Rep. Liz Cheney vows to speak out on Trump after being ousted from GOP leadership

House Republicans voted to oust Cheney from her role after she criticized the former president’s false election claims.
20:26 | 05/12/21

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Transcript for Rep. Liz Cheney vows to speak out on Trump after being ousted from GOP leadership
From Capitol Hill today were here because a majority of Republicans in the House of Representatives have voted to oust. Republican representative Liz Cheney from her leadership post. Why because she repeatedly told the truth that truth that Joseph Biden legitimately won the 20/20 election. And president trump and her colleagues in the GOP are pushing for among democratic. Results here she says. That she now has a new goal. I AM will do everything I can do insured. That the former president never again get anywhere near the Oval Office we have seen the danger. That he continues to provoke with his language. We have seen his lack of commitment and dedication to the constitution. And I think it's very important that we make sure whomever we elect is somebody who will be faithful to the constitute an. A Cheney says she doesn't feel betrayed by her colleagues but she warned her party against being quote dragged me backward by the very dangerous lies. Of a former president. ABC's political director Rick Klein and congressional correspondent Rick just got. Join us live for more now Rachel what the reaction been like. On Capitol Hill what are you hearing from party leaders. We'll look at the writing was on the wall here pretty much everyone expected that congressman and Liz Cheney was going to be ousted from leadership and that Willie Kane you have the top two Republicans in the house. Kevin McCarthy and Steve's the least they came out against her they endorse a replacement congresswoman a lease telephonic but not everyone is happy Cheney does have. A few defenders one of them congressman Adam can singer I spoke with ham. Just moments ago about the future of the Republican Party take. Lessons. You know cabinet made the point that he wants us to have a unified front which is ironic being cited as canceling somebody who's telling the truth. So I think part of it is they've started the narrative that this is going to be overwhelming. There's no way to prevent what have been overwhelming and quite honestly Liz Midas survive that vote what's the downside to your Kevin McCarthy looking at it why not have this be a recorded vote. Because right now you can spin this to be whatever you want. You can save the conference unanimously which technically is true it got rid of Liz Cheney. You can say there was them massive unity in doing now. But if the vote comes out that it was a 110 to eighty. Or something along that line it looks like division. And so I think that's why you know I in hindsight I wish me to have a tallied vote but I also understand why it's important move on. And Liz to go lot of make her statement that she did which is she's gonna do everything she can to ensure that Donald Trump is not our nominee and Tony twist. So we have been here before of course back in February some Republicans did try to kick Cheney. Out of her leadership position then they did a reported tallying vote and Cheney surmise that with the support. A Republican leadership obviously key difference now they are out against her today sources tell us that inside a blue room. She gained some opening remarks sources tell us that she was booed during those remarks since so clearly there is clear resistance to Cheney in the party right now when it is clear that they're making a stance here that the way forward. Is by supporting former president Donald Trump even with his false claims about the twins won election. And Rick. The House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy the leader of the Republicans. He said that no what is really questioning the legitimacy of the election that it's all over with now but the analogy here appear from a lot of Republicans obviously. And obviously former president trump is still. Insisting that the election was stolen issuing statements today. Pushing Republicans. Are demanding Republicans agree with him so what got a line. Is Kevin McCarthy trying to walk you're supporting the ouster of Liz Cheney for telling the truth. Claiming that no one's saying otherwise and dealing with that the leader of this party in affected Donald Trump. Saying the deal it was stolen. These are these flat wrong if he says that no one is seriously saying that. That is any contests are on the last election of course the president and many of his supporters continue to say that enlisting any. He's no longer a member of leadership because she spoke that truth and she continued to speak that truth. From the party's perspective he is thinking about how best to take back. The majority in next year's midterm elections the only have to pick up a few Republicans. 