream press won't give it to them straight. Ball go elsewhere to find. Which is exactly what the American people are doing.

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{"duration":"8:38","description":"Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and Jennifer Williams testified before the House Intelligence Committee. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67132028","title":"Rep. Devin Nunes delivers opening statement on 3rd day of House impeachment hearings","url":"/Politics/video/rep-devin-nunes-delivers-opening-statement-3rd-day-67132028"}