Rep. Joe Crowley Looks Ahead to the Democratic National Convention

ABC News' Josh Haskell talks to Rep. Joe Crowley outside Hillary Clinton's Cleveland "war room."
6:15 | 07/19/16

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Transcript for Rep. Joe Crowley Looks Ahead to the Democratic National Convention
We're live in Cleveland wider part of Cleveland you could say but it doesn't mean the convention is not made it over to this part of downtown. In these law offices behind me in this building that is where the Clinton Campaign has. Set up their war room sold so to speak a number rapid response employees people on the digital team video team they're monitoring everything that's happening. With the Republicans this week here in Cleveland and they are responding immediately with videos. Tweets press releases I was just up there it's very quiet it's like a library there's about 44 staffers and they are just glued to C span unfortunately not EEP c digital I try to get them to change channel didn't work. But they are just typing and talking and plodding and trying to respond someone who else is in town. Is New York congressman Joseph rally in the fourteenth district. And his surrogate for Hillary Clinton and he joins me now on the streets with the Cleveland but didn't you guys probably like vehicles clicked in. Congressman tell us what brought you here this week in what you've been up to you. Part of the county convention and business. Your response to what happens the few blocks away he'll lies have been dole them. Stephenson street. So talk about. What you've seen so far I mean I know that it's only take born but being here on the ground what have you noticed. But you know I think so far so good agreement house a lot of police. Around since today but I have been convention goers. But peaceful street facility the carnival's going on of the plug the display of the school could prove important because. It's really in the belly of the you know. During that word out from Cleveland was important to him over here right away conveying a message is. The big events. Tell our viewers because unfortunately you weren't able to go live up there as it is a big night for them and they are working away. Tell our viewers what is going on inside those off. So they're all listening to. He has pieces of the giving tonight. They're all on Vera back books on the computers and now they're communicating with each other they're getting responses will be here things other big east be quoted -- need to be other breaking news straight on. Our prisons. When my colleagues and so this thing isn't. Some radical. Those movies. Those are also things when this thing on the saying it was important and how we're responsible every of them best job. And on that topic why was that something that particularly on bureau. Well I caught a bigger number whose attention because we don't of this so hell bent on calling on Muslim. Holding up his own victory and he was with the college kinda sort of pulled back a little bit I want to with the effect. I don't. Double trouble courtside condolences for the selection tip call out Hillary Clinton and other candidates for not using terms radical Islam radicals. Terrorism so that's the note. That the congressman's talking about. The let's talk a little bit just about rapid response effort those of our viewers that don't know exactly what that is it's used to be just some press release is responding. Fact checks it's obviously much more now why is it's so important for the opposition the other party's convention isn't. Happening this week to play that role. Well as they've age media learned because the senate panel's second. But technology is the game right now and getting them doesn't have as soon as possible while it's fresh while it's happening. As boasts the lowest possible support. It's those convicted of something big is the campaign that we're communicating with our motors really who we do our best the American people assume it's happening. The big issue that everyone is on that that web that we're creating. From talking with Clinton staffers. Who I met would yesterday. There's you know a strong feeling that everything it will be spewed this convention in their opinion is a lying on the other hand. They are taking nearly serious. Just being up in that room against. Very quiet very focused working as fast they can't why isn't so important for Democrats but with the campaign to take trumps message whether you believe it or not so serious. Because of the U. Those who feel it was girl he reasserted its as the repeats of the long look you believe it. But units have been able to walk you can't let untruths going to answer to be more on this Monday which so many opportunities. Response was it's not the legal limit together anymore you have the immediacy of the incidents and responded immediately. A 20%. And it directly to correct the record record there was things. Being here on the ground you think it's actor Matthew chance when Ohio are fictional and Ohio on the away woods. The Obama it. Kasich. It is just unbelievable. Don't know I don't think he's voted with most of the case it wouldn't answer our affiliate reporter earlier he asked. Will you tell your delegates to vote for trump and he just kind of laughed and said we need to go we need to go wouldn't answer that don't puzzled and there's a lot of Republicans who look you. Just shaking their head of the they can't believe there's this dysfunction. And it is only getting worse. And ABC's Josh Haskell joined by congressman Joseph Crowley and one more question for you what we are in Cleveland it's not just Republicans here it's Democrats. But starting Monday Democrats are headed to Philly will you be there tell us about Billy. Rebels son excited about the early next week it's good to great. We an incredible line of speakers only the Republican Mitch redefine of the day off a big you just hours before. We already know that President Obama Vice President Biden. Dissident. It was the warrant coverage Sanders. Bill Clinton Hillary Clinton Chelsea Clinton the line the Bruce's extraordinary people who speak you know be. Of the most presidents six. So you think you'll be there all four nights I'll be something Monday Tuesday Wednesday and others. Wolf we appreciate unity vigil for talking to us keep hearing Cleveland we're gonna sign off now. To our continuing coverage of the Republican National Convention.

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{"duration":"6:15","description":"ABC News' Josh Haskell talks to Rep. Joe Crowley outside Hillary Clinton's Cleveland \"war room.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40687075","title":"Rep. Joe Crowley Looks Ahead to the Democratic National Convention","url":"/Politics/video/rep-joe-crowley-ahead-democratic-national-convention-40687075"}