034 seats right now and their view his view is that basically the way to do that is to be united as possible and the only half of that unity is behind president competent assistance it is behind president trumps big lie about the election. That is the ending force behind this effort to oust this Cheney nothing has changed since January and Liz Cheney other than the fact. That didn't state her consistency is really that ended the throw line on this she continues to say that this wasn't the case and that's become problematic for president trump he's communicated that. To Kevin McCarthy and to many of the of his allies and that as well let McCarthy to this decision this is his play about how best to communicate to voters in 20/20 two to make Republicans united behind to paraphrase what Lindsey Graham said last week the calculation you can't win without doll Tom in this case it means that vowing to his demands that you be the faithful to even though ball. Days lie. So regional what's next for congresswoman Cheney and what's the latest on who might replace her. Gallup congress and in late Cheney said that she's not going to be silent she said today that she would do everything in her power to make sure that Donald Trump it's nowhere near. The Oval Office and a little bit of news here that I can now report. You know congressman at least a fine she's seen as the front runner to replace Cheney we know. That Kevin McCarthy Steve's police even trump. Has endorsed her but I'm also learning that congressman chip Roy is potentially considering challenging her just heard back from his office they are not ruling this out at all but they say at the position must be filled. But it must be a contested race so. It may be a little but an uphill battle. Four congressman Roy given the endorsements are ready but just yesterday he sent a member out and you've got a letter out to all of the members saying he had concerns about congresswoman -- Stephon it that she wasn't conservative. I'm not in fact Cheney's record is more aligned with trumps a agenda sephardic actually voted against. I've been trying tax cuts and 2017. But she did vote to overturn the election result. Rick what message does this vote really send not just to Republicans here in Washington but to the rest of the country maybe even the world. Boyd in the vaccinations are behind closed doors on the secret ballot but there is no secret. About the message this sends this as a there's no room in Republican Party circles signing leadership ranks or really anywhere else. For anyone who doesn't believe what president trump continues to peddle fall says that he continues to spread. About the last election and there's a lot of talk in Republican circles about the importance of moving forward it's so telling that they are looking backwards six months into the past to try to re litigate those election result TC is spread out into the various states where their new voting restrictions. New obstacles put up in the passes it to casting ballots next year. All in the name of thought servicing other David who do fall says that president trump has continued to spread. And that is the state of the Republican Party to repeat questions. About which side would win a civil war will trump he's winning if he's not already want. N and Rachel it was an eventful day in Capitol Hill because while this is all happening there was also this. The hearing going on related to the capital insurrection we heard from the former acting attorney general in the former acting secretary of defense and who worked under fronts wonder president trump on that day so. Or some of the big points that came out of that hearing in what are we learning about. How the administration reacted to the attack and how the president himself reacted. Yeah and all of this is still being unpacked Reagan is really strikes in the heart of what congressman Liz Cheney is trying to drive home this is larger than just a leadership glow this is about. Democracy she says she says that trump is. At risk of further inciting violence the same type of violence that we saw. Here on January 6 during the capitol insurrection it's been four months and we have seen hearing after hearing so today you have these former officials here from the trump administration. You were testifying defending their handling of the situation but they were depressed. By a lot of Republicans on the why eight. Ashley Babbitt a woman that was shot and killed just right outside of the house speaker's lobby why she was killed by capitol police. There were some fierce questions from Democrats about why I ever was on the and prepare and why this building was left still vulnerable. At a time when we knew that I'd thousands were descending. Log on to the capitol today it's a rally in support of former president Donald Trump. I either way they admitted here today that there was this some resistance some fear exit calling in the National Guard one Miller said that he didn't want to make it seem like Debbie were enacting martial law and they also tried to learn some lessons of what happened over at the previous summer. A during the protests over racial reckoning in this country where we saw peaceful protesters beat Pitt plus sends jobs but. In the end this is this is this a little left vulnerable and Democrats were our region are trying to figure out how to prevent that and make sure that doesn't happen again. All right Rick Klein and Rachel Scott thank you both. Self how does the Republican Party move forward from here as I mentioned earlier Republican majority leader Kevin McCarthy he insists. The change in the GOP leadership. Is not about the big lie that president trump is telling or the last election members who support and cheneys ouster saying it's a matter of party unity take a listen. I don't think anybody is questioning