Rep. Eric Swalwell: Can’t ‘sweep this corrupt presidency under the rug’

Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., discusses the path forward for Congress and the country after former President Donald Trump is acquitted of impeachment for a second time.
6:50 | 02/16/21

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Transcript for Rep. Eric Swalwell: Can’t ‘sweep this corrupt presidency under the rug’
Despite the president getting acquitted in the house impeachment managers have this footnote in history they helped make the case in the most bipartisan impeachment in the country's history. Committees and subcommittees your arm. Whatever you came to Washington to do. To work on from defense to agriculture to it energy Ted aerospace to health care this is almost certainly. How you will be remembered by history. That might not be fair. He really might not be fair but none of us can escape the demands of history and destiny right now. Our reputations and our legacy. Will be inextricably intertwined. With what we do here. And with how you exercise. Euros to two him. Partial justice. None of us can escape the demands of she's street and closing argument from the Democrats this weekend to sell his house impeachment manager California congressman Eric Small well. Congressman thank you so much for your time tonight. Thank you now have 48 hours to digest the final vote clearly not the result think he would've hoped for. Think history will view this impeachment and how disappointed worry that there were no witnesses in this trial. You'll be happy to be John her or accountability for sending. Standards of conduct and also to tell a story. The worst constitutional crime that any president hopefully general has committed. Agents the country and so that we told a story you wanted to vote with 57 bipartisan. Senators and biggest bipartisan vote ever. And in the court of public opinion ABC news poll today so then you're only 60% of Americans believe that Donald Trump should never prosecuted. Does appoint a worry witnesses morning call. Well we have such overwhelming evidence that we did not consider calling witnesses and so are the very end when new evidence in mouse got. There was. More texture to the phone call between Donald Trump and Kevin McCarthy and a prove more that Dawson knew about the dangerous pro amnesty would go on to incite. His supporters further rightist furtherance teams might actually got evidence and but when you look at people like Mitch McConnell who said yes or no vote on witnesses. That she's around the whole proceeding unconstitutional. We could have signed confession from president it wasn't going to change their minds and so we feel very good chase music. In many Republicans as you now have said that they think that the appropriate venue for the former president to face accountability would be in the judicial system. The merits of that argument aside to the optics of a by the Justice Department charging the former president concern you at all there obviously would be no precedent for that. What concerns me is if anything was done in retaliation or for partisan reasons but I don't have any reasonably. And Joseph Biden would allow and I don't think he would even consider that Biden Justice Department did you consider. The United States Department of Justice someone asked the independent and free from. Outside influence and it Donald Trump wrote the law whether it was on January 6 or any of the other. Acts that he took us resident. He should be held accountable I don't think we can sweep this corrupt presidency under the rug and I do think that part of our QU I is holding to account those that. Think that day are the rule law. And we heard the news late today the speaker Pelosi plans to establish a 9/11 type commission on the events of January 6 warning ideal outcome of such a commission be. First just like September 11 that. Something like this never happen again saint god and as well that sounds innocuous and what they're not a terrorist attacks. Since September 11 and about magnitude. Because of the work they didn't bipartisan way to make us Abrams shot since freer from terrorism. Here we have to make sure that never again good. You know domestic terrorism groups attacked our institutions. Of government and that's going to mean new scrubbing now. And should be done besides white nationalist groups and our country understanding how to train how to prepare how they don't plan to. Can also understand how they can be so. Are radicalized and there's a lot of work ahead I think it has to be outside congress passed by arson and most important an independent. It in this bitterly divided environment I'm curious to know were you more impressed or shocked. That the number was seven Republicans and voted to impeach. Both and wouldn't know her alphabetically. Changed first and I was shocked and I thought well probably not only seventeen but will probably get more going to be expected. And that's important because many of those senators they follow the same. No ill conceived logic and others were taking which resuscitate politically convenient to vote they couldn't walk away from voting guilty senators burger Cassidy in sacks. And you know many others they didn't and they recognized in the heat played in your intro let history will be watching and that there. Evidence was so overwhelming. Doctor what's really only. One Berger got what happened just. And they worry expecting when the original size. We we thought. That was probably the floor to ceiling wouldn't be much higher especially once O'Connell says it become whole. Concept unconstitutional. About it and those senators and I do believe we'll be judged. You kindly for. Doing the right thing and I hope that is the beating and more people now when you call in Washington I'm. Various issues two in science and their perch. And lastly you talked rather emotionally about attacks that no one should ever have to send their loved ones you texts and your wife on January since I love you in the babies please hug them from me. This was certainly. A traumatic and men to each one of you went through on January is a simple act of going to work in period for you and as so many others. How congress move past this. We have to unite as we get to September 11 I was a taco in terms after September 11 and I was moved by the unity and change and I'm you know common purpose of defeating terrorism in the nation is safer. I hope we see the same opportunities here in the country and we also an enemy in this virus where we can unite to defeat at an open Parcells marketplaces. Ran through those calls and did away from the danger I was running with Republicans who have gone to that rally that was right with Democrats. No coup. Are known for many years we're all out running away from danger and we all. I didn't like the ceiling that we were Sweden. No better symbol of democracy and I hope that in some way can unite us to come together as a country it's our greatest challenge. It's congressman's follow it thank you so much you time appreciate you coming on the show. My question do you.

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{"duration":"6:50","description":"Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., discusses the path forward for Congress and the country after former President Donald Trump is acquitted of impeachment for a second time.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"75913312","title":"Rep. Eric Swalwell: Can’t ‘sweep this corrupt presidency under the rug’ ","url":"/Politics/video/rep-eric-swalwell-sweep-corrupt-presidency-rug-75913312"}