Rep. Madeleine Dean on the 'very troubling' situation at the border

The Democratic congresswoman discusses her experience visiting a child immigration detention facility in El Paso, Texas.
4:45 | 07/01/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rep. Madeleine Dean on the 'very troubling' situation at the border
Short time ago I caught up with another member of congress who had just emerged. As part of that delegation congresswoman Madeleine dean a Pennsylvania. Congresswoman thank you so much for joining us and give us a sense about what you'd saw inside the facility. Try just come from El Paso Border Patrol station noble one. And we are now on the grounds that Clinton. What we saw in the facility with extremely disturbing. We were asked to leave our phones and everything behind we were told we were not able to speak any at the detainees to. But very quickly got broke down and we were able to go into. A belt that with holdings fifteen women lying on the floor in blue. What which call them sleeping backs a which apparently they just recently been issued in track these fifteen women crying most of them. Just that they were just moved inside to this room called the refrigerator. Tuesday. They have been 56. Days at this border station they went from nine to fifteen days with out showers. Two women have been separated from their daughters one eighteen year old daughter and other 23 year old daughter. The 58 year old mother was on the floor crying thing I have no idea where they'd taken our. She would out in the tent with her most recently and has been separated from her. They are hungry they said they are said sued that it cold spoiled. Food court dog it's what they said. Automate some of your colleagues have described the facilities as sack concentration. Camps do you think that's fair based on what you saw. I'd say it was definitely camps here's why. We took a look and just like a prisoner which its stainless steel toilet with note speech. With water in it but when we tried to think there was no running water. The witness oh we were told it's okay to drink out of the toilet that's potable water. They put them in this self this morning I I have to imagine there's some connection between our visits and the release of an out of tents. Literally as we just stroke here the temperature gauge read 108. They moved them in this morning. Anyone who went and gave me. Some an aluminum sheet that she said they had been given. And had used or weeks on and suggest unfortunately they've been allowed daily shower. How did how to make it this bad is this a case of gross mismanagement by the agency. A lack of fund mean. A lack of preparation for they were the record numbers that we've seen coming across how to get to this point how many Americans are shocked. Find out. The purpose of harvested to investigate and to find out how it got to that spot. But when I asked the women what are your criminal offenses they that we wanted to come to America. They're being held as a result of the trump administration deciding that we will not easily get you refugee status we won't make you suffer we will treat you like dogs. That is the change as a result of this administration but there's an awful lot more we need to learn. Before I let you go I want to ask you about this report that Pope who book has put out I know you've seen at the Border Patrol. Is responding to it it's a report of a FaceBook group of current and former Border Patrol officers and members. Allegedly former Border Patrol officers and members. Who have really ridiculed you and your colleagues on this visit racist sexist. Comments have you heard it all from the agency did anyone there respond to you about this. I'm coming that's. Just you know I thought that was very inadequately dealt with its effect on our initial orientation BD is today up traffic center. They did say they were conducting immediately an internal investigation. Think about it 20000 Border Patrol is many of whom I don't. Doing very good job under extraordinarily. Inhumane act circumstances particularly with this administration. Directives. But 9500. Members of that they look. It it it's extremely troubling. It's disgusting. It's ravens. That they would mock a dead sixteen year old trying to guide she died. Good to gossiping pieces of those coats. The fact that they threatened to throw stuff at odds with members of congress. Think of how they must beat those who are in their their custody. If they would treat up with back discussing with respect. It's extraordinarily. Troubling and while. EDT that they were doing an internal investigation I'm confident congress will be doing its own independent investigation. Congresswoman Madeleine dean of Pennsylvania thank you so much for calling in and death for your eyewitness to the events there Clint. Thank you very much sir chaplains.

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{"duration":"4:45","description":"The Democratic congresswoman discusses her experience visiting a child immigration detention facility in El Paso, Texas.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64072287","title":"Rep. Madeleine Dean on the 'very troubling' situation at the border","url":"/Politics/video/rep-madeleine-dean-troubling-situation-border-64072287"}