the legitimacy of the presidential election I think that is all over west we're sitting here with the president today. So from that point of view I don't think that's a problem. This change responsibility is to. Our conference in the house representative they've done so well whoa he's creative in coming division in Iraq. And on this day that GOP congresswoman has been banished from the leadership let's bring in our guest former. Republican congresswoman Barbara Comstock joins us with kind of an inside look in some reaction to Barbara first let me just pick up on what Kevin McCarthy. Just said the Republicans are done they're finished questioning the legitimacy of the last election obviously form present trump. He still left their questioning and I don't ask you about. But rank and file Republicans across the country people identify as Republicans do you think they want to move on or are they lining up behind truck. I think it's you know there is civil war going on right now and when we started out with only 46 point 9% that is supported trump so people like me who did not. Not support him. You know last year are already outside of that group. Ed but now that group is even shrinking now. I was very active in supporting other Republicans in the senate in the house and state legislatures and I still am. And I still will be because I wanna have a party. It doesn't understand or get. To be a majority we have to have a center right governing coalition that allows people that under adversity abuse is in this trump purity test. Is only being imposed in the house because if you look at the Senate Leadership. That's what people who were you know signing up to Yahoo! rejected the election results and obviously Mitch McConnell. Made very strong statements. During the impeachment trial. And Republicans would do well to recognize. 56% of Americans. Donald Trump should be impeached a second time. And when he held his own family gathering at sea act he only 55%. I'm very concerned had. Stanley gathering. Who thought he should be the nominee again. I for the life of me can't understand why we made at trump purity test the test to get elected I mean I understand they're afraid of him coming in. And stomping on their primaries and I doubt. How do you pay in the alligator to eat last and trying to throw him bodies to keep them away from you I think it's only getting blood in the water. And he's trump people and the trump consultants and trump himself are coming after more and how because of dot and not hurt everybody every day. So you and you're in a swing seat of one of those seats we want to get back every day you're talking about Tron is today we're losing. That's a pretty vivid an analogy there I ask you know what congressman bishop Wright just and we just heard from him that. Blister it was no longer able to lead because the party was looking for unifying. Four since she didn't unify members you've been in rooms like getting in the good motions and and votes like that. What kind of pressures did those members face what do you think about that argument argument that she had to go because she was at loggerheads with too many members. Well look what's happening already you already have a challenge have been you know even trump. You know at least as far back his tribe from troop units Atlanta Steve famines shows she went aren't Sebastien gore could show. You know she's been supported by. Kevin McCarthy and Steve's release yet now here helping other challenges are now I do imagine at least we'll get through Britain are you have other purity test. In this isn't good for the party over Auburn you're trying to say we want to grow we want to get the majority. Arms. We're we're focused on your everyday issues on people's everyday kitchen table issues are not Donald Trump its grievances over the past. They are you know how my getting back to work how are women getting back to work after being you know. Suffering more than men over the past year because a child care. I'm concerns because who is a big class how we're gonna get our kids you know. Truly clean he had done Jack we've got for a year when I haven't been in school. Or had an online education what are we gonna do there's there's a lot of post pandemic issues we need to be addressing an I think Republicans will be much better than Democrats to address tax increases I don't think her good. Solution for that yeah. Here we are focused on whether you know their bamboo and the balance in Arizona. And having somebody who would be the next number three leader actually sang it's a good idea. Should be how being down. I'm whole nonsense going out of there and yet we have no body. Who's condemning the lights not gates are Marjorie green who now. Apparently people don't have problems with I would in the conference how does that even if I'm. They're out attacking lands and actually larger greens are already attacking at least a product is my understanding so you know nobody's going to be pure enough. Sore and not like Marjorie green. So you've put blood in the water now and it is gonna keep coming back got a lot of people and that's not Donald Trump dust. Hurts our party has long as he did figure in center stage in the party. It's hurting everybody on all sides of the party I thank. And Barbara you treated that the attacks on Liz Cheney has sexism behind them and that trying to replace her with a trump