Rep. McGovern on Trump: 'He instigated what amounts to an insurrection.'

Democratic Congressman Jim McGovern discusses why he joined the majority of his colleagues to vote to impeach President Donald Trump for the second time.
7:32 | 01/13/21

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Transcript for Rep. McGovern on Trump: 'He instigated what amounts to an insurrection.'
Well incitement. Was war word that we heard a lot today from house Democrats it means speech or action that encourages. Unlawful behavior listen. To congressman Jim McGovern. Who's the democratic chairman of the house rules committee from Massachusetts. As he spoke of this. The speaker when my friends talk about the president being committed to a peaceful transition. I just point to what happened on Wednesday when his words. Launched a a violent attack. Against this capital where five people lost their lives and many more were injured some gimme a break. You know. I won't remind everybody here. That words have consequences. And ignoring words that are wrong also have consequences. You know what happened would never happen. If everybody stood up and unity. And called up the president when he was not telling the American people the truth when he was pushing a big lie. We will never have unity without truth. And also without accountability. This impeachment resolution outlines the truth of war trumped it. It is time that this congress now holds him accountable for his words. And for their devastating impact. Congressman Jim McGovern of Massachusetts joins us live on the phone right now with more on this congressman McGovern thanks for being with us. You're just ask a question that that may be in the minds of a lot of Americans. Why now just a week away from the end of president trumps term. It do you think it is imperative to put the country through. An impeachment and trial and removal from office even those only got a week left. Well I think they got the better question is you know or is it fair inappropriate truth the British United States have put the nation through what he did last Wednesday. Look the veto he instigated. Or amounts to an insurrection. A violence tax. And the United States capitol. People die people were injured. The property was destroyed. Show we have our appreciation to respond to do nothing. Two to simply doing some work so my Republican colleagues suggested well let me just finish the term voted there's almost over well you know who he would do it again. He had this is unprecedented. And it deserves a strong band. And an NBA and 8 AME equal response and that is what it is essential look. We've we've we've got compete for today. I would like you descended shaken up as soon as possible because. You know I don't believe it is safe for our country or for the world to have him in the white 41 more minute. But it at a very minimum. You. We restarted her way that I think is appropriate but he's got the first president in US history to ever be of these coins. And with the bipartisan vote. Right with there would do with ten Republicans to ask you in your speech congressman you talked about having. A work as a staffer on Capitol Hill and now serving the people of Massachusetts there. And having experienced this attack and trying to take up. The responsibility of forgot what accountability looks like after it. Can reflect on on on data on how you feel about that plays that building that community. And what you're doing now in relation to that. Look I'd love this place and you know I began his or college interns actually that he seventies or keeper. Senator George McGovern a relation and tonight I work for. Congressman Joseph Moakley of soapbox and and I get elected myself. It's incredible experiences appeal I met my wife. Who are working capital ocean is working for another Massachusetts congressman. And and a I DIC's Celine in incredible great this occur in the house and the senate and and I have such reverence. For the capital. Entity you know I would I would in their share. Speakers share card Wednesday. When this mobbed infiltrated the capital and and I remember. Who waiting to everybody was over the chamber and I walked into the speaker's lobby which brought up the Slorc and I thought this a problem. You know trying to break the glass doors. In the speaker's lobby to get it to the house floor. And when I looked into their eyes to meet eight literally start evil army it was these people were not. Protesters Emeka. What political points they were here to destroy property to desecrate. It is. This incredible symbol of our freedom and democracy and there were theater hurt people. You know this is this is a couple of freedom and justice. As staff that stood at work here you don't want to make this country better that they were at risk although it up support. People that work here from the cafeteria workers commentary during their all. You know they are all essentially a book report where it was heavy text messages to say go to the Barton their loved ones. Here dish was unconscionable what happened here. Yeah. And congressman. I would have you could take up. The argument that the Republicans were making that Democrats. Are using a double standard because supposedly Democrats and sufficiently criticize the violence surrounding the black lives matter. Protests. Of last summer how do you answer that. Fit permit that bridges not mean these are false equivalency beat. The capital was occupied but of course time is 1812. By people who wanted to know when Boyd. The it would the people who voiced similar selection. Didn't president of the United States. You know altogether. Mob. And that those guys that those the words it was Cheney. But this mob that he is included you know white supremacist certain. The new map he didn't and people who you know we're not interested in anything. You know you do in anyway support of our democracy but these people get up and anti engage in what are voters I mean. It didn't do not diminish what happened. On the capitol campus. On Wednesday meet it was a horrifying event. It was an attack our democracy. It is made us look. Diminished. Any value of the world it would be a democracy here we error. Starwood is terrible display had knowledge as we're waiting we're talking I mean there are Fuhrman in my capitol office. And you know it stand you know that there's. This couple of freedom and democracy. Be it we are. Sure rounded. You know by huge fences. And you know this is actually a lockdown if people can't get in here. And two stressed that should realities. In the aftermath of that terrible. That doesn't. On Wednesday look at Democrats condemned violence. But let us let let us not continue her protest was an attempted coup and I really really. You reject. Those kind of comparisons. And it is sad heartbreaking congressman Jim McGovern thanks very much for being with us. Great QB safe.

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{"duration":"7:32","description":"Democratic Congressman Jim McGovern discusses why he joined the majority of his colleagues to vote to impeach President Donald Trump for the second time.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"75236758","title":"Rep. McGovern on Trump: 'He instigated what amounts to an insurrection.'","url":"/Politics/video/rep-mcgovern-trump-instigated-amounts-insurrection-75236758"}