Rep. Joaquin Castro Says Clinton Needs to Convey a Message of Opportunity

Convention speech is "an opportunity to speak directly to the American people," said Rep. Castro.
6:21 | 07/29/16

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Transcript for Rep. Joaquin Castro Says Clinton Needs to Convey a Message of Opportunity
Congressman looking at acts that joint that's right you're great it attacks that day I got. To say that. I am I. Wonderful way through it well thank opera quality. The talking a lot about that big speech that's coming up later out. At south there'll lot of out there. I'm out her what. She east deliver. That. A few days acting offers a missed opportunity. Especially with the anxiety. For many of your. We're still just a few years that we've remodeled the Great Recession. And so. That message that. There is eight re future in this country. Or people who were concerned about going to college send their kids to college. Saving up to buy a whole senior citizens were worried about whether or when they retired Medicare either so security will be here. Not really building out what I call it infrastructure opportunity in America I think you'll see her be I also think you'll see your talk about. Making sure that Americans are safe. At home and abroad. And in addition to that it's gonna be. 45 minutes or now or a per having. An opportunity to speak directly to the American people remember this is somebody who's been one way or another public life for forty years. And she's taken a lot of slings and arrows during that time a lot of Decker negative. Commercials us and that it try to define her so this will be her spine to speak directly to the American people in a way that we never seemed work for her. An act ask you there was a buzz about a certain members of your family recently. Vice president you. What do you quit your your your brother as they haven't technically. I was being loaded at the problem eat you make. What do you think yeah. It's a great guy. At a very cute stories. First that you need him you see what a nice guy urgent. But also somebody that as a credible experience. Almost every level government. In Seoul I think you can do wonders for on the camp atrial and your brother. Well you know like. At folks asked him this week hey. Where you're disappointed that you gave them. How did you not be disappointed pictured on a ticket like. Of course there is some ointment but I think it's eased by knowing it you lost out to somebody. Which that person and will help waited November and it into the day you know this is bigger than any one for an agreement rather. And we need to make sure it. Speaking at that acts. And when ask you about a group that she had trouble during primaries that is younger Americans. How do you think she tweaks her message moving forward or or does she to try to get some people want org or apathetic or just that she's speaking to. Well I think the message to younger voters is you know. Fifty years ago if you ask somebody who was living abroad we're under a they've later they were gonna leave their own country the answer with the united states air. That is president she'll make sure that if you asked that question when you're thirty or if years from now. The answer is still going to be the United States of America because it's still going to be the nation of opportunity. Among the nations of the world. Big secret talk about making college more affordable. And not making part of it free. For low income students and middle class students but also I think you'll see your talk more about debt reduction. There is a whole generation of students who came up during the Great Recession. We're really saddled with debt some of them still not been able to find work for a year two or sometimes more. Who could really use some relief. So I you can see or talk about that in getting people to their careers and an often delight. Earnings that Arctic excitement that true a lot of those young voters. It was the excitement about the fact that he was seen at the outside write what it's been art establishment so well. Imagine tactic but it's obviously been working at the they watched in utter or your thing you get things that she. That. It has also at or that we are allowed to. That kind of excitement aren't generate. Well I think it. You know at the end of the day. When she speaks about the issues that young people care about in the future that they have a right future in this country and pointing out that the decisions that are made by the president and the congress. Our decisions that the younger generation it's gonna happen Lithwick. Or you know dec gates to calm. I think that she will win them over especially because we've seen polls that show that young people why. Donald Trump so defensive about somebody who was stoking people's fear and resentment. And so the choice is clear in November between the two of these candidates and I think young people both were no real well. At desk at a limited is the lastly where our you know it you're. To Molly that take. Up the buyer. After. Leave open the possibility the need to state it Ruddick. What you know the interesting thing is that I had said that some awhile back that I was gonna leave open. Basically the option to take a look at out when he seen and I sit down again maybe two days ago that he freaked out. And the campaign sent out a fund raising email using that statement and they sit down what seemed to me to be a late night press statement. But you know I've not made a decision I'll take a look over the next several months. I know that many Texans have been. Extremely disappointed in leadership. Ed doesn't work for Texas he works for. You somebody who want to watch it and made it worse and many Texans Republican and Democrat. Have somebody got. They freaked I eat it but at Rutgers oh yeah I think I gave him a good right. You know no question that Texas hasn't elected a Democrat in twenty years so of course it's a tough fight. Up but I think that. You know Texans want somebody in the air it's not spending every day try to figure out. Where an Iowa they're gonna go visit. Or South Carolina or New Hampshire somebody was actually answering constituent phone calls responding to business owners and farmers the Texas. And the truth is he just has spent to date. Pastor and the great. They. Are written.

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{"duration":"6:21","description":"Convention speech is \"an opportunity to speak directly to the American people,\" said Rep. Castro.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40978176","title":"Rep. Joaquin Castro Says Clinton Needs to Convey a Message of Opportunity","url":"/Politics/video/rep-joaquin-castro-clinton-convey-message-opportunity-40978176"}