approved woman. Is every bit as sexist stupid and offensive so do you think this what is it would've played out differently. If Liz Cheney were a man. Do I mean I'd I think god is part of its kind of you know you've heard the talk of why can't she keep quiet. You know what Donald Trump is in keeping quiet quiet but why can't he keep quiet he lost he is this Sorenstam sore losers in the history of campaign. You know this is the business where people women limbs and and you accept not God's part of the democratic process and he won't. Yet we're supposed to you know the dear leader we have to ask governor Hogan aptly said. Asked to be you know. Humored yet Liz Cheney is the one who's getting attacked and nearly dear leader like snack cakes and Marjorie green so there's no criticism of the so it's it's really. I think it's a problem but more importantly what is the perception with the American with American women widows professional web and that's suburban women what they see they're saying to people like me. We really don't want you in the party how these people say we don't want you know we want trump and that's all we want as well. I don't want to have a shrinking party that means Democrats come in and raise my taxes do a lot of over regulation and hurt our businesses and how about foreign policy. Things that I just don't like him that I thought for all my life I'm not gonna support someone is unconstitutional. And is lying to the American people not to. We're live this morning and why her ceaseless restaurant and I think it's yeah she's a woman for all seasons here. I'm very proud of her and her integrity cease saying we can't keep lying to people mean when people say well my constituents. This is what they're telling me. When they're telling you got because they've been fed lies for over six months from Donald Trump and unfortunately they believe them. In if you acquiesce to not lie it's not going to go away the government got it might just sort of you know. Peter outlook for Donald Trump once every always wants everything to be all about him. And you have a whole Brister class kind of around him who make money off of him. Those two things combined. Hurt a lot of people in the Republican com. Rockets so I think this is a very short sighted mills. And Barbara if you if you take a look at least demand X record compared to Cheney says as you were just talking about as our friends at 538 did. You know you look at it bid looks like Republicans are choosing. Someone who is conservatively there they looked less concerned at least Hispanic and maybe even less trumping. Than than was chanted run Cheney voted with trump 92 point 9% of the time synthetic voted 77 point 7% of the time including on Trump's tax bill as you mentioned. Some wondering yet you. Is the Republican Party becoming less conservatism populist campaign essentially that the trump won he won. Working class people he's never been for balanced budgets or. Or free trade or NATO war standing up to dictators like Kim Jung on is the party changing not just in terms of its allegiance to trump. But its ideas and principles. No principles or policies narrow when you have these other people who Martin Bryant are trying to make it about. Policy but it's not it really is just ahead but trying to stamp of approval. But I think it leadership race since he should always have a diversity of people within your leadership easily won have diversity. I'm you know geography. You know gender race you know you wanna how different people. In leadership in positions where you know they're getting listened to within the conference to give that's how you get to majority and that's why. I spent a lot of time last year I'm getting more women and minorities elected both at this stage how slow. And in congress and knows what candidates who outperformed for the most part Donald Trump say in the state eyes and Arizona and his status and in Georgia and Pennsylvania. And then this the same thing where the members that we you know. We're able to get in people like young Jim member sound studio in California. They didn't win because they were out they are being tried. Accolades they won because they were very in tune with their constituencies and I think we're exciting fresh new faces from her party so. It's not ideological. At all and so that's why when people try and say and it is. And the facts but lied to him because there's no way getting around it that this is really. It tramp stamp of approval and I would point out again this time it is very different are now trying. They don't make this all about trump and I think. Got Smart. Because we could lose senate seats if you know somebody and it swings say here's a look at what happened in Kansas rehabbing Democrat governor and Republican Kansas because Donald Trump approved Chris Hope. Mark sort of the one Republican who could lose a Nazi Donald Trump supported just like the Roy Moore rates in Alabama so I. I don't want to see got repeated itself which is why. I'm part of you know Republicans who are trying to get that Centre right coalition together where restricted there's going to be. Different people across the country were different views to make up our majority. All right. Thanks Barbara for that and and good luck gone forward on those efforts in there in the Republican Party we're going to be